Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 17

17. Chapter 17

Leafa, a black girl who has left the place leaving only a mystery about her.

She was talking about the real thing or something like that, and it worried me, but no matter how much I thought about it on the spot, I couldn’t get an answer.

“More than I expected, you were able to fight quite well huh, Kaito-kun.”

At the bar table, which was run in the guild, Laila-san, who looked a little excited, said that.

Fran-san, who was with her earlier, went somewhere because he had something else to do, but Laila-san, who was normally free, she planned to stay here until the time when my second exam started.

By the way, regarding the results of the first examination, No. 4 and No. 5…. only me and Leafa were posted on the bulletin board as the candidates who passed.

“To tell the truth, when I ran away from Orochi because I relied too much on the Physical Strengthening Magic, my body was tattered after that.”

“Eh? So it wasn’t the wound that Orochi did to you…”

Well, I were seriously injured, so it can’t be helped if she would mistake it for an injury caused by being attacked by Orochi.

“Umm… If you were attacked by Orochi, it wouldn’t be strange if your body splitted into five parts. So, in the end it’s not a bad end, but… If you didn’t come, the Kaito might have been dead for sure.”

If that happened, I’ll look stupid as I died because of my own fault…

“But if you can pass the first exam, it could be said that you’ve already passed all the test.”

“Is that so?”

“You know that the second exam is an interview, right? That’s when your character and aptitude will be judged, but I think Kaito-kun has no problem on that part at all.”

I was secretly nervous when I heard that it was an interview, but the words of encouragement made me feel a little less nervous.

“What question did they asked to Laila-san?”

“Me? Hmm… My name, what did I want to do as an adventurer….. Well, the question itself wasn’t that difficult? Oh, but it depends on the person in charge of the interview. You see, Rick-san seems to be asked a lot of ridiculous questions.”

“That person?”

He was a strong person.

At least, I can’t win even if he fight while doing a handstand.

While I was recalling the battle with him, Schiff (Black Cat), calls out to Laila-san.

“How strong is he really?”

“He’s strong enough to be in the top five. If you limit it to swordsmanship, he might be the strongest.”

Schiff noded to Laila-san’s words.

“… Kaito, if it’s you passed all the exam and became an adventurer, it might be good to ask him to teach you about sword.”

“Hmm… will he accept my request?”

“You don’t know if you don’t try to ask him first. It’s also a good idea to make a request without hoping too much.”

That’s true… Well, let’s just try it.

But… before that, I have to pass the second exam though.

『To the examinee no.4, Leafa Wulgaru, and examinee no.5, Kaito Arihara, who passed the primary examination today. The preparation for the second exam is ready―――』

Perhaps the time had passed while I was talking, I heard a voice calling my name from the receptionist.

“Kaito, let’s go”

“Oh, then Laila-san. I’ll go because I was called.”

“Yeah, do your best.”

While waving my hand to her, I headed to the reception with Schiff (Black cat), and Lime, who was sleeping because of the previous test.

When I confirmed my name at the reception, I was instructed to go to the waiting room where I was first guided, so when I moved to the waiting room as I was told…



Leafa was already sitting in a chair in the waiting room and had finished the reception before I knew it.

She was still wearing the hood, but when she look at me, somehow she looked relieved.

“….Hmm, I want to ask about why you said that I’m the real…”

When I tried to talk to her to ask the continuation of that topic, the door I had just entered opened, and a woman who seemed to be a guild employee came in from the outside.

“Oh, have you finished your preparation already? It’s a little early, but the guild is ready, so let’s start the interview.”


“…..I’m always ready.”

Well, it was impossible to ask Leafa at that moment.

“Then, first … Kaito Arihara. You will be interviewed first, so please follow me. Oh, familiars cannot participate, so please have them wait in this room.”

Hmm? So I’m first?

Neither Schiff nor Lime could attend the interview, so I had them wait in the room and I was taken by a female staff member to the room for the interview.

“Come in.”

In front of the door of the room, I tried to take a deep breath again and calm myself down, but, the female staff member opened the door and urged me to enter.

….Oh, it’s different from the interview I expected.

When I entered the room thinking so,

“Yo, you did your best.”

“Huh? Berce-san?”

There were chairs and a long wooden table.

And Berce-san, the head of this guild, sat on one of the chairs, with a gentle smile.

“For now, just take a seat.”

“I, I understand.”

I never thought that the guild chief himself was the interviewer, so I sat down in a chair in a daze.

“First of all, congratulations on passing the primary exam.”

“Tha-thank you very much.”

“I heard that you had a good fight against Rick. He was also complimenting you.”

The compliment made me embarrassed.

It was really different from the interview I had in mind. No, it was my mistake to think the interview of my original world.

“This time around, I had to interview you myself. Oh, you don’t need to be so tense. You just have to answer the questions I’m about to ask.”

“I, I understand.”

Berce-san, who smiled bitterly at me, who still looked stiff, started the interview with a soft tone.

“First of all… Ah, that’s right …”

The content of the question was so simple.

It wasn’t difficult to answer what I wanted to do as an adventurer, what I thought about this kingdom, and it was mostly a question that was not hard to answer, but some of it like, ‘What is your favorite food?’, was actually quite hard for me to answer.

“Yeah, that’s all for the interview.”

“… Hmm? Just like that?”

“It sounds simple, but each and every one of these questions makes a lot of sense. Overall, I can measure your personality and your suitability for an adventurer.”

……So, is it like a psychological test?

I didn’t know the standard in this world, so I worried that I might given a strange answer.

….Anyway, does this mean that my interview is over?

“Originally, it ends here … but I have another question just for you.”


“Kaito, answer the questions I’m about to ask honestly.”

“I.. I understand…”

The interview should have ended, but Berce-san was giving off a more tense atmosphere.

i fixed my posture and gulped.

“Your name is Kaito Arihara. Is that correct?”

“Hmm? That’s … that’s right?”

“Is it really true? It’s not a pseudonym?”

“Ye-yes. It’s an important name I got from my parents.”

Why were he questioning about my name?

Sure, I gave Leafa a pseudonym, but the name Kaito Arihara was definitely my name.

When I answered that without any doubt, Berce-san held down his forehead and said, “I see…”, in a low voice.

“To tell the truth, I had a premonition.”

“What is it?”

“A mere boy cannot enter the ruins of Orochi, which is bounded by magic tools. If it is not a malfunction of the magic tools, So it sound like you’re not entering the ruins by yourself from the beginning. So, it’s natural to think that you was at the ruin from the beginning.”


…So, my lie has been exposed to Berce and his friends!?

Sure, I’d some circumstances that I can’t casually speak to others. But, it was true that I deceived him.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you or anything like that. Rather, I just want to understand your situation better.”

“My circumstances?”

I tilted my head to Berce-san who smiled gently.

“Kaito-kun. Do you know about The Hero Summoning?”

“Ye-yeah, I was taught about it the other day.”

I remembered it well because it might have something to do with us.

Certainly, the hero of the kingdom we has been selected by now, but the name has not been revealed.

“The Hero Summoning took place in this Kingdom and the Philgen Kingdom a while ago, and two heroes were chosen. I have not been informed about the hero here, but the Information about the hero of the Philgen Kingdom was disclosed to some extent due to some circumstances.”


I was not so stupid that I can’t tell anything after he talked that much.

Hero Summoning, and my name….. No, not just my name, but the reason why he wanted to confirm my name…


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