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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 40

I’m back!
Anyway I will have some schedule change from next week.
Btw, you could say that this is the start of LN vol 2, but to be real, in the LN this is around page 50-60 already… and that first 50 pages was the event that not gonna happen in the WN version.

40. Club activities tour

After all the lessons were over, Sumita-sensei gave some announcement then he left the classroom.

Then, I stretched my arms and loosened my body, while thinking ‘Hmmm, today’s class is over.’.

However, I planned to see around the club activities after school, so I didn’t go home yet.

As I was preparing to leave the classroom thinking where I should go, the aristocrat duo, Shino-san and Yuzuka-san, called out to me.

“Kohaku-kun, I’ll send you back, so why don’t you go home with me?”

Apparently, it was an invitation to go home together, but today I must refuse because I still have a business to visit some clubs.

“I’m sorry, I’m thinking of going to see around the club activities today.”

“Oh, club activities, if we weren’t busy after school, we might have joined the same club as you…”

Shino-san was depressed and dropped her shoulders. Then, Yuzuka-san was comforting her with a bitter smile when she saw Shino-san being depressed.

“It can’t be helped. We have a lot to study for our future.”

Apparently, they needed to learn something about noble….. it sound difficult…

Then they said, ‘See you tomorrow’, and went home. When I was about to leave the classroom, I felt a gaze on my back. I looked back and checked the inside of the classroom, but I couldn’t find any particular change. I left the classroom thinking it might be just my hallucination.

First of all, I was wondering where to go, so I took a look at the pamphlet I received when the club activities did some introduction to the new students. Many club names were listed there. Even after I saw for a lot of time, as expected it’s still a lot….. It was hard to narrow down where to visit. However, I’d decided the club activities that I wanted to see first. Yeah, it was the popular sport club, the Super Arts club, and probably also the pride of this school. I might not join the club, but… I’m very interested in it, and……. I’m sure Minori-san joined the club already. Maybe I can see when she’s fighting.

With that in mind, I went to the place where the Super Arts Club was located.

But then, I felt that there was a sound came from behind me, so I looked back, but there was nothing….. I think it’s really just my hallucination…

After walking for a while, I finally arrived. And once again, I felt that this school was really large. However, it may have been good for me, as I could see the other clubs while walking here……. The tennis club looked fun.

Then I saw where the Super Arts club did their activities. It was divided into two places, one was a facility where you can do full-scale things and also called the Arena, and the other was an place to hone your basic martial arts, it was the first Martial Arts Hall. I can’t visit the one with the machine equipment, so I took a look at the first Martial Arts Hall.

However, even if I go normally, I can imagine that because I was a boy, they would be distracted by me, so I just took a peek. Fortunately, the door was open for ventilation, so there was no problem for me to took a little peek.

I approached the door and looked inside quietly so as not to be noticed by the others. The Martial Arts Hall was lined with mats to absorb shocks, and many people were doing activities at that place.

“Wow, there was a lot of people doing sparring there… Oh, what a great vigor…”

As I was observing while muttering such things, I heard the voices of people near the door.

“Hey, look over there.”

“What? Oh that girl huh…”

“Yeah, it’s the ‘Instant-Kill Demon’.”

“That girl has won all the games so far, right?”

“Yeah, but more than that, all killed in seconds…”

“She’s definitely going to enter class A…”

“… I think so”

“I’m envious, if you enter class A, you can use the machine equipment of the arena casually~”

“Damn! I can’t lose to her!”

….It seems that they do some classifying to the new recruit. And it seems that people with nicknames that are likely to come out at the end of the century are strong. When I checked what they were looking at, there was a neat beauty and a person with short hair preparing for their spar.

Yeah, it was Minori-san… From the thing that I heard, one of these two seems to have that dangerous nickname, but somehow……. I think it’s probably Minori-san.

Oh, it started.

The first person to move was a short-haired person who did the left jab quickly. However-san, Minori-san grabbed that person arm and pulled it! Then, when the opponent lost the posture, she punches the opponent’ chin from below with the bottom of her palm, and while grasping the opponent’s throat, she turned him over and slammed that person against the mat.

Minori Slam

………The movements was like a flowing combo…..Hmm? Is that person going to be okay? It took a few seconds, but I was wondering if the person with short hair was going to be safe after all of that. And I instinctively asked the person who was near the door.

“Excuse me, is that person gonna be okay?”

Both of them were surprised because I talked to them so suddenly.

“Eh, eeeeh? A boy? Why are you in here?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. The door was open, so I was planning to just take a peek. Anyway, is that person gonna be okay?”

They was kind of upset about my sudden appearance, but I managed to answer the question. 

“Oh, the equipment wrapped around her arm as a cushions to the shock, so it’s not serious as it looks, so that person gonna be okay.”

One person said that and showed something like a black band wrapped around her arm. And the other person pointed her finger to sparring scene. At the tip of her finger, there was a scene where the short-haired person who had been knocked down earlier reached out to Minori-san and got up.

I felt relieved at the sight. And I really thought that watching it on TV and watching it directly felt different, and in addition to that, if you play a match with special equipment for it, the impact will be even more powerful! So it was no wonder that the impact you get by watching it directly could made it a popular sport.

“Well, if you want to see, should I prepare a chair or something?”

One of the people I talked to earlier suggested that as if she cared for me.

“Oh, well, I’ve already see enough, so I’m going to leave soon.”

I thanked them and left the Martial Arts Hall.

… And in my mind, I think that….. I should not try to offend Minori-san from now on.


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  1. (BGM: The Frantics – “You Scare The Sh*t Out Of Me”)

    Is that a GUY getting the Minori Slam?
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    “MUAHAHAHA! The damsel Kohaku-kun is finally mine! So long, Gotham!”
    “Not so fast, Instant-Kill Demon!”
    “The Chairman!”
    (Cue Danny Elfman’s Batman theme)

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    1. I agree but I’ve fallen for the trap of taking a liking to a novel with tens or dozens of chapters released (but not translated) waiting and hoping in vain to see the story continue. I am grateful for the chapters released but i also don’t like false hope for the story to continue.

  4. Kinokura-sama~! Your readers are stuck hoping for your safe return. Key word, “Safe”, take care of what you need to at your leisure, but at least throw us a bone and give us an announcement. Thanks for the chapter


    As I recalled the fight scene (and shuddered in my heart), I could see two girls coming towards me. I thought maybe they were going to some club activity, but for some reason those two approached me instead.
    I don’t know them, so I was feeling a little suspicious when they came up and called out to me.
    “Kohaku Hatano?”
    Calling me by my full name… that means, they weren’t here because I just happened to see that…
    In other words, it’s something important…

    Mm, got it. These two want to get closer to me! No, I understand! I am cute!

    “I’ve been wanting to speak with you, so when I went to your classroom I heard that you were headed this way.”

    No, really! My charm is amazing~.

    I respond while making sure my thoughts don’t show on my face.
    “Talk… is it?”
    “Yes, can you make some time for us?”
    It was the one with short hair who asked for time with me.


    ‘Would you like to have a cup of tea with us?’
    That’s what it means. I’m totally free, but… I’m a bit upset that they think I’m this easy.
    “Ehm… If a stranger asks you to come with them, isn’t it bad…?”

    Weeellll, if it’s the first time we met, I think this is the appropriate response.

    When she heard my words, Miss Short Hair looked a little surprised.
    Did I say something strange?
    “What’s wrong?”
    She answers my question with a bitter smile.
    “No, I’m sorry. I thought my face was well-known… It seems I was a little overconfident.”
    Ah, I guess she thought she was popular, so she talked with confidence, but I didn’t know her at all… Oh, please don’t be so embarrassed! Honestly, if there was a hole, I’d want to enter it too! Poor thing…
    Involuntarily, I send her a sympathic gaze. She continues without noticing my look.
    “Let’s start by introducing ourselves. I’m Risa Sanada, the student council president of Kenran High School. And next to me is the vice president of the student council…”
    “Katsurakawa Chika. Nice to meet you.”

    The other student, who hadn’t spoken until now, introduces herself. She’s a person who wears glasses and gives off a rigid impression. She looks like an intelligent person…

    But for some reason, the president is giving her a delicate look.
    I wonder why…

    Or rather, it’s the student council president and vice president! So THAT’S why I should know your faces! Because you were there greeting us at the entrance ceremony, so it was I who was too self-conscious and overconfident! What ‘charm’?! Go ahead and snort your derision at me!

    But what does the student council want with me? As I thought, it’s not just an invitation to tea…
    “Pleased to meet you… I’m sorry, I couldn’t remember your faces even though I saw you at the entrance ceremony…”
    “No, it’s not strange that since you only just enrolled, you wouldn’t remember my greeting to the new students.”
    The student council president gives a gentle smile to follow her words.
    “President, getting to the main topic…”

    Perhaps not seeing things progressing from her side, the vice president asked her to get on with it.

    “Ah, that’s right. Well? Instead of standing here, how about we talk in the student council room?”
    Well, the student council president did invite me to tea. I had no reason to decline, so I followed her. The student council room was quite large and luxurious.
    As expected, the Kenran Student Council building looked expensive, and while I was looking around, I was called over to a room with a large table. It’s probably a room for meetings and receptions. I was encouraged to sit down, and when I did they offered me a quick cup of tea.
    “Thank you.”
    It was the vice president who served me. She bowed lightly and sat next to the president, but…

    I’m really starting to get concerned about how the president is looking at her.
    It’s like she’s acting strange, even though she’s not acting strange at all.

    The president shifts her gaze to me, and says,
    “Well, I’m not going to waste your time on a long visit, so let’s get to the main subject right away.”
    “Yes, if you would please.”
    With a nod of her head, the president begins talking.
    “It’s about club activities.”
    “Club activities?”
    “Yeah. Are you thinking of joining a club?”
    “Yes, I’m thinking of entering if there is something interesting …”
    “… Well, then I think there will be a problem.”
    “A problem? What do you mean?”
    “It’s not difficult to figure out, it’s just that a lot of other schoolgirls will join the club you’re in, is what I mean.”
    “… No, isn’t that okay, haven’t boys ever joined a club?”
    “Oh, of course, but in their case they all had a cold attitude towards girls, and everyone knew they would be disliked if they joined the same club for their own purposes, so until now it wasn’t a problem. But what if you heard from a source that the boy was friendly, gentle, good-natured, and handsome? You’ll have problems like never before.”

    Apparently, there wasn’t a boy with a good personality in Kenran until now?

    …You’re kidding!

    This was entirely machine translated by Google and Systran, and then hacked – er, edited into some sort of readable form by me.


    Since Kenran was originally not popular with men, did no men of good character enroll?
    …No but I’m here, so surely there must be others.

    “Have there really been no boys who were kind to girls?”
    I asked the president a question. She answers with a giggle.
    “Oh, yes. Even now, there are a few boys in this high school who say they are.”

    Oh there are, I’m glad. Why are they here?

    “How are those people in club activities?”
    “It’s simple, they’re just not doing any.”

    Oooooh! I see… In the first place there aren’t that many boys, when meant that were few of them who could actually enter a club, and the ones who did were the ones with bad characters.

    “Actually, there WAS a gentle boy once… What was it, I think it was a cultural club, but it was one of the small clubs with a small number of people, and that boy joined it.”

    Oh…? Interesting…

    “And what happened?”
    “When it was found out that the boy had entered that club, there were a rush of applicants. I couldn’t refuse them because they were all made legally. So they were all admitted into the club, and all the girls flocked to the boy instead of doing their club activities, and as a result, the boy quit the club because he couldn’t enjoy it anymore. And when the boy left, the girls who were chasing the boy also quit, and eventually that club ended up just being all messed up …”

    What a terrible story… especially for those who were serious about their club activities.
    I can’t find any words to call it other than ‘disaster’.

    “And what’s more…”


    “The kind boy was traumatized by it all and became cold to the girls as well.”

    Nobody got it. It’s a tragic story where a boy turned into a twisted character.

    “And so, I would like you to reconsider it.”
    The president spoke gently to show her caring. It’s true that it won’t be just me, but also the club members who will be troubled by this, and since the girls will all be admitted through legitimate procedures, the student council can’t complain about this… I can conclude that it does seem better to not join any club activities.
    But to be honest, I’m a little disappointed.
    Perhaps empathising with me, the vice president, who had been listening quietly, tried to cheer me up.
    “I understand how you feel. You want to join a good club in your high school days, right?”
    “Y-Yeah, this high school has a lot of club activities and facilities, so I was really looking forward to it.”
    ‘That’s right’, the vice president agrees, and makes a suggestion.

    I didn’t understand the words that the vice president said, because student council members are supposed to be elected.
    I think my doubts showed, as the vice president begins to explain.
    “Actually, there is an apprenticeship system in the student council at this school, and this can be done if the student council receives your permission and the president appoints you as an apprentice. Unlike clubs, you can limit the number of people who join, and you are still involved in school activities.”
    ‘How about it?’ The vice president asks.
    “An apprentice of the Student Council? Will I need to become a member of the Student Council in the future if I become an apprentice using that system?”
    “No, you won’t. Because the members of the student council are elected, you’ll have to run for election first.”
    The president answers my question.
    …But, I’m not really interested in the activities of the Student Council.
    “It’s a lot of fun, planning and running events such as school festivals and athletic festivals, and the school gives the student council a lot of authority, so you can use the student council’s budget to try new things. So it’s hard but often fun.”
    The vice president who saw me appealed the value of the student council.

    ……I see, the student council may be fun because it can do various things, unlike the high school of my previous life.

    Seeing me thinking, the president calls out.
    “I’m not telling you to give us an answer right away, you can think about it.”
    “That’s right, but the student council hopes that you will join us.”
    Following the president, the vice president also speaks to me, but for some reason the vice president seems to really want me to join.
    “Um… Why do you want me to join so much?”

    It suddenly became quiet…


    When I called, the vice president responded with an awkward smile.
    “This! There!”


    “If you join, uncooperative people might become cooperative!”
    ‘Don’t you get it?’ The next president answers.
    Oh, I see… So you’ll use me like a cushion?

    For some reason, the vice-president is acting like she’s saved, but is it okay that her ‘intellectual impression’ has completely shattered?
    “Now, to wrap it up, will you have another cup of tea? I hope you will take your time to think about it.”
    At the president’s request, I had another cup of tea and then left the student council.

    I wonder what I should do about this…

    It might be a good idea, or at least something that’s easier to accept.


    After the discussion at the student council, I decided to go home. On the way back from the train station, I was conflicted about whether to join a club or the student council.
    Should I enter or not…… I could just be a member of the ‘going home’ club, but I can spend my youth all over again, so I have a desire to try it.
    Let’s think about helping the student council.

    …… Doing my daily work for the school with my sweat glistening, and the Kenran students who are moved at the sight of me…

    … It’s not bad, is it?
    Also, it would raise my reputation.

    However, I wonder if things would be really that bad if I did join a club? As I walked thinking about such things, I could see my house.
    …… My house is in sight, but there is a person I see first.

    That person is standing next to my house … that is, in front of the house of the popular novelist Kikusui-san, with an expressionless face. However, her hand is moving violently and the intercom is being rung continuously …. Her total lack of expression is a match for my maid’s.
    Normally, I would call the police about this suspicious person, but actually I’ve seen this person multiple times, mostly with Kikusui-san.
    I’ve never met her, but she’s probably an editor. Only an editor comes to mind when I see her hitting the intercom with such spirit.

    I tried to just pass her by, but she stopped pressing the intercom and turned around to apologize for the inconvenience, and bowed her head.
    “Aaah, thank you for your hard work.”
    “If sensei would just open the door, this would be over quickly.”
    And returned to the task of smashing the intercom.

    As I stared at the situation, I thought that communication between an author and her editor was quite important.

    When I approached my house, Maria opened the front door and greeted me as if she already knew I had returned.
    “Welcome home.”
    “I’m back. I met with somebody next door who I think was probably Kikusui’s editor.”
    “Ah, that person…”
    “Hm? You know her?”
    “Yes, I’ve been here a while now, so I’ve come to know her.”

    I wonder if they’re friends…… I hope the neighbors don’t get pulled into the awkward mood……

    I walk into the living room while talking with Maria and sit on the sofa. She goes to the kitchen immediately and prepares a drink. I continue my conversation with her.
    “I guess she’s a very popular writer after all.”
    “Well, the drama is about to begin, so I think things are quite busy.”
    “Eh? Did they make it into a drama?”
    “Did you not know? Today at 9 o’clock is the first episode.”
    I’m looking forward to it, Maria says happily.
    “But even though it’s been a popular series that was serialized 10 years ago, it wasn’t dramatized until now?”
    “Kohaku-sama, think about it.”
    “The story is about how MANY men fall in love with the same woman and approach her.”
    “Ahh, right.”
    “Male actors don’t want to appear in that sort of drama.”
    “Ah, so that’s how it is.”
    In other words, there weren’t enough available actors…
    “But this time they made sure?”
    “Yes, it seems that the director demanded it.”
    “Eh? You seem well-informed.”
    “Yes, I’ve been looking forward to it since I learned that it was going to be made a drama.”
    “I see, is that so……”
    “And Yoko-sama is also looking forward to it.”
    “Mom too…?”
    “Many people have already applied for paid leave to watch the first episode …”
    “What’s with that……?”
    “I think everyone will come home early today.”
    I remember hearing about something similar in my previous life…

    Then, time passed and it was time for the drama to begin.
    Two hours before the start, mother had already returned, ate dinner, had a bath, and was sitting in front of the TV with Maria.
    …… And the drama started.

    In conclusion, it was a delicate time for me. Certainly the acting of the actress was amazing, and many male actors appeared, but I was concerned that the acting ability of the male lead was less than that of the actress. And most importantly, I think his face wasn’t all that handsome.
    Mind you, this opinion is derived from my previous life’s memories. In fact, both mom and Maria looked really happy. And now they are discussing their impressions.
    “Ahh, I’m looking forward to the next episode!”
    “Yes, the first two-hour special made for an enjoyable long time, but I still want to see the men’s relationship with the main character in the future.”
    “Oh, absolutely!”
    “Did you also enjoy yourself, Kohaku-sama?”
    “Well, I did wish the male lead had a better-looking face…”


    They look at me in silence.

    “You can’t think of yourself as the standard, and also that actor is very popular.”
    “Yes, think about it. If there was an Kohaku-sama-like figure in it, only one person would really come to mind, and the story would end with that person.”
    With that said, the two get excited about the drama again.

    Certainly, if you put a good-looking guy in it, you would end up choosing that guy without hesitation, otherwise the viewers would complain…

    I thought so as I watched my mother and Maria happily talking about the drama.

    [Please note I am not sniping this series. Kinokura is free to use or ignore these translations however he likes.]


    Nice weather.

    It’s a sunny day with no clouds.

    It’s a pleasant morning with a pleasant breeze.

    As I was walking on my way to school as usual, today I was called out to.
    That person quickly spread open her fan.
    “Good morning, Prince.”
    Even today, Maisumi-san has her blonde curly hair set beautifully.

    …I wonder how she does it?

    “Good morning Maisumi-san. The fan looks nice.”
    “Ohoho, I’m very happy to hear that. I also like it very much.”
    “Yeah, I think it suits you quite well.”
    “Oho~! Ohoho, Ohohohoho!”

    Perhaps happy with my words, she started laughing with a red face.
    However, since we are on our way to school, there are many Kenran students around us. Naturally, we are attracting a lot of attention.
    Well, what I want to say is that it’s embarrassing, so please stop…

    “Um, Maisumi-san…”
    When I tried to stop Maisumi, who was still laughing loudly, something seemed to hit her from behind, shutting her up and driving her forward.
    “Gyudd morning!”
    Kyaha! It was Yachigusa-san who greeted me in the morning with a nice smile while posing.
    It’s good to say hello with a cute pose, but deciding to tackle the laughing Maisumi-san from behind is scary.
    Moreover, it’s morning, and both Maisumi-san and Yachigusa-san have strong faces. It’s like eating steak and barbeque for breakfast … Is it because of my mental age that I think I’ll get an upset stomach…?
    However, I was greeted with a nice smile, so I have to return it!
    I also replied with a nice smile as well.
    “Good morning, Yachigusa-san. You’re energetic today as well.”
    After seeing my smile, Yachigusa-san looks even more happy.
    “Because I met Hatano-san this morning~”

    While saying that, she started walking next to me. However, there is another person here…

    “Wait a moment! Why are you tackling people trying to go to school?!”
    …… I’ll hit you. It’s not something a young LADY should say.
    “Eh~? You were laughing so weirdly I thought Hatano-san was being bothered by a pervert.”
    Miu is not bad, Yachigusa-san says…… That’s that, nothing wrong here.
    When Maisumi-san heard that, naturally she got angry.
    “My~ my~! How dare you say that?! It’s because you talk like a child that both your chest and butt are flat!”
    You didn’t have to say it.
    “We should have been able to go to school together, just us two.”
    “That’s Miu’s line! I wish you had kept quiet.”

    The two began arguing with each other with puffed cheeks, with the result that even more attention was drawn. I could hear the voices of those around me.

    “It looks like they’re fighting over that boy.”
    “It seems that only one person can go to school with him.”
    “Eh? You mean, those two will be fighting to the death here?”
    “In other words, does it mean that if I defeat them, I can go to school with that boy?”

    I hear a rumbling sound.

    For some reason, the girls around me have become strange.
    It’s like this place is turning into a bloody battlefield…

    It should have been a nice morning…
    Where did it go wrong…?

    No, I know that the cause is the two people in front of me.

    Anyway, let’s just leave.

    “Both of you, we’ll be late if we don’t leave soon.”
    I say so and start heading toward school.
    “Ah, please wait~, Miu will go too~.”
    “Eh? Sto-! Please wait for me!”
    When I started walking, both of them immediately stopped their argument and went to school together side by side. The dispute up to that point had disappeared, as if it never happened.

    The current topic is now about last night’s drama.
    “Did you see the drama yesterday?”
    “Yes, I loved the novel, so I was really looking forward to it.”
    “It was interesting, wasn’t it? I’m looking forward to the next episode.”

    I guess I’m the only person who thinks there’s a problem, after all…

    The two of them are excited about this actor coming out next time, and the character he’ll be playing. While we went to school like that, Maisumi-san said that she had decided on her club.

    “Oh? What did you choose?”
    “It’s the drama club!”
    This kid was definitely influenced by that drama…

    Is it alright? I wonder if her dream is to be an actress…

    “My dream is to be a GREAT ACTRESS!”
    While saying that, she clenched her fists.

    It’s getting bigger…

    Yachigusa-san, who was looking at Maisumi-san with a “Hoh…”, said in a convinced voice,
    “Then Miu will also join the drama club.”
    She said it looked kind of fun.

    …… Yeah, you’re both good at acting, so I think you’ll be fine.

  9. Chapter 45 – One Morning, Part 2

    As I walked while chatting with Maisumi-san and Yachigusa-san, the topic became the story of the drama I was talking about earlier, or rather, the novel.
    “Is it true, after all, that the author was deeply in love to be able to write such a story?”
    Maisumi-san opened her fan and asked that with an enraptured face while hiding her mouth. She’s probably imagining herself being approached by a man, like in the novel…
    Upon hearing her words, Yachigusa-san makes a deep groan as she puts her fingers to her own mouth.
    “I honestly don’t think so.”
    “Ara, bu-but could YOU write such a lively, thrilling sentence that makes your heart flutter? I’m sure it’s written from some kind of real experience.”
    “But but~, it’s not normal to be approached like that, though I think there may be a few men like that out there.”
    After closing her folding fan, Maisum-san turned to me.
    “Prince, do you know the original novel?”
    Before answering Maisumi-san’s question, I would like to say something first.
    “Let’s stop with the ‘Prince’.”
    Perhaps Maisumi-san was surprised by my words, as she went silent.
    “Eh? Why?”

    Because it’s embarrassing… Why is she staring blankly at me? Isn’t it embarrassing to say it?
    If you think about it a little, isn’t it frankly embarrassing? Maisumi-san is a little bit odd.

    “When you call me ‘Prince’, it feels like Maisumi-san and I are distant. It feels a little lonely…”
    With a slightly lonely smile, I try to say something ridiculous… To be honest, this is even more embarrassing than being called a prince. My face may be making a lonely smile, but inside I really want to crouch in shame…
    When Maisumi-san heard my words, she had a face that said she didn’t get it, but after a bit her face turned red.
    Then, she opened her fan with a ‘bassabassa’ and looked at me.
    “OH! Oho~! That’s right! My behavior was much too much like a stranger’s!”
    After clearing her throat with a ‘kohon’, Maisumi-san speaks with decision.
    “Then!… Well then, I will stop calling you ‘Prince’ and start calling you Da-! Darling!”
    “No, by name, please.”
    I asked Maisumi-san, who had a bright red face and quivering body, to call me by name.
    I mean, this person also said ‘Darling’! What kind of ‘Darling’ has this much passion?!
    When Maisumi-san heard me, she went ‘GAN!’ with shock.
    Yachigusa-san laughed when she saw Maisumi-san’s face.
    “Pfft! Kusukusu, you were refused~”
    “Mu~, what?”
    In tears, Maisumi-san started threatening the ‘yay yay’ cheering Yachigusa-san with her fan.
    Are these two good friends or bad? Let’s get back to the conversation.
    “Er, I do know the about the story from the novel.”
    The two, who HAD been making a huge fuss, suddenly turned to me.
    “So boys have also read it.”
    Well isn’t that interesting? Yachigusa says with a smile. I can’t say it was a gift from my neighbor, so I’ll return a vague smile.
    “And did this man read this novel, and also think the author was in love?”
    Maisumi-san’s words brought back memories of my neighbor…
    Kikusui-san, a disappointing woman with a communication disorder and subservient attitude, is a woman who had a deep love?
    I want to laugh… but I can’t do anything to defile a reader’s longing for a pure author.
    “…Well now, I don’t know if she’s a woman with a great love, but I do think she’s probably a lovely person.”
    “Wh, why such a great reading?”
    I’m sorry, Kikusui-san. I’m an honest person. I apologize to my neighbor in my heart.
    “But the author is a mystery, isn’t she?”
    Yachigusa-san speaks. I have my doubts about that.
    “Yes, this novel has been around for ten years, but there is no information about the author. Normally, if it’s such a popular work, it wouldn’t be strange to have an autograph session.”
    … Yeah, because you can’t put that communication disorder in front of a lot of people.
    ‘Don’t say it!’ … I didn’t say it.
    “That mystery is part of the charm!”
    Maisumi-san is more than happy to say how much she likes the novel.
    …… What a positive and pure fan! However, the author is not ‘mysterious’, and the sad reality that she’s a suspicious person still awaits you … But I’m a good and supportive neighbor.
    While talking about such things, the three of us go to school and head to the classroom.
    When I reached the classroom and opened the door, I found the former chairman there.
    “Ah, Hatano-kun…… umm…… Good morning.”
    “Ah, good morning.”
    “It’s… been a long time……”

    The conversation with the former chairman feels like a couple about to break up.
    Even though I see you every day at school.

    “I thought, I wouldn’t be able to talk to Hatano-kun anymore……”
    She suddenly lowered her eyes and looked sad.

    What the hell happened to her…?

    [Don’t worry, I’ll stop once official chapters start coming out.]

  10. Chapter 46 – One Morning, Part 3

    There is a beautiful girl with a sad face in front of me, and it would be natural to comfort her…

    But I honestly don’t know what she’s sad about.

    From what I understand, she’s sad that she never had a conversation with me…

    “I know…”

    When I tried to talk, the former chairman spoke first.

    “Hatano-kun doesn’t belong to me……”

    No… yeah. That’s only natural.

    The former chairman’s monologue continues.
    “But when I see other people talking to you one after another and getting closer and closer, I feel uneasy!”
    The former chairman suddenly nodded her head vigorously.

    …… It’s like a conversation between lovers, but we’re not like that.

    “You met a new woman the other day, didn’t you?”
    “No… I’m not blaming you.”
    The former chairman shakes her head.
    And sadly spins out the words.
    “But I wish you’d talk a little more with me…”
    The former chairman said to me with a sad expression and a little shyness.

    …… If you think so, then try playing catch in this conversation!
    Everything I tried to say got crushed right at the beginning!
    Are you SURE you want to talk?!

    …… I mean, who is this ‘new woman’? Let’s see, in the last few days. …… Maybe the two members of the Student Council? It’s pretty recent, though. Why does the former chairman know that? The place I met them was near the first martial arts hall and I wouldn’t have gone if I something else to do…

    “Eh, WHAT new woman?”
    Yachigusa-san, who came to school with me, is making a ‘mu~ mu~’ voice. She sounds dissatisfied.
    When I thought that Maisumi-san was being pretty quiet, I saw a girl with tears in her eyes standing there, trying to not cry.

    When Maisumi-san noticed me, she tried to lie.
    “NOT! Not crying!”

    ……What should I do? I feel guilty even though I haven’t done anything wrong.

    Looking around again, there’s a former chairman with a slightly shy face, an upset and pouting Yachigusa-san on my left, and Maisumi-san who is about to cry on my right.

    …What is this? 
    I don’t know what to do …

    “L-Let’s sit down for now. It’s going to ring soon.”
    I vaguely point in the direction of the clock in the classroom. It was nearly at the point where the school chime would ring.
    The three who saw the clock all exhaled heavily, and then agreed. I headed towards my seat.

    I was saved somehow. Time should cool them down.
    I went to my seat, praying that time would resolve everything in their hearts.

    But like I was wondering earlier, how did the former chairman know about the meeting with the members of the student council? Did she also visit the club? But I don’t think she’s into martial arts.

    Well, no matter how much I ponder about it, I won’t get an answer. Let’s just ask…
    … after school.

    If I ask too soon, I might not get an answer!

    On the way to my seat, Shino-san ‘Ji~’stared at me. Perhaps she heard the story already.
    Well yeah, because we were talking at the entrance to the classroom.
    My fellow classmates, so sorry to disturb you.
    When I looked at Yuzuka-san, her friend, she smiled and waved lightly.

    Viva Angel! How healing for my exhausted heart!
    Huh? How strange, I didn’t feel tired when I woke up this morning…

    I looked back at Yuzuka-san and sat down. At that same moment the chimes began to ring and the teacher eventually showed up.

    After that, time passed peacefully until after school.

    I thought I would be interrogated about the student council girls, but apparently they thought it would be better if they didn’t, so I wasn’t asked anything.
    Well, if you try to press a guy for answers, you’ll probably get disliked for it.
    Besides, it’s polygamy, so maybe they don’t care that much.
    I guess she was unhappy because she thought we’d be better friends than that.

    Then, Yuzuka-san’s attitude was like that of a great person…

    Now, I’m going to ask the former chairman about what she’s worried about… I hope the extra time has helped.
    I head to the seat of the former chairman. From here, it looks like something is dripping.

    Come to think of it, she wanted to talk. But I left it until after school…
    …………. It can’t get any worse.

    I’m a little bit scared, but I’ve made up my mind to talk to her.

    “U-Um, Mishima-san.”
    It’s the first time I haven’t called her Chairman, but that probably won’t cheer her up.

    Besides, it’s not like I can call her Former Chairman.

    Upon hearing my words, Mr. Mishima slowly raised her face.
    The raised face is the same as usual, with a mole under her slanted eyes as a charm point.
    But there’s no light in her eyes! It’s as if all hope has died…
    Did she get into a horrible accident and end up looking like this?
    But as soon as her eyes caught me, the light returned and a hopeful expression appeared on her face.

    1. Ah, dammit. Missed a bit at the end. It should have been “Mishima-san”, not “Mr. Mishima”.
      Chalk it up to being distracted by a sick dachshund.

  11. [Since a new chapter is out, I shouldn’t post this. Still, I finished this last night and it’s the last chapter in the Chairman arc, so…]

    Chapter 47 – Breath In Your Ears

    “W-What is it?”
    Former chairman, …no, Mishima-san isn’t doing anything and asked while futzing with her hair.
    “I’m sorry.”

    Mishima-san’s eyes opened wide at my sudden apology and started to panic.

    “Eh?! You don’t have to apologize for that! I was just a little upset this morning!”
    ‘I understand that I was in a mess.’

    I feel a little better now.
    I talk, with care not to reveal my inner feelings.

    “No, I realized after being told that I certainly haven’t had many opportunities to talk to Mishima-san.”
    “I’m the one who’s regretting after saying such bold things…”

    …… Did you reflect on it? I seriously thought you had abandoned yourself to despair.

    “No. We’ve been friends since junior high school.”
    I said so, wrapping Mishima-san’s right hand with both of mine and staring into her eyes.
    Then I slowly brought my face closer to Mishima-san’s ear and whispered softly,
    “I’m sorry I made you feel lonely…”
    And then, I gently blew into her ear.

    I hear a soft voice coming from a melting Mishima-san.

    When I look at her face, she looks excited, and her breathing seems a little rough…
    Did I overdo it? No…… But didn’t I need to give a little service here? It’s really embarrassing to say something like that and blow into her ear! I did my best! You can praise me!

    When I checked Mishima-san’s reaction and confirmed that she was fine for the time being, I exhaled softly.
    “Ah, by the way…”
    I’ll ask you about what I was worried about.
    “What~ is~ it~?”

    I might have stimulated her a bit TOO much, she responded with an out-of-it face.
    ……She IS okay, right?

    “No, um, how did you know that I met a girl this morning?”

    Mishima-san’s slovenly face gives me a beautiful smile.

    “No, um, I was told those people had some business with me, but it was near the martial arts hall, so why was Mishima-san there?”

    Mishima-san’s beautiful smile freezes.


    “…I just happened to come upon the place where you three were speaking.”
    “Ah… so you had some business there?”


    There’s been a lot of silence recently…

    “I was taking a walk! I’m not suspicious or anything!”

    I didn’t even mention suspicion.

    Perhaps the feeling I had at that time…
    “Were you perhaps following me?”
    “…… Th-That’s not the case.”

    I feel cold sweat from Mishima-san’s reply.
    Perhaps if I left it a little longer, a stalker might have been born… Are you REALLY all right?

    “I-I see. Don’t do that anymore.”
    “Haha……… yes……”

    Mishima-san’s head droops down, but she immediately raises it again and asks me a question.
    “B-But! Who were they? You looked kind of close to them …”

    …… You don’t know this school’s student council president? Well, neither did I.
    If I leave this alone it’ll turn into a strange misunderstanding, so let’s explain it.

    “Who you ask… She’s the student council president of our school. Remember the greeting at the entrance ceremony?”
    “Student council president? Now that you mention it, I have a vague memory…”
    She looked convinced after hearing my words.
    “But what did the student council president want with Hatano-kun?”
    “She just gave me some notes about club activities.”
    “Is that so?”
    Mishima tilted her head with a wistful look on her face.
    “Umm… So does that mean you’re not dating with the promise of getting married?”


    “Where did that idea come from…?”
    “B-Because you two looked very close……”

    Not in the least, and you’re just one cute step away from becoming a stalker.

    …… I think Mishima-san was so depressed, she saw everyone else as being better off than her.

    While I was talking to Mishima-san, Saegusa-san came up to me.
    “I’m glad you’re getting along well. I was out of options to comfort her.”
    “H-Hey Saegusa!”
    Apparently, Minori-san had been trying to cheer up Mishima-san, who had been depressed until now.
    Thanks for all your hard work.
    “Err… It was really tough.”
    At her words, Minori-san gave a deep sigh.
    “Enough already…”
    “She was depressed the entire day, and even started muttering to herself towards the end…”
    “WAH! WAH!”
    Perhaps she doesn’t want everyone to know how depressed she was, Mishima-san’s trying hard to cover it up.
    B-U-T it’s impossible!

    After that, Minori-san said she was glad it was all good again, and left for club activities.

    …… How many people will get beaten up today?

    “U-Um, Hatano-kun?”
    Mishima-san called out in a frightened voice. Perhaps she thinks I’m going to do something.

    But that stage has passed long ago.

    I invite Mishima-san with a smile.
    “Shall we go home together today?”

    Mishima-san responded with a great smile.

    [Please look forward to the official translations now that Kinokura is back! And Kinokura, go ahead and delete these if you feel they’re in the way. I won’t mind.]

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