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Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 16

I plan to release two ch today, but never did I thought this ch cost me quite a long of time to edit….
So I’ll release the next one tomorrow (TT)…..

16. Chapter 16

“Hey, what does it mean?.. So, You’re not Jacob? That person just called you ‘Kaito’, right?”

When I responded to Laila’s cheers, Leafa realized that my name I gave to her was a pseudonym.

Leafa was depressed until a while ago, but her voice from behind me sound so cold and she also grabbed my shoulders quite strong.

“Hey, if you guys have a fight, both of you will be disqualified on the spot.”

Rick, who was a little frustrated, scorned me, who had a stiff face, and Leafa.

Perhaps Leafa doesn’t want to be disqualified here, she tokk a deep breath and gently released her hand from my shoulder.

“Later… I will definitely get an explanation from you later.”

A cold voice whispered in my ear, and my heart stopped for a moment.

No, no, no… will I die after this?

Will I be stabbed with a knife like the one she just used?

“Kaito, calm down. Eventually, you’ll getting caught someday, it just that you got caught now. Now, focus on the exam.”

“Ah… that’s right. I understand.”

I calmed down again and stepped toward Rick-san, while feeling the presence of Lime in my right hand.

Rick-san squinted at Schiff, who turned into a hat, and Lime, who turned into a rod.

“I’ve been an adventurer for a long time, but it’s my first time seeing a tamer like you.”

“…..Are there any tamers other than me in the guild?”

“Well, let’s start the test right away. Come! Come at me anytime!”

Rick beckoned and provoked me.

From my observation of his movements so far, Rick-san will tried to grasp the situation first.

If he found some movement that he need to be careful, he will then change the way he fight, but if not, like the first three people, the mock battle will end without him have to change the way he fight.

“… Schiff, Lime … let’s show him the results of the training.”

“Yeah, leave the support to me”


Then the Support Magic, “Physical strengthening”, was applied to my whole body by Schiff.

My body was full of power and my senses also sharpened.

I took a deep breath so that I wouldn’t be swallowed by the exited feeling that overflowed within me, and I glared at Rick, who was in front of my eyes….. Then, I stepped on the ground and jumped forward.


I jumped to Rick-san, who turned around and lowered his hips and held his wooden sword, he shook off the rod (Lime) with a full swing.

The wind pressure caused sand smoke to rise from the ground, but there was no other responed than that.

“Hey, is it really a support magic by a familiar? It’s too effective….. Are you the rumored one? The one who escaped from Orochi?”

“Kaito, behind!!”

At the same time as I heard Schiff’s voice, I swung the rod (Lime) around, but Rick-san lowered himself, dodged it, and sneaked into my bosom at once.

So. involuntarily I prepared for an attack to come, but Rick-san’s wooden sword handle lightly pushed my shoulder and I fall down.

“Unlike No. 4, you have no real battle experience, but…. interesting.”


“I want to see your power a little more”

Rick swung his wooden sword and took a stance where the tip of his sword pointing at me.
[TL: Imagine the stance in Kendo]

…I understood one thing just by earlier…

Sure, I have been physically strengthened, so I was physically stronger than Rick-san, but other than that, the difference was like between heaven and earth.

“Didn’t I said already? The guild is like a den of monsters, right?”

“That’s true…. That’s why, I have to try with all my might.”

“Yeah, yeah, as expected of my lord…!”

“Lime! A rod is too long! Change into a shorter weapon!”


The rod at my hand transformed into the same shape as Rick’s wooden sword.

… Sure, I don’t know how to handle a sword, but it should be easier to handle than a rod which restricted my movement, right?

“Let’s go!”

Rick and MC

This time, I didn’t jump out at once and tried to approach while checking Rick-san’s movement.

I wondered if Rick-san was going to greet me just like that…. he took the sword that I swung as if he wanted to slam me down with his wooden sword.

“He stopped it!”

“If so, I just need to put more strength, Aaaaa!!”

I knew it’s impossible to win with a frontal attack.

Still, I had to show him my qualifications to became an adventurer.

For that reason, I needed to push myself a little.


I hit the sword he held in one hand once again, but this time I tried to hit it with all my might.

But, Rick-san didn’t catch my attack with his sword, and avoided it lightly….. But! with my free left hand, I tried to chop him.

“What!? With bare hands?”

“Hmm! Hmmph!!”

“Oh, ooooh!?”

Because it was a wooden sword, and the Physical Strengthening casted over my body, it didn’t hurt at all!!!

Surprisingly, Even though Rick-san used his sword to prevent my chop, I succeeded in pushing him back with my raw strength.

While continuously putting strength in my hand, I tried to hit him with the sword on my right hand.

“Oh! It’s mostly just a push with brute force, but not bad, it was kind of a good tactic…!”

“Hands and swords!! It’s a dual wielding!!”

“You! Are you actually an airhead!?”

Despite his funny reaction, I did not let go my attack.

Rick-san was getting excited to my brute force push that seemed unusual.

“Haha, it’s a weird way of fighting! But, it’s getting more interesting!!”

“Kaito, what’s that technique!?”

“Knifehand Strike!”

….Another name of it is ‘Chop’.

For an amateur like me trying to use a pro wrestling technique was too dangerous for me and my opponent.

The technique that the professional used was done after the solid training and skills that they have cultivated… so I should not try to imitate it without training beforehand…

But, I can do one of it too.

“Keep attacking, Kaito! Don’t stop!!”

“I can’t stop yet!”

Rick-san kept using his wooden sword to parry the hit from my sword (Lime) which that has no fixed shape.

…..Looking at the battles of others, I know that I can’t compete with him using frontal attack.

“…. What a ridiculous power! It seems that the story of you escaping from Orochi is not just a lie!!”



Crack, and my sword that struck the wooden sword causing a slight crack on it.

It was clear that an adventurer called ‘Rick’ has excellent sword skills, after all the wooden sword could kept its original shape for a long lime, even though it have been hit so many times.

…However, as long as there are cracks…

“Lime! Thorns!!”


From the protruding sword, a number of thorns grew to the direction of Rick-san.

“Oi, are you serious!?”

Rick-san decided that the wooden sword alone couldn’t prevent me, so he jumped back and took a distance….but it’s still in the range!!

I pulled back the sword and pushed it out as I stepped forward.


“Flame Enchant!!”

A flame wraps around the sword, and its blade stretched at high speed.

Rick-san avoided the approaching thrust by turning around, but his expression looked like he had fun.

“So, it’s a slime that transforms into a weapon and a shape shifter that could cast Support Magic? Sure, it has a lot of applicability… But! It’s still not enough!!”

“It’s still not enough huh…”

There was no direct hit yet.

But… seeing the distance… it’s time for us to perform our tricks.

I pulled back Lime and gave instructions to Schiff and Lime while I was extinguishing the flames.

“Lime, gauntlet! Schiff, Lightning Enchant!!”


“Leave it to me!!”

In response to my voice, Lime, who sucked up my magical power, transformed from a sword into a silver gauntlet that covered my right arm.

Then, Schiff cast a Lightning Enchant to it, and a golden lightning rushed from the fist.

If I could hit him with it, it will definitely exert tremendous power, but I can’t reach Rick-san with just a fist.

That was why I conveyed to Lime, “Form of the strongest being that I fear most”.

“….Lime, can you do it?”


I didn’t understand the words.

However, feeling that my word had been affirmed, I squeezed the fist that emitting the lighting…. and released it as much as I could.

At the moment, Lime sucked up a lot of magical power from me and transformed its body greatly.

Three silver tentacles extended from my fist, and those tips were transformed into dragon-like heads, then while covered in lightning, it attacked Rick-san.

“!! That is…!!”

“Eat this! “Orochi”!!”

An absolute predator, “Three-necked Orochi”, that we encountered at that ruin.

It was a monster that easier to imagine for Lime that lived in that ruin.

“” Kyuoo “”

Two heads attacked Rick-san from left and right, and one head tried to attack him from the front.

In addition, since the lightning was scattered around each of it, it should be difficult for him to dodge all of it.

Seeing that, Rick-san squeezed his unbroken expression, but he still greeted the attack with his wooden sword that has a crack on it.

“Haha, it’s ridiculous!”

However, as expected a normal wooden sword cannot prevented all of it.

One of the heads broke the wooden sword in half.

When the other two were about to attack Rick-san directly, but I stopped Lime.

“Lime, it ’s enough!!”

When Rick-san, who was astonished and smiled a little, began to emit purple Mana from his right hand, Lime deformed and returned from the Orochi form.

“So, you’re about to make me use my Magic, huh? If I count together with No. 4, it seems that the new recruit is not all bad.”

Rick-san, who has erased the purple Mana, shifted his gaze to me who is out of breath.

On the verge of stopping the ‘Orochi’, Rick-san was trying to use some Magic, so maybe he could have managed to do something with it himself without me stopping halfway.

But for me to used a lot of Mana just to break a wooden sword….. It seems the adventurers of the guild are really all monsters.

As I was slowly adjusting my breathing, Rick-san walked up to me and tapped my shoulder.

“This is the end of the mock combat. I was surprised at the last one.”

“…..I’m sorry…”

“You don’t need to apologize, anyway it was a good fight. Kaito Arihara.”

That’s right, Rick-san, who said my name, turned to the other test takers.

“This concludes the primary exam. Don’t forget to check the results of the primary exam as they will be posted in the guild. The secondary exam will also be held in the afternoon, so be careful not to go back home immediately.”

Rick-san made that statement and left the place while stretching himself.

Finally, when I realized that the mock combat with Rick-san was over, I was so relieved that I lay down on the spot.

I was not injured….. But still, somehow I’m very tired.

“You did it, Kaito.”


“Schiff and Lime too, Thank you for your work. Aaa-, I’m really tired.”

I closed my eyes and rested my body while thanking Schiff and Lime who have returned to their original form.

However, I was glad that the special move went well.

…A technique that imitates the terrifying monster, ‘Orochi’.

It was a technique that possible because Lime knew the existence of Orochi well, but how should I named it?

“Okay, let’s call that technique, ‘Slime Fighting Style, Lightning Orochi Attack’.

“Let’s think about the name of that technique carefully later! Still, to came up with that technique during the battle… As expected of my Lord!!”

…It’s okay to decide the name of the technique now though, so why?

When I was thinking about the warm sunlight, I noticed that someone was looking into me while blocking the sunlight.

I wondered who it was, and when I opened my eyes, there was a girl, Leafa, who covered in a hood, staring into my face.


I completely forgot that the name I gave her was just a pseudonym!!

I twisted myself and tried to escape, but before that, Leafa pressed my shoulders with a force that I couldn’t think came from a girl.

“You’re strong.”

“…It, it’s not only my own power. It’s combined with the power of my familiars, Schiff and Lime too.”


I replied her with my shaking voice, Leafa narrowed her red eyes behind the hood.

“What’s your real name?”

“… Um, You see …”

“You’re not gonna lie anymore, right?”

Her red eyes, somehow it made me scared.

Even Schiff and Lime also trembled when they saw it.

“I told you a fake name. I apologize for that, but…”

“I’m aware that I was suspicious, so I’ll talk about myself. Is that okay?”

Did she realized that herself…?

If so, all of this may be not my bad in a sense.

As Schiff said, one day I was going to be exposed.

With this, I can be sure that she muttered my name might be not just a mistake…. And above all, I don’t have to call myself Jacob.

“… Kaito. My name is Kaito Arihara.”


Surprisingly, her eyes were wide open and the grip in my shoulder was loosened a little.

“I see, then you are the real ” Kaito Arihara”…”

“… Real? what do you mean by it?”


When I tried to pursue Leafa who spoke that words, Laila, who was watching the game from outside the training ground, shook her hand and ran up to us.

When Leafa saw her, she turned her back on me then she stood up silently and went somewhere.


“I don’t have time right now, so let’s talk after the second exam.”

She said so, while ignoring my voice and walking away.

“Kaito. For real, who is she?”

“… I don’t know too…”

She was saying that I was real or something I didn’t understand.

… I don’t think I can judge her completely just from her words, and it seems that there are still many mysteries about her.


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