Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 39

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39. Student Council of Kenran High School (Before The Entrance Ceremony) 2

Risa saw a noisy person entering the Student Council Room, a girl who was working with her in the Student Council and was also the one in the position of Vice President.

It seemed that there was something bad, But Risa thought it was not a good idea to listen to it while being massaged, so she pressed the switch to end the blissful time. She feel a little lonely when the FIR balls stopped, but first she needed to ask the girl who was walking to her.

When Risa looked at the approaching Vice President, Chika, it seemed that Chika was somehow excited. Risa sighed while thinking, ‘It might be not that important’, and talked to Chika who came nearby.

“What’s the mat…..”

“It’s bad! It’s really bad! It’s super bad! It’s ridiculously bad!”

However, before Risa finished saying the words, Chika keep bombarding her with words. And when she look Chika again, She saw that Chika was sweating a lot.

Chika told Risa in a rush, but the information that Risa got was just ‘It’s bad!’.

“I, I understand. I understand that’s it’s something bad.”

Risa had no choice but to said so …

After all, for the time being, Chika can’t talk unless she calmed down.

“Well, please, calm down. Do you want some tea?”

“Yeah! Please!”

Chika seemed to be still excited, but she seemed to have calmed down enough to made a conversation. When Risa was a little relieved about that, she put the hot water in the electric kettle into the tea pot and headed to the place where the cup was placed. As for the cups, each member of the Student Council brought their own, so Risa took out the cup that the members put in the Student Council Room and poured the tea to Chika’ cup. Sure there was a special way to make black tea more delicious, but Risa has never been so concerned about that.

Anyway, a good smell came from the poured tea. Risa brought the tea to Chika, who was still calming herself, she hoped that by smelling this scent, Chika could relaxed better.

“Here you go……”


When Risa put the tea in front of Chika, Chika immediately picked it up and drank it all at once.

“Hey! It’s still hot!”

Risa was surprised at Chika who drank it all at once so suddenly. It was still hot, and everyone should know what happens if you drink it all at once,.

“Ah! Aaah! It’s hot!”


Risa gazed at Chika, who drank the hot tea all at once and fluttered around, with pity.

Chika fluttered around for a while, and then she used the desk to help her stood up.

“Are you okay?”

“…..Well, it was really hot.”

Risa thought,’ Of course’, but she didn’t say it.

Instead, Risa asked what was going on.

“So what do you want to say?”

“Oh, yeah! You see, It’s bad!”

“Yeah, I understand that it’s something bad.”

However, although Risa know that it was something bad, she have no idea what was it……

“So, what is it?”

“Well, it’s really, it’s great, it’s just really great.”

“Yeah, I understand that it was something great.”

Risa tried to calmed down Chika, who still so exited, again and again. And finally, she managed to calm her down.

“Ah, Sorry Sorry.”

Chika apologized with a bitter smile.

Risa took a breather when she saw that Chika can finally calmed downy.

“So, what happened?”

“You see, I was just checking the document of the boys who will be entering the school next time in the staff room.”

The Student Council must also support the students, and they need to be especially careful to the delicate boys, so it was necessary to know the boys names and faces properly.

Risa wondered, ‘It seemed that she was doing that work, but what happened to her…?’

“There was a really cute boy!”

When Risa heard the words, she was disappointed. Every year, there were quite a few boys enrolled in the Kenran High, and some of them looked good.

‘Sure, that boy will be popular, so the Student Council need to be extra careful, but that’s all. After all we will not be so involved in the student of different grades.’, was what Risa thought.

“It’s different this time! When I asked the Principal about him, the boy seems to have a good personality! So, He’ll definitely be popular!”

“That’s of course.”

“Right? I think it would be difficult for him to get into any club activities peacefully, right?”

Risa agreed on that and urged Chika to continue.

“The number of students trying to join the club that the boy tried to join will increase dramatically.”

“Well, sometimes something like that might happen.”

“If that happen, it’s bad, right?”

“It’s indeed bad”

“So why don’t we ask him to join the Student Council?”

“No, the one who will be the member of the Student Council is elected by the students.”

‘Moreover, each position have already been filled in this term’, was what Risa thought.

“Well, but, but! What about ‘the helper‘ system!? Let’s use that!”

“Oh, that ‘apprenticeship‘ kind of system? But it’s mostly for students who want to help the Student Council or want to join….”

It was a kind of promotional thing for a person who was aiming to be the next member of the Student Council. They did the activity of the Student Council with the intention to let the other students knew their existence and hoped that the students gonna vote for them in the next election.

“But there is no such rule. The only thing is that the Student Council President can confirm the student’s will and appoint the student.”

“Well, but……”

“Okay, okay, but why don’t we ask first!? let’s just ask first, okay!?”

Risa then thought the matter for a while, and muttered, ‘Alright.’.

“Sure, it seems to be difficult for him to join any club activities, so maybe we can just make a suggestion to him? And, you said that he has a good personality, so he may not just cruelly rejected our suggestion….. maybe…”

When Chika heard that word, she then jumping while saying ‘Yeay! Yeay!’.

Then Risa asked Chika the most important thing that she almost forgot.

“So what’s the boy’s name?”

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  1. I have a question about chapter 34: Did Shino-san give our boy just the ring and dress (and apparently not the necklace), or did she give the entire box of accessories?

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    1. Hmm, I guess she gave the entire box….
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