Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 38

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38. Student Council of Kenran High School (Before The Entrance Ceremony)

Inside a room somewhere in Kenran high school, which has a heavy wooden door, gives you an atmosphere that you can’t easily enter it. There is a plate on the door, which has the letters of ‘Student Council’, written on it.

Yes, this is the Student Council room, which was located in the center of Kenran High School.

The Student Council of Kenran High School was entrusted with considerable authority by the school. For this reason, Kenran High Schools are not so strict in terms of school rules despite the reputation of being the school that centered on students who want to go into university, but instead, students who commit major problems were often punished severely. Also, people who were selected to be part of the student council, which is entrusted with great authority, many of them were excellent people and the support from the other students was strong. Yeah, The Students Council of Kenran High School were full of students who are both capable and popular.

The Student Council room where such students work day and night was large and luxurious. First-time students who saw it were often surprised by the luxury, but all of that luxcury were not from the expense of the Student Council, but all of the furniture and other things were there because there were many students from wealthy families in the Kenran High, many high-quality tools and furniture were brought in by them self, and the people who brought them did not bring them home after they graduated. They just leave it as it was and graduated, so if you look at each one, it was surely looked luxurious, but overall it was just a room with a mixed luxurious furniture.

In such a room, the woman who was the owner of this room and the Student Council President was checking the documents while drinking tea.

The document was about the welcome greeting speech to be read at the entrance ceremony for new students a few days later.

Since She was the president of the Student Council, of course She have spoken in front of a large number of students many times, but nevertheless she was still nervous, so she can not neglect preparations, after all she was the student president, Risa Sanada.

Risa has been the Student Council President since the second semester of her first year. With her clear mind and friendly personality, she welcomed new students the previous year as well. And since new boys will also at the entrance ceremony, she can confirm the information about them a little earlier than other current students, and she secretly think it was useful.

…… But, just because she was able to see it earlier did not mean that she can make contact with them. However when she saw the new students, she wanted that both the girls and boys, who have entered Kenran High, to enjoy their high school life. And so, she always did her best to do her job to built a good school so that all of the students can have fun memories!

Only Risa was in the Student Council Room right now, and the other members were on their own holiday. After all Spring break was still going. Anyway, the preparations for the entrance ceremony were proceeding as planned, and it was almost complete. Risa didn’t have to come to school to do her preparation, but she think that there were many temptations at home and so she can concentrate on doing her job at school better. That was why she came to school during holiday. Risa quietly closed her eyes when she put tea and the document on her desk.

The inside of the school building during spring break was quiet and above all it was easy to concentrate there….. Risa put her body on the back of the chair on which she sit. Then turned on the switch. The chair gently accepted Risa’s body and moved slowly. The movement seemed to be gentle, and so Risa gently loosened her body too.

“Oh! Aa…, Aaaa~…”

The voice leaked out from Risa’s mouth. It can’t be helped since it felt so good. It was probably a luxury massage chair…. She secretly think that the former member of Student Council who left the chair was ‘God’. Needless to say, the chair was also one of the reasons why she preferred working at school. Aside from it, there was a desk in front of the chair, but that desk was rarely used for work.

Anyway, Risa’s body was massaged and loosened by the FIR balls attached to the massage chair, just like a skilled masseuse. Risa pushed a button, and this time she chose a whole body massage course. Then, the movement changed, and it massaged the calves, thighs, arms, hips, shoulders and the whole body from the soles of the feet. Risa certainly felt good as she was likely to fall asleep if she wasn’t careful.

“Oh, Aaaa~…”

When Risa is using the massage chair exclusively while the other not there, the corridor was somewhat noisy, and She felt that the sound was gradually heading toward the Student Council room.

When Risa thinks so, BANG! ,The door was opened fiercely. When Risa turned to the door, she saw a member of the Student Council. Yeah, it was the Vice President of the Student Council, Chika Katsurakawa, who stood on the entrance out of breath.

…..’She shouldn’t run in the corridor’, was what Risa thought.

More than that, Risa was wondering why Chika came to school in holiday, while enjoying the massage by the massage chair.

After Chika confirmed that Risa was inside the room. She shout in a loud voice to Risa.

“It’s bad!!”

……..’Apparently it’s something bad’.

Risa thought so while still enjoying the massage by the massage chair.

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