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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 37

Well, It’s quite boring in Hospital, so I translated this in my phone (even though I had done it in my PC)….
So there might be more mistake than usual? (it’s hard to do it on phone)… I’ll recheck it after I’m out from here.
Anyway, here it is….
And btw are you guys fall down to *the rabbit hole* yet?, if not you should watch this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and take a peek what is inside it, then join this side……

37. Greetings

After greeting Saki-san, I followed her and Shino-san to greet the guests who were coming to the party.

Looking over the party again, I could see some men, but mostly they were quite old.

I wondered why?…even though if the man around my age came, it was not strange at all…

“Shino-san, I haven’t see any man who is close in age, do yo know why?”

Shino answered my question with a bitter smile.

“If you bring a man that still young, without a doubt He will get many application for a marriage. so it seems that they don’t want to get into that trouble.”

I was impressed to hear that. As expected, it would burden them, so it was no wonder if the family didn’t to bring them here. Well, to put it the other way around, a man of my age who came to this kind of party, mostly they only wanted to make a connection….

When I was thinking about that, Saki-san and Shino-san were greeting the people who came to the party one after another.

The people who came to give their greeting, while talking to Saki-san, they kept glancing at me.

Saki-san, who noticed it, introduced me as her daughter’s partner, so I smiled and greeted the guest. The person who greeted me praised Shino-san, saying, “It’s amazing to have such a wonderful man as a partner.”

But! you see… The person that kept looking at me, I can guess what kind of fetish they had…..

My dress exposed my shoulders and legs a lot, so everyone looked at it from top to bottom and then glanced at their favorite place again. Perhaps they would have been kept staring at me, if Shino-san wasn’t next to me…

The most common part that they kept glancing was the legs. Probably it stood out first because the clothes were only above the knees.

Next, the shoulder, which was also exposed because of the dress design, and there was a person who kept glancing a lot on the clavicle, so she probably had a clavicle fetish.

And to be honest, I didn’t really understand what it means, but the women I met often saw it here, my chest part, as well. It was underneath the dress, and also it was not bulging like a woman…… So, does that mean the chest still have an indescribable charm? I have nothing but doubts in my mind.

The next guest was a group of three people, and unusually there was a man among them…

Or rather, I feel like there was a person who I have seen before… or rather, I was quite familiar with her.

“Hey, are you enjoying it, Seikagu-san?”

“Hello, Toukain-san. It is a nice party, and I enjoyed a lot too.”

Yes, it was Yuzuka-san and probably her parents.

Shino-san whispered me that they were Yuzuka’s parents.

Yuzuka-san, who is with them, was greeting Saki. And she looked good in her pure white dress.

However, unusually, Yuzuka’s parents seem to be in a close relationship with each other. To be honest, I have never seen a married couple who are so close to each other like them.

After the greeting was over, Yuzuka’s mother put her hand on her husband’s waist and pulled it tightly. The husband also put his hand around his wife’s waist and looked happy.

…… I felt that they were in another world.

When I was observing with interest, I was introduced to them, so I greeted them.

Then, I was kindly told that they already knew me.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Yuzuki Seikagu, and this is my husband, Kuji, nice to meet you. “

With that said, Yuzuka’s mother, Yuzuki-san, presented her slender fingers to me.

I took that hand, shook it, and then another hand extended from the side… It was her husband, Kuji-san.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Kuji Seikagu. I often hear about you from Yuzuka. “

Kuji-san said that and continued to smile.

“That’s why I honestly don’t feel like we meeting for the first time.”

When I heard that word, Yuzuka-san, who was a little behind them, called out in a hurry.

“Da, dad! What are you talking about!”

“I’m just saying that Yuzuka talked about Kohaku every day since she entered high school, so I feel like I’ve known him for a long time…”

“You don’t have to say that!!”

Yuzuka-san has a red face and teary eyes……. Hmm, I want to know what she said to her parent.

However, I was impressed with her father, Kuji-san, behavior on how he treated his wife and Yuzuka-san. His appearance was like a dandy, he had a gentle look, and the noble aura kept emanating from the body, so it was hard to not stood out.

However, because I have memories of my previous life, I can’t helped but to feel uncomfortable…

You see, Yuzuka’s father, Kuji-san, was dressed in a long purple dress…. Sure, It was not strange in this world, but because he was such a dandy person, I felt more uncomfortable seeing him in that.

I mean, I just felt that something was wrong….. You see, in my past-life, everyone will felt uncomfortable if there was a big man like him wearing pink frilly clothes when shopping at a supermarket.

However, Yuzuka’s parent seemed to be on good terms, and the parent-child relationship seemed to be good too, which was quite unusual. Saki-san also seemed to be envious of Yuzuki-san. By the way, I heard that Yuzuka-san has a younger brother, so I guessed that he was not coming today? I wondered if it was because of a marriage proposal that he will get if he came.

The adults were talking with each other, so I asked Yuzuka-san.

“Yuzuka-san, your younger brother is not coming today?”

“My younger brother? He is a little introvert, so he doesn’t come to this kind of place very often.”

Then, Shino-san replied.

“I haven’t heard much about him either.”

And she added, ‘Even though I was Yuzuka’s childhood friend…..’, with a sad face.

Then, Yuzuka with a bitter smile.

“My younger brother seems to be afraid of women other than the one from his family, so maybe Kohaku-kun can get along well with him.”

She said so…. I see, it seems that every household has their own various problems.

After that, even after parting with Yuzuka-san and her parent, the party time passed while greeting various people, and I was able to finish my role safely.


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  1. I feel that the women are staring at the MC’s LEGS, rather than feet, especially since he mentioned the short dress right after.

    Also, I’m sorry your shopping trip for adult lingerie ended with you having to be rescued from the pervert clerk by your pink-haired yandere childhood friend.

    I tried to stop her, but then she started waving a knife around, and… well… it was either tell her where you were or having to look for new bodily organs.

    The doctor says most of the scars will be out of sight, thank goodness…

  2. — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.

    Hopefully you get well smoothly..!! Enjoy your stay in the hospital? I must say that when I got hospitalized previously, I enjoyed the free time thought it got boring later on.

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