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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 19

19. Kaede’s Family

“Ka, Kaede relied on a first year kid, huh!?…..I’ve never heard of your existence!”

This was the first time I’ve learned that there was a man who called my sister by name. Besides, there were four of them. When did my sister build a reverse harem?

“Oi, First year! Say your name!”

“I’m Wataru Sajou.”

“Wataru Sajou! It’s a name I’ve never heard of….. Wait, what? “Sajou”?”

“I’m Wataru Sajou.”

All four of them were part of ‘Keade’s family’…… so, I’ll called them ‘K4’, they pursued the matter while glaring, but I replied with simplicity. From the color of the necktie, I knew that everyone were a senior from the second or third year, and I can’t think of any way to get through this situation. Well, to be honest, I didn’t care what might happen anymore.

“Sa,”Sajou”… So you’re…..”

“Please move, Todoroki-senpai”

“Ah! Oi!”

The smart and handsome looking senior from the second year came out as if to dismiss the sporty and handsome looking senior from the third year. I wonder if there was any special meaning in the gesture of him repositioning the glasses even though it was not misaligned……. Oi, please don’t say that you did that because it was just cool.

“Nice to meet you, Wataru Sajou-san. I am Kai Takuto. I’m sorry, but could you tell me the relationship between you and Kaede? “

“We live under one roof and we are compromising each other, we had that kind of relationship.”

“Why do you say something that could be misunderstood?”

Oh no! I just played a prank! Unconsciously I did that because I was so happy to hear about my sister finally having a romance story!

My sister hit my head, and while she was having an annoyed look, she stood in front of me.

“Younger brother, he is my younger brother……! Look! If you look closely, his face looks like my face ….. Hmm, it doesn’t look that similar…”


“I agree.”



That was right. No matter how many times you looked at it, we didn’t looked similar. I’d never scored my sister’s face before, but I’ve thought she was better than average. But, the one that gave me the final blow was Arimura-senpai’ friend who appeared in the case with Aizawa. I learned that my sister has won a certain number of men’s votes. It was a super shocking thing for me.

If so, there was only one thing I can do.

“Hmm, Sis. I don’t want to disturb you, so I’m going to use a different road, okay?”

“Huh? What are you saying….”

“It’s okay, you know. To have such a good looking senior and my sister close to each other, I’m proud of you, Sis. And I don’t want to hold you back.”

“No, no, like what I said… I’m not close to……”

“Then, see you later when the school is over!”

“Wait, wait a minute!”

When I tried to escape with a dash, I was caught by Natsukawa. And perhaps because she tried to grab so hard around the side of my uniform, Natsukawa’s head popped out from the gap between my right arm and armpit. And she bend my arm as it was, with that the ‘Sleeper Choke’ was completed. Well, I didn’t plan to do that.

When I was thinking about something strange like that and confused by the close distance between Natsukawa and me, I was immediately re-grabbed and glared by her.

“How dare you to leave me alone in this situation…!”

“Please, don’t stop me…! If I stay here any longer, and keep seeing the handsome guy, I’m gonna melt…!”

“Oi, Why’re you melting…! Rather than inferiority complex, you makes it sound weird…!”

Unusually, Natsukawa kept grasping me not to let me go. Her eyes told me that she was being serious.

Even though the people that I like was enthusiastically coming to me, but I wanted to go away. why? Maybe that’s because my sister was looking at me from behind Natsukawa with a scary eyes saying, “You piece of shit, be prepared later.”.

“….Then, shall all of us go together?”


My sister snorted and closed her eyes….. Sod did she forgave me?

I walked behind my sister who was walking in the middle of the road while being seen by the handsome guys with question marks. When I noticed, my sister was firmly holding the strap of the bag on my shoulder. Even Natsukawa who was walking beside me also did that. I was like a dog pulled by a leash. ‘Arf!, Arf!’.

I didn’t know what Natsukawa was thinking anymore….. is it okay for me to say that she is my girlfriend? No? Well, I know it.

“But really, I didn’t know about this at all. Neve did I thought that Kaede had a younger brother. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Why do I have to bother to tell you?”

“So cold.”

The handsome senior with delicate feature from the three year said so and put his hand on my sister’s shoulder while laughing ‘hahaha’. His height, which might be about 180 cm tall, highlighted the meaning of inequality in the world. I wish he continued to grow. Yeah. It would be nice to see him hit the banner at the entrance of the convenience store and said ‘ouch’.

“By the way, who is that girl? Maybe Kaede’s younger brother’s girlfriend…?”

“Ah! Stop, you stupid!”


The handsome and cool senior from the third year who has been watching for a long time finally began to speak. Even his voice was cool….. If I can have that kind of voice, I’ll practice cheesy lines when I’m in the bathroom. but from all of the four, he has the most decent impression……. Still, this person who suddenly dropped a dangerous bomb. My sister tried to stop him, but she failed.

“N-no! We are not…..”

“Senior, we’re not like that.”

“Oh, I see. That was my bad.”

Yeah sure, you bastard. And the remaining three people was convinced like, “Of course right”. Yeah yeah, it was easy to see why they were convinced so fast. But still, I didn’t feel good at all.

Apparently, these four are like the ‘M’ that were trained by my sister (prejudice). If someone from that four became Natsukawa’s boyfriend, I would be convinced easily too.

My sister was taking care of the free-spirited seniors, even though she seemed to be very annoyed. And she had already let go of my bag’ strap and no one was pulling it now.

Then slowly I slowed down and followed my sister and them quietly from behind.

“………Natsukawa…. I’m sorry.”

“……It ’s okay.”

I didn’t know why, but Natsukawa was always next to me. Even though it was okay if she wanted to go ahead quickly, I wonder if she has a certain consciousness of reliance towards me like what Ashida said…

Still, for now, it was kind of hard to walk together with these beautiful people, including Natsukawa.

“Ahhh… I guess we need to separate now…”


The destination after passing the entrance was different between me and my sister. My sister made a sour face while being surrounded by the handsome guys. Mysteriously, I can understand the feelings of my sister who made such a face. Perhaps my sister hated the curious gaze from the surroundings….. I’m too scared to imagine what will happen after I go back home today.

I heard the story from the handsome seniors, but it seemed that the five people including my sister were members of the student council. My sister was actually the Vice President of the Student Council. When I first heard that she joined the Student Organization, I wondered why such a violent girl was there, but now I feel like I can somehow understand. By the way, the chairman was a cool senior. And some more these people were friendly too…

My sister, who was about 30 times more ‘normie’ than the sole girl in the Otaku Club, took the ‘K4’ and left in the opposite direction to me. And Her mind turned toward the four handsome men already, and I can’t see such thing like a grudge against me. Amazing, my sister was demonstrating her “Qualities” to others. The other four were followed her like dogs that their owners love to take care of.

“… Speaking of which, Natsukawa didn’t look very happy even though she was surrounded by such handsome guys.”

“Huh!? What do you think of me!?”


“What ・ are ・ you ・ being surprised about…!”

Looking back in amazement, Natsukawa was in an angry form. It seemed that she heard my mutter. What surprised me was that Natsukawa was still behind me. I thought after she had changed her shoes and she headed straight to the classroom.

“Yo-you, you didn’t go yet….?”

“On the contrary, why do you think I’ll leave you alone here…”

“Oh, I see…”

I wanted to say, ‘Well, didn’t you said that I was disgusting?’, but I couldn’t bother to say the words. I didn’t want to be disliked by leaving a bad impression anymore……. Well, She just treated me like a person, it made me happy to see that Natsukawa was caring for me and I could not helped but to have a lewd look…… It’s late to say this now, but she’s super cute today.

Probably because there was a fuss with my sister just now, when I reached the classroom, it was just perfect before the morning assembly started. I was silent from beginning to end while walking in the corridor due to the awkwardness of Natsukawa and the busy hours. As we walked to the direction to the classroom, I remembered about the ‘Great Idol Production Strategy’…… I wonder if Natsukawa wouldn’t be able to make new friends if I were always by her side. Maybe I could say that I want stop at the toilet on the way…..

“Ah! I found you Sajo-chi!!!”


“… Kei?”

Seeing her energy, Natsukawa made a voice as if she was confused.

Ashida, who came out from the classroom, pointed at me and shouted. Then she rushed to me while screaming my pretty nickname…. here it come ‘Double edge'(Life-risking tackle)…..! Wataru used splash! But nothing happened!
[TN: Here it come another Pokemon reference…..]

“Sajo-chi! That Rin-sama is super angry!!”

“… huh?”

Wasn’t the event that happening today a little too much? It was only been less than two hours since I woke up in the morning.


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