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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 36

So last week I got into accident and I’m in Hospital right now, for the one who want to the detail see my
announcement in my Homepage….
Any way I could only release this, because it’s in my draft post on the website….

36. The line of sight

“Hey mom! What are you saying to my Kohaku-kun!?”

Shion-san, I’m not yours.

“Ara, Shino, you were here too?”

“Didn’t you hear my voice just now!?”

Shino’s mother put her hand on her cheek and said, ‘Oh? really?’.

….I see, She has a pretty good personality.

But it was kind of rare… You see, there were many women in this world, but women who have a relationship with a man often do their best to not inviting other men, even though the men didn’t give them enough love.

…… Well, I think that the women will go if the man made the move first.

It was not like the man lost interest in that woman so the woman did that, but, it was more like stealing the women from the man… [TN: I guess that’s what we call Forced NTR]

However, although I was suddenly invited, I should still properly give my greetings, but in this case Shino-san should be the one who introduce me. But, both of them were still arguing.

“Aaaa! Why are you suddenly inviting him!?”

“Well, but I think it’s natural to do that when you see such a cute boy.”

“Yeah, he’s cute, but he’s my partner! So, don’t do that!”

“But it’s only for today, right?”


While thinking that, ‘it’s the time to stop this already’, I lightly pulled Shino-san’s clothes.

*Shino-san, I’d like to give my greetings.”


Then, Shino-san reluctantly introduced me.

“Mom, this is Kohaku Hatano, who will be my partner today.”

Shino-san introduced me to her mother, then turned into introducing her mother to me.

“And, this is my mother, Saki Toukain.”

When I finished listening to her, I smiled and said hello.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Kohaku Hatano, who will be partnering with Shino-san today. Thank you.”

“Nice to meet you too… I was surprised that Shino had an acquaintance with such a cute boy.”

“I am her classmate at school and I am getting along quite well with Shino-san.”

“…Oh my, you’re so polite too”

Shino’s mother was staring at me while thinking about something. And she continued…

“Kohaku, please call me ‘Saki’, okay? Well, then… so, how about the thing I just asked…”

She was reaching out to me while saying that.

But, Shino-san knocked her hand down with a chop when it was about to be turned around my waist.

“As what I said already, He’s mine! you can’t do it!!”

And as what I said many times, I’m not yours……. Well, I can’t said it out loud.

While seeing Saki-san, who made a ‘what a shame’ kind of look, I said

“I am honored to be invited.”

When I said that, Shino-san made a startling face like “What did you just said!?”. But, I continued to speak.

“But it’ll be rude to your husband, so I’ll refrain from doing it.”

Hearing my words, Saki-san spoke in a low voice.

“But, He just likes my money….. He only come to see me when he wants money….”

The bright air that was around her just before disappears in an instant, creating an extremely awkward air to the surrounding.

….Oh, this is that….. in game-like sentences, it’ll be like

‘Kohaku has magnificently stepped on a land mine…’

Or something similar to that.

…… Shit! I’ve done it!

Well, I knew that there were men like that in this world, Even though they could live without working because the government gave them money, but there were men who felt that the money that they received was not enough.

…..But I’ve never thought that the person who married a person from a house as big as Toukain is such a person! I thought that at least she was really choosing the man before getting married!

Shino-san also added,

“The only things I can only remember about my dad is… where my dad was receiving the money…”

…… What should I do now, not only Saki-san but also Shino-san is depressed.

…… Really, what should I really do now?

“Fo- for now!”

When I called out to them, and both of them turned their sunken faces toward me.

Then I continued to speak while pretended to not seeing that depressed face.

“Since today is a party day, let’s forget about the bad things and have fun!”

I leaned forward a little and pulled my chest part lightly.

…… I tried the so-called ‘Showing a glimpse of the Chest‘.

I thought it was a shallow idea, but I had to do this much to change the air, after all……. Men’s eroticism was a precious thing in this world.

‘Was it effective?’, While thinking like that, I tried to see what were they doing.

And what I saw was that both of them, their eyes were enthusiastically directed at my chest.

…… They’re looking at it intensely.

I was pressured by their eyes and returned my posture to normal.

……But! Their eyes were still on my chests! How long are they gonna keep watching it?

Only after I cleared my throat like, ‘Ehem!’, they finally started to move again.

“Ah, that’s right! Shino, I will go around to give my greetings, so follow me. Huft, I think so much about that in my head…… So, It’s not like I looked at the chest or something like that…”

“That’s right! It’s important to give our greetings! I’m nervous about that so much…. so It’s not like I looked at the chest!”

Hey, both of you, you guys failed to keep your composure, you know?…. Still, I’m glad that their mood became better.

….. But, seriously, what on earth am I doing here?


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  1. ……..he really is crossdressing……………no way he could show his chest……with a suit on…….
    In the LN he was wearing a suit……so i though he was wearing one in the WN too.
    Poor Kohaku, he is flaunting his own worth(perhaps the only man that treats women fairly in that world) but he isn’t taking in consideration that the women might be more hungry for the affection of men(let’s be honest the treatment women receive from men is horrible) that he could imagine.
    Also this reminds a bit of the relationships in ancient greece; for greeks “true love” was between man and man and women were only there for continuing the bloodline.(don’t know if they are as bad as the ones being portrayed on the novel though……ah, but only the intelectuals thought like that, if i’m not wrong)

    1. hmm.. Sounds like someone should translate the light novel instead. I can’t believe he’s willingly doing all of this.

  2. Hey man I know that prayer might be useless but it’s the only thing I can give you right now, so I wish you a well recovery and may your luck be better from now on.

    And thank you for the translation.

  3. “….. But, seriously, what on earth am I doing here?”

    … I’m wondering the exact same thing with this novel…

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