Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 35

35. Toukain Family

“Grandfather, I brought my partner with me today.”

“I see.”

Shino-san’ Grandfather nodded and stared at me. I felt like I was going to be overwhelmed by that line of sight, but I had to act as her partner properly, so I put up with his face that seemed a bit scary, and smiled with a beautiful smile and gave my greetings.

“My name is Kohaku Hatano. Today, I was invited by Toukain-san. I knew that I might be presumptuous, but thank you for having me today, and nice to meet you.”

I said that and bowed.

I didn’t raise my head until I was called out.

“Hmm, please raise your head.”

It was a voice that seemed to permeate your heart. When I heard the words and finally raised my head, he continued to speak.

“I am Housei Toukain. I’m glad that a child like you will join us as Shino’s partner. And, please enjoy yourself today. “

“Thank you.”

I said thank you, but Shino-san’s Grandfather kept staring at me…….. Why is he staring at me so much? Can he stop it already?

“Hmm, what’s wrong?”

“……. nothing.”

Really? What was that short silence then!?

“Oh, it’s okay if you want to leave.”

When she heard the words, Shino-san bowed her head.

“I understand, then I will leave now.”

I also bowed my head and said thanked him before leaving the room.

“Thank you very much.”


After that, when I left Shino-san’s Grandfather’s room and returned to the room I was in earlier, I finally could relax.

“I was so nervousー”

When I said so, Shino-san reacted to it.

“I was more nervous than you! I was wondering what to do if Kohaku-kun didn’t get approved by my grandfather!”

Really, I’m glad that I was recognized.

“But, wait… Was that good enough?”

“Yeah! Yeah! You gave a really good impression!”

…… But, I feel like I’m only having a short formal conversation.

“You see, it was the first time I saw my grandfather having such a friendly conversation with the person he met for the first time.”

So that was a friendly conversation huh….. But, yeah, it was more normal than I expected. At first, I was wondering if he would say, “How dare a common people came here.”

Was there something that he liked from me? Even though I just greeted him normally…

Well, anyway, it seems that it was good. For the time being, I was a little relieved that nothing bad happened.

…..So, only the party itself is left huh… Well, at the party, it seems that I’ll be okay as long as I smile next to Shino-san, right?

After that, I was talking to Shino-san in the room for a while until the party started, then we decided to head to the venue.

When I entered the party venue, Shino-san’s grandfather, who I met earlier, started giving his speech.

All the people at the venue were looking at him, so I didn’t stand out as soon as I entered.

Even so, the people at the venue were listening to the speech seriously. Aside the fact that he was a man, but he was also respected as a pure entrepreneur. At the end of the speech, a young woman with brown hair began to giving her greetings. Perhaps because Shino-san resembled her a lot, I can guess that she was her mother.

“Shino-san, that person, is she your mother?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“Is it okay if I didn’t say hello before the party started?”

“It’s okay, my mom was busy preparing, so she didn’t have time to spare.”

“Then, let’s go say hello later.”

“Yeah, please.”

When I was talking about that, the greeting was over and we made a toast. Cheers!

After the toast, the venue gradually became noisy.

First, I planned to approach Shino-san’s mother to said hello, but she was already surrounded by a lot of people.

“Wow, she was already surrounded.”

When I said that, Shino-san replied me, ‘it’s okay’.

“At first, I have to go to say hello to other with my mother. I’m sorry, but could you accompany me giving my greeting?”

“Oh, okay, I understand.”

“Ah, don’t worry, you just have to be next to me.”

I nodded…. But is it really enough to just stand next to her? Well, it’s better than doing something unnecessary and causing trouble for her.

…Well, I guess I just need to keep smiling. While keeping that in mind, I put a smile on my face.


While I was thinking about that, Shino-san was calling her mother.

In response to Shino-san’s voice, her mother came toward us.

From a distance, I could only guess it, but Shino-san really looked a lot like her.

“Ara? ara ara~.” [TN: so, you could translate it as ‘Hmmm? Oh, well, well.’, but I’ll leave it as ‘Ara’]

Shino-san’s mother who came here took my hand and dropped a kiss on the instep while saying such a thing.

Her gesture…. It was too noble!

When I was impressed by her gesture in my heart, Shino-san’s mother muttered to me.

“Could you spare me some time after the party? I want to have dinner together with you.”

Of course, meals were also served at this party, so I wondered if this invitation was something like a ‘one-night’ invitation….. But for her to gave such an invitation in the middle of party…… She really impressed me in many ways.


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  1. “Ara Ara Oneesan” has appeared, and MC is still young and virginal enough to be considered a Shota!
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    (Also, did anyone find a description as to what Grandpa was wearing?)

      1. To be fair, it was the author who started it with a MC who’s strangely okay with cross-dressing.
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  2. Just came across this series today. Wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, but as you can probably tell from me being this far in I like it quite a bit.

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  3. Hmm? Did Kinukura-kun leave to purchase some sexy lingerie normally worn by women, but instead got kidnapped by the perverted clerk who runs the store?

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