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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 34

34. The content of the box

Inside the box, I can see the accessories that I expected, and there was a lot of variation of it too.

…… Yeah sure the item inside the box was that, but….

All of it were full of ‘noble‘ aura coming out from it.

The box was divided into two tiers, The accessories such as necklaces were lined up on the first tier and rings lined up on the second tier.

When you look at that, you can tell at a glance that they were expensive. That alone was already amazing, but the amount was also amazing! Although it was arranged neatly, it was still packed tightly, and at glance you can see that more than 20 rings were lined up.

Even if I put it in all my hands, it still remained. Why did she prepare such an amount…… Probably because she wanted me to choose the one I like, but to be honest, which one should I choose…?

Anyway, I took a ring as a test.

The ring in my hand was inlaid with large diamond and shone brightly. Probably not only the rough stone was good but the cutting was also good….. It has a charm that you can’t help but notice.

……..This is the devilish glow! Amazing!

There were many other types of ring with gems such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, pearls, opals, and tourmalines.

……..Seriously, I don’t know which one to put on.

When I was at a loss, I heard a knock.

“Kohaku-kun, can I open the door?”

It seemed that the one who knocked the door was Shino-san. Perhaps she changed her clothes already?

“Yeah, it’s okay”

When I gave permission, Shino-san came in saying “Okay then, I’m coming in”. And when she looked at me, her eyes shone.

“Wow, it looks great! You look too beautiful!”

“Haha, Thank you.”

“… Is it okay to take a picture?”

“No way.”

Shino-san clicked her tongue like, ‘Tch‘.

“Shino-san is also look really beautiful.”

I praised Shino-san. In fact, Shino-san was beautiful and cute. A light pink dress, a ring and a necklace. She also use hair ornaments. Shino’s beautiful brown hair was colored with colorful jewels to further bring out its charm.


Shino-san was embarrassed by my words.

“So, Kohaku-kun, are you ready?”

“Well, sorry but I haven’t decided which accessories to put on …”

When I said so, Shino came next to me and looked inside the box.

“Hmm, can I choose it for you?”


I immediately answered Shino-san’s suggestion.

When Shino-san heard my answer, she quickly chose one and handed it to me.

What I was given was the ring I was seeing first and the necklace in yellow gold with a floral motif.

I felt that it were a little too cute for me, but since she chose it for me, I decided to put it on without complain.

I put on what I was given and tell Shino-san that I was ready.

However, when I compare my clothes with Shino-san’s clothes, I wondered if my red clothes would stand out more than her pink clothes. She said that at a party, it will increase the girl status if she brought a good man……. So I guess, it’s normal for men’s clothes to stand out more than women’s clothes, right?

“Then, let’s go set Kohaku-kun’ hair?”

…… I see, so you mean that the preparation is not finished yet?

“Oh, and …”

What is it? Do I still need to something more? I’m already feel that my preparation is more than enough you know.

“I’ll give that clothes, the ring, the other accessories to Kohaku-kun, so take them home.”

Shino-san said so and walked toward the door.

When I heard that word, I saw the clothes I was wearing and the box that I had been kept thinking for a while.

………….As expected of Aristocrat! So Rich!

It was a surprising statement. To be honest, I can’t imagine how much it cost. And for her to said something like that so lightly! As I thought, the world we live in was literally different!

……..The amount is hard to imagine, maybe I should decline it? ……….No, I’m sure it’s a great will of her, so let’s receive it! Yup! Let’s do so!


Shino-san calls out, perhaps because she wondered why I didn’t move.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m going now.”

I went to Shino-san’ side in hurry.

“Well, is it really okay for me to receive all of this?”

“Okay, it’s something I prepared for Kohaku-kun. It”ll be a problem if you don’t want to receive it.”

Shino-san said so with a smile. …… I see, it can’t be helped then!

“Then, I’ll receive it with pleasure, thank you.”


She answered with a shining smile.

After that, when my hair and makeup was set, Shino-san asked me to greet her grandfather.


“Yeah, I’m sorry for troubling you.”

“No, no, it’s okay. And anyway, I plan to do that from the start.”

“Really? Then is it okay to meet him now?”


And I then stood in front of the room where her grandfather was.

Shino-san was taking a deep breath for a few times.

……Even though they’re relatives, she still nervous, huh. From now on, I will meet one of the most great people in this country. So, I also quietly get excited.

Shino-san knocked on the door and a servant came out from inside. She told the person what she wanted to do, and after a short wait we were allowed to enter the room.

When I entered the room, an old man was sitting on the sofa. This person was probably Shino-san’s grandfather.

Perhaps because he was the leader of the great aristocrat. I felt like a heavy pressure was being released to the surrounding from his body.

…… The big-shot aura that coming out from him is really amazing! Am I gonna be okay?


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