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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 33

33. On the way

The party day has finally arrived. As I was told that I would be picked up at my house, but i never thought that Shino-san herself came to pick me up. I thought that a servant of Toukain would came, and I was going to met Shino-san at the party.

Anyway, I was escorted by Shino-san, and I was heading to the party venue by the luxury car that I had been riding before.

……But really, this car ride was the best. The seat was fluffy, there was no vibration, and it seemed that I could fall asleep anytime if I relaxed my body. The sofa at my home was comfortable to sit on too, but this seat was even better.

To be honest, since Shino-san invited me yesterday, as I was thinking about the party I gradually became depressed, and last night I couldn’t sleep because I kept thinking about it too much.

Perhaps Shino-san couldn’t bear seeing my sleepy face, she then said.

“Kohaku-kun, you can sleep until we reach the hotel.”


“It’s better to sleep a little here than having a sleepy face at the party, and anyway we have a little time before we arrive the hotel.”

“Hmm, okay then…”

I said so, relaxed my body and went to sleep.

“… To be honest, I wanted to talk more.”

When I lost consciousness, I felt like I heard it faintly.

MC sleep

…..I felt something soft. I put my hand there and rubbed it.


Then I heard a sound. However, it was smooth and comfortable to touch, so I massaged it.

Hmm! Uh…. Hmmmm!?

I can hear the sound again. The thing in my hand was so soft, yet it seemed to have some elasticity too.

But what was that? It was so smooth, soft, and smells good.



When I tried licking it, there was a loud noise…

….Heard the sound, my consciousness gradually returned, then I raised my body and opened my eyes.

I rubbed my eyes and remembered the current situation.

Yes, I remembered that I was on my way to a party because I got invited by Shino-san, so I was sleeping because she said that we had a little time…

Hm? wait a minute… I just set my body upright… Ah, maybe I was leaning on Shino-san…

I did something wrong, so I must apologize.

When I thought so and turned my slightly drowsy face toward Shino-san, there was Shino-san with a face turned bright red and refused to look at me.

“Shino-san, I’m sorry for leaning on you.”

“Ah, yeah. It’s okay.”


Shino in a bright red face replied me with her eyes kept rolling around like she didn’t know where to look while sweating.

Shino-san didn’t look okay at all, but …

“Ehem, I’m sorry. I did lean on you, and I was heavy, right? Somehow, you doesn’t look like you’re okay…..”

Maybe I was leaning on her shoulders the whole time, right? and she was sweating because her shoulder felt heavy? But I can’t say that, so I want to guess just by her looks… maybe I really did something wrong.

“No, it’s really okay, because I just felt happiness in my thighs!”

Shino said so in a hurry.

“Thighs? Happy?”

“You don’t have to think it too much!”

When I tried to think about something, she stopped me.

…..I wondered why?

“Well, rather than that, we’ll arrive at the hotel soon!”

“Oh, I see.”

As Shino-san said, we arrived at the hotel where the party was held not that long since that conversation.

When we arrived at the hotel, I was taken to a room where party clothes were placed.

“Just in case, I also call a hair stylist and makeup artist for you, so when you finish changing clothes, just tell my servant, I’m gonna wait outside the door. “

Then, Shino-san went out of the room while saying, ‘I also had to change clothes’.

When I looked inside the room, there was some box that probably contained accessories and clothes. First, I picked up the red dress that was placed inside one of the box and took a look.

…..So short.

The dress I picked up was a type of dress that has a short hem. Perhaps it was above the knee, so my legs will be firmly exposed. Moreover, not only my legs but also my shoulders were gonna be firmly exposed. In conclusion, it was a dress that exposed the body a lot.

…… Even though I said to not pick me something flashy! I even said that a suit was more than enough!

…… Well, I decided to play the role as her partner already, I can’t be depressed just because such a small matter.

In the end, I tried to change into the dress that I picked up.

…… I’m surprised that it suits me. I’m sure most of the clothes will look good on me because I look good. But when I looked myself in the mirror, the red dress brings out my charm more even more, and Shino-san, who chose this dress, has the right eyes.

Even though she didn’t really consider my thoughts, whether I want to wear it or not!

Well, I was slender, have no hair, so maybe it was okay to have my shoulders and legs exposed….. But what if this outfit was worn by another man?

Once again, I was terrified by the fashion sense of this world. If it was normal for men and women to wear clothes of the same design…… it means that the clothes like this dress may be worn by a hairy, muscular man too.

…..I don’t want to see…. No, wait, I would rather see it. I want to know how weird it is. I’m sure it will looked like a catastrophe.

But that kind of thing was normal in this world.

..….Would they be at this party? Somehow, I’m looking forward to the party a little.

By the way, there was another box. Maybe something like a ring, necklace, or other accessory were placed inside it.

I then picked up the box in which it was placed and opened it.


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  1. ………….Is he awakening to something? Or Shino wants him to awaken to something?(maybe the other box has the suit he asked for….)
    Well, either way. In the part of the car before he sleeps, he said he feels “depressed” isn’t “sleepy” more exact?

    1. Also, the thing in the box will probably be a tiara or corsage if we’re going to continue the “sexy prom dress” theme…

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