Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 20

20. The bad Yamazaki

Class A and Class B, both classrooms was noisy. However, the Class C, my classroom, was strangely quiet. When I looked inside the classroom from the corridor, I can see that there were already many of classmates inside.

There, I found an unfamiliar back view of someone standing with the arms crossed in the middle of the classroom. From the silhouette, it might be someone I had seen somewhere before….. I remembered that long ponytail. Next to it, there was also a cute back that looked like a back of a small animal.

“Alright, Ashida, please go ahead.”

“No way! Stop pretending to be a gentleman and that Ladies First attitude!”

“Then, Natsuka….”


“A, I, I’m sorry…”

She gave me a gaze that looked like she want to say, ‘You should die already’. (exaggerated).

….Anyway, I don’t feel like bullying Natsukawa…….. Yeah, I’m your dog, please order me anything.

I didn’t know what to do, so I just stand there for a while, but suddenly my eyes met my senior eyes. Without further saying, in a high speed, she came to me, who was standing in the hallway, and opened the window in front of me.

“Hey, I thought you wouldn’t come to the morning assembly.”

“Good morning… Shinomiya-senpai…”

“Yeah, yeah, good morning……… ‘Yama,zaki,-kun’.”

G ・ u ・ l ・ p

“You see, I was surprised. When I went around the first grade classroom looking for you, I found only one boy with the surname ‘Yamazaki’. When I asked around about him, I found out that there is only one person called Yamazaki-kun in the first grade.”

“Senpai, you are misunderstanding something. Actually, there is another Yamazaki, the Phantom Yamazaki, in this grade…..”



“Lunch break, I’ll be waiting at yesterday’s place.”

“I understand.”

Shinomiya-senpai, passed me while smiling. Inatomi-senpai followed behind her, while shaking the red ribbon she used. With a very apologetic face, she looked at me, but in the end we didn’t exchange a single word.

When I looked into the classroom, I saw the real ‘Yamazaki’ looking at me with an angry face.

“Sajou, you shit! How dare you pretend to be me!”


“Huuh!? Whaaat!?”

“Shinomiya-senpai… she wasn’t your type?”

“…Hm?… Well, she is my type, but…”

“… Did you get to talk to her?”

“Yeah, but…”

“Oooh, good for you, Yamazaki.”


I silenced Yamazaki with a skillful speech, and then I went to sit quietly at my seat. Natsukawa saw me with a face like she wanted to say something to me, but she turned away and headed for her seat. On the other hand, the woman who was right next to her, she breathed so roughly and her eyes was on fire.

“Hey, Sajo-chi! Why did Shinomiya-senpai looking for you….!?”

“Well, a lot of things happened and I was asked for my name….. I had a feeling that it’ll just be a problem if the chairman of the discipline committee remembered my name, so I lied to her unintentionally…..”

“Are you stupid!? Even though she started to favoring you… what an idiot…”

“What are you talking about, huh…”

…Rin Shinomiya, The chairman of the discipline committee. She is popular with both men and women due to her cool beauty behavior, and seems to be treated like a prince by girls. Apparently, even for Ashida, Shinomiya-senpai looks like a prince to her. It just absurd. Anyway, Aika Natsukawa alone is enough to be the ‘idol’.

“Wait a minute, by the way… why did you come together with Aichi?”

“Well, I met her in the hallway.”

“Hmmmm, I see.”

I looked sideways at Natsukawa who was sitting far away from me. She poked her own cheeks on her desk and looked tired…. Oh my, it’s cute, and by the way, I’m sorry for my sister behavior.

Well, as what Ashida told me, I never see Natsukawa chatting with students other me or Ashida. But, when I looked around her, it seemed that there were some students who looked like they wanted to talk to Natsukawa….. Well, I’m not near her, maybe this problem will solve by the time.

“…Steamed pizza bun?”

“The shop was selling it.”

“You… you don’t plan to apologize?”

“See, I bought two properly. Do you know what this means? One for you.”

“As you can see, Yuyu is next door.”

“This is a spare triangular choco pie, Please have it.”


Student guidance room. After I opened the door of the room, Shinomiya-senpai saw me with a stunned eyes. If She had such a face in front of me in this small room, I would made an expression like Ashida. Next to her, Inatomi-senpai was looking at me with confused looks. At least the way she looked at me, it didn’t look like she saw a decent human.

When I handed over the stuff to Shinomiya-senpai, she sighed and pointed to the seat facing me.

“Well, anyway, please sit down.”

“Roger Ma’am.”

“You don’t need to be so tense… Well….”

I took a seat and sit face to face with her. When I saw that two seniors in front of me like that, it felt like I was going to have an interview. There was actually some nerve-raking air around me.

“Well, ‘Sajou’, why did you lie?”

…Did she want to say something like, ‘Hoho, you can’t escape anymore’? But it’s okay, because Shinomiya-senpai have a very straightforward personality, I could predict what she would say. That’s why I dare to be honest.

“I had a feeling that if a person in the position of chairman of the discipline remembered my name, it’ll just become a trouble for me in the future, it’s troublesome, so I reflexively answered using my classmate’ name.”

“What…!? I, I’m glad that you’re being honest, but that mean, you just gave a trouble to your classmate, right?”

“Yamazaki was happy.”

“I, I see… Wait, I don’t understand! Why do some students hate me and some are happy with me!”

…..What!? So you want me to talk about it in detail? I think it’s a pretty embarrassing story for Yamazaki, but … It’s okay, right? No matter what the result, I can only see the future where Yamazaki will be happy by this.

When I was thinking about it, I was nodding next to Shinomiya-senpai as if Inatomi-senpai could understand me.

“Inatomi-senpai seems to understand what I mean.”

“Ah, a…!? Tha, that …!”

“Oi, don’t scare Yuyu.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“Nah, I’m kidding, why do you apologize right away like that…”

…It’s because I don’t want a girl that looked like a little animal to be scared of me, I’ll be super hurt if that happened. That’s why I have to apologize. I know that she was scared of men, so I’m sorry for being a man. No, wait, if I were a handsome guy, maybe her reaction would be different…? Maybe that’s the reality.

“Well, hmm… What should I say…”

…She is so cute. What kind of person will be the couple of these kind of people in the future? I want to slap on his back so hard while saying that he must make her absolutely happy.

“Well, hmm… just like what Sajou-kun said, I think Yamazaki-kun was happy because he can talk with the beautiful Rin-san.”

“Oi, you… Yuyu! See, even you make a fun of me!”

“I, I’m just kidding…”

“….I’m sorry, Yamazaki”

I felt sorry for Yamazaki because my analysis was accurate without any deviation. Shinomiya-senpai with her unfamiliarity of being praised was having no problem with Yamazaki, whose manliness disliked by most girls….. I, I haven’t done anything bad, really.

“Hmmmmp…! An-Anyway, Sajou, Please don’t lie to people for that kind of reason.”


…Yeah, after all Shinomiya-Senpai, who seems to be loved by many students, is a normie, so she couldn’t understand the feelings of the students who sit in the corner of the classroom… is what I thought but it seemed that she also have some soft-spot.

…’I am proud of the my average potential.’, If my way of thinking was close to how the general public think. Most of the ‘ordinary’ students will tend to behave in a similar way to me.

Just as I used a pseudonym, I think Shinomiya-senpai has been casually evaded until now without being aware about it. Not only because of the fact that she was the chairman of the discipline, but also because those who were not confident in themselves avoid direct contact with her. Because they fear of being inferior to amazing people. Especially girls seemed to have a strong tendency for that. The point was that the combination of good looks and masculine attitude of Shinomiya-senpai has become a barrier to other people, and that other people seemed like they were out of reach to her.

With that in mind, I suddenly felt sympathy for Shinomiya-senpai. Maybe she was also lonely.

“I’ll be careful from now on, I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, please be careful.”

“Yes, then excuse me.”

“Okay, well, let’s meet again if there’s a chance.”



Well, as I thought, ‘Here it come, the trouble’. Sure, I was grateful to be able to talk to beautiful women like Shinomiya-senpai, but when I came in contact with them, when they work as a disciplinary committee member, I felt the pressure in term of appearance… You see, it’s so much more troublesome to interact with a person who has an authority than a normie.

As I thought ordinary daily life is the best. I thought I was trying to do achieve that, but I wonder why I must be in a student guidance room, even though I tried so hard to avoid unnecessary contact…. Maybe it is a karma to me because I used a pseudonym? Why did I use a pseudonym in the first place?

“… Wa, wait… please wait…!”


I heard a low voice that seemed very desperate. Apparently it wasn’t the voice of Shinomiya-senpai, so I had no choice but to stop and look back, because there was only one person left… Oh my, so cute.

……It’s an endangered species, a high school girl who wear a ribbon, that must be cherished. Let me protect you…. Ah, that’s a lie.

Author note : In fact, the disciplinary committee itself is an endangered species.


Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 37 Part 1

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37. In the meantime, It’s wide (Part 1)

While I was busy today, Maya-san gave me some time to set up a place for discussion at the church.

“Let’s start today’s agenda, ‘How to cure Lacra’s airhead’.”

“You want to cure something that’s similar to a natural disaster!?”


This discussion was started by adding Maya-san to the people who live in Illias’ house. However, since Wolfe was reading a book, it was actually a discussion within four people.

“Lacra was not a complete airhead, she has some good points too. So, I’ll do the usual things and analyze Lacra.”

“The usual thing? Is it understanding the other person?”

“That’s right. I’m going to close my eyes to the fact that she’s a ‘living catastrophe’ and try to understand her as an individual called, Lacra. Maya-san gave me some of her time because I want to hear an opinion from a Yugura Believer perspective.”

“I see, I understand.”

“For me, anything is fine as long as Shosho-sama feed me.”

“Lacra, do ‘seiza’ on the chair.”
[TN: Seiza is one-way of sitting in japan, It is the position where you folding your legs underneath your thighs, while resting the buttocks on the heels. (It painful to sit this way for a long time)]

So first, I asked about Lacra’s history.

Lacra Salph, 25 years old woman, and also single. She was picked up at an orphanage that run by Yugura in Mejis.

Lacra liked to interact with others, but when the relationship deepened to a certain extent, then the other person began to avoid her.

The specific reason was that since in the orphanage, Lacra caused some ‘incident’ that involved the people around her.

However, She was not ignored or bullied, and she grew up while always having a moderate friendship with the others.

After leaving the orphanage, she became a priest working at the cathedral, the sanctuary of Yugura Religion. The reason why she aimed to become a priest was that she was interested in it after being told that she had more qualities by the priests she met in the past.

However, she was not good at work that need one’s precision and was desperate every time it came to the office work, she was avoided by her colleagues, and her boss always angry at her, so she was devoted to practical training to escape from all of that. And so, She learned a lot of magic.

The first person to notice Lacra’s ability was Archbishop Ukka, who witnessed her training and noticed her talent, so he took her as his disciples. However, Archbishop Ukka was usually busy making connections with others and had little time to gave a direct guidance to Lacra.

『”If you could do all of this basics, everything will be okay”, or “You could do it already? okay, then this is next”, “I’m busy, I can’t afford to always watch your training… Oh right, please practice this too.”』

Under such a short guidance, Lacra honed her ability. And she left an excellent achievement that was out of the standard in her first demon extermination, and went up to the rack of priest at once.

Still, other things than that were not good, and so she continued to be a subordinate of Archbishop Ukka without being involved in work of other Archbishops.

“Archbishop Ukka excels in connections but lacks other talents. But he’s working hard to bring other part of him to the bare minimum level. It’s the result of that effort that he can be an Archbishop, even if most of his abilities are just average. “

“Just like Lacra, he is a person with talent in one area. But, unlike Lacra, he’s not an airhead.”

“Yeah, but when he get cocky, he’ll make a mistake. That part of him is similar to Lacra.”

Although he was a hard worker, he was a person who was easily get cocky…. Was it because he knew the taste of success so he developed that trait? But even Lacra who hasn’t even succeeded, already this bad….

“So Boy, could you analyze and understand Lacra?”

I looked at Lacra. Due to the seiza-style of sitting, her legs were numb and fall down to the ground.

“Well, well, this is just a hypothesis. Lacra is a type that can’t handle multiple things, but can concentrate on one thing to the limit.”

… Hmmm, It’s close to the things called Asperger’s syndrome in my original world. Although it’s a condition where the level of disability affects communication skills, Lacra’s interpersonal skills are not different from ordinary people. It’s more like ‘It’s similar but also not at the same time’.

But, her talent said to be special. And her life until this point was the result of making good use of it.

“You see, there are multiple processes when you do work. And Lacra tended to lose concentration when the process keep changing.”

When Lacra came to Illias’ house and I asked her to clean, she screamed several times. This happened during the work, but there was some interval between the screams.

It was a trouble that every time Lacra switch between work like sweeping the floor, cleaning the dust with a mop and giving some maintenace to the tools. However, she carried out each process well. I saw the room and it was cleaned very carefully.

In addition, it has been confirmed that at the “Dog’s bones”, she was so concentrated on the party that she cannot control her drinking.

“The teachings of Archbishop Ukka were also effective. Instead of letting her do multiple things at once, he wait until she mastered one thing before moving on to the next one. So Lacra learned all the magic in a short period of time, and, every magic ended in the high-level one.”

“Well, but isn’t it strange that she also excels in combat with that reasoning? You see, in actual battles, you have to take various actions, not just monotonous action, right?”

“That’s where you can see that Lacra is growing properly. Lacra continued her monotonous training and adapted her various skills to the same level as if it was her own limbs. Then for Lacra each step in a battle, it’s just like moving her own limbs. In other words, it can be said that she just concentrate on one thing, and that is the ‘battle’ itself. “

If the way she train was not good enough, Lacra would have caused a catastrophe even in the actual battle, since she would recognize that it was an action that need a combination of multiple processes. However, Lacra, who escaped from the devastation of office work experience, devoted herself only to training and mastered each step perfectly.

And Archbishop Ukka’s short guidance policy was also perfect for her. As a result, each step learned was combined to one action, and it became possible to concentrate the battle.

“Maybe, if she was asked to switch between attack and support each time during battle, Lacra will immediately self-destruct. And they probably didn’t instruct such a things. So Lacra who was able to concentrate on the battle more than other was able to produce results.”

“I see. So there’s a need to give her work based on that?”

“Yes, if you leave her to a one simple action endlessly, she should be able to move more efficiently than others.”

Maya-san was thinking for a while, then she brought a sewing tool as if she came up with something. The tools she brought was embroidery tools.

“If what the boy said is true, So I just need to let you focus on one thing, right? Lacra, try to do keep doing this for a while.”

After that, She handed the embroidery set to Lacra and showed the picture of the design…. Hmm, what building that have such an artistic design?

“Oh, it’s the cathedral! So I just need to make this, right?”

Lacra started to work immediately. From the stage of passing the needle through the thread, the surrounding tools were dropped to the ground a few times, but after starting the actual work, the work was done silently.

No, not only that, it eneded fast, it was to the level of ridiculous. It was slow at first, but then the thread was swimming on the cloth at the speed of sewing with a sewing machine. I mean, she was not even seen the drawings anymore. Soon after, the beautiful embroidery as designed was completed.

“I’m done!”

“…..I see, it’s amazing.”

“There is a drawback that you can not do normal work, but depending on how you use it, you can do the work of several people by yourself.”

However, It not that Lacra’ airhead was cured. It’s not a

“If this is the case, I think I can think of a job that can be left to Lacra.”

“Is that true!? Ah, but I wish I could always be fed by Shosho-sama like in my current life…”

….This girl was mentally corrupt. Not only she lacked in concentration, she also has a short-circuited brain and ‘I want to always live comfortable’ mentality.

Therefore, there was a time when she used the Charm Magic that even though she recognized it as something unpleasant but she still did that because it was easy, and she was also not giving any of her opinion when searching for books

…. This, This alone, I can’t always let it pass, especially in front of Wolfe.

“Illias, collect the rent and food money from today. I’ll pay for Wolfe. So, get rid of those who can’t pay.”

“Shosho-sama!? Won’t you pay for me too!? Aren’t we best buddies!?”

“Shut up, I won’t pay for your living expenses and rent even if we become a married couple!”

“You’re kidding me, right!? If we became a married couple, at least pay for my rent!”

Lacra was thus able to get a job again in the Yugura church. However, Maya-san refused to shelter Lacra, and in the end the airhead priest still stayed at Illias’ house.

I presume that Maya-san kicked out Lacra because she essentially felt that Lacra was mentally ill.


“I see, I felt something not good from Lacra from a long time ago, but that was true huh.”

In a break after learning about another world, I told Marito about Lacra’ history. Though it was thin, Marito may have felt the corrupt side of Lacra.

“I was worried that the words you gave her were a bit harsh. At first I thought it was the same as Lady Ratzel, maybe you were just on good terms with her, but somehow I felt that it was kind of shady.”

“Oh, that’s true… I’m sure it’s similar to me, but there was a slight difference in treatment…”

“Really? I wasn’t aware of that.”

When I was being told like that, I remembered that the way I speak to Lacra changed after I felt her ‘not good’ side.

I think I felt it instinctively, but when I thought about it again, it seemed that my sensor against other people was still working properly.

“Anyway, this place is good.”

I was always suffocating to be indoors, so I was taking a walk in the garden inside the castle. Not only the size but also the degree of maintenance was really wonderful, and I can feel that I was in some Western Countries.

“Right? It’s my garden that I proud of. That even an amateur could understand the craftsmanship.”

“Yeah, on Earth, it’s a lot like the large gardens of the Western…. West continent. I’ve seen some of the world’s most beautiful gardens, but this garden is not lose to them.”

“Right, Right? But by the way you said it, it sound like you can’t see a garden like this in your country?”

“Yeah, in Japan, there are many gardens that value its imperfectness rather than its gorgeousness. It makes you feel the satisfying but lacking beauty from the simpleness but imperfect scene in front of you.”

“So, it’s not that everything will be count as good as long as it’s gorgeous. I think it’s like pushing out that aspect so that even when the flowers don’t bloom, the garden is also look good.”

“That kind of thoughts is good enough. In fact, if you look at it with your own eyes, I’m sure, you will leak a voice of admiration too.”

After all, the goodness of a Japanese rock garden can only be conveyed by looking at it on the spot, rather than explaining it in words.

I had seen the scene of making a Japanese rock garden pattern in the media before, but I hope that I could remember it a little more better… Sure, I don’t think I can imitate it overnight, but I may have been able to convey how it looked like.

“There is another thing called, ‘Bonsai’, it was something like growing small trees in pots. Recreating outdoor trees in small pots is a very pleasurable thing to do in old age.”

“That’s interesting. Can you make it indoors?”

“I think it’s okay as long as the sunlight enters, but… In this world, Mana can be a source of nutrition and can be used as a substitute of it.”

“I see, it seems interesting to give your own Mana to grow plants. There are rare plants in the forest where the Black Wolf tribe lives. I wonder if I can get it for myself next time.”

“It would be difficult to grow it in a different environment. Ah, the trees that lived in the “Black Demon King’s Killer Mountain” were particularly beautiful. The trees that seemed to be made of crystal were especially glowed beautifully at night.”

“I’ve heard it in the folklore, but I’m reluctant to get it. It’s a mountain of death with no one to come back to life. If I send the knights just to pick it up, I’m sure my reputation as a King may decline.”

A mountain inhabited by a Slime that unilaterally preys on things with mana. So it could be said that to get the plants there equal to kill the person who go there…. Somehow I feel it’s something close to the five challenges of Princess Kaguya.

If you were a human without Mana, the threat will be reduced to some extent, but I didn’t want to be the one to go. So, only children that were qualified to do that in this world, but surely a King who forces them into a life-threatening adventure will not have a long life in his Kingdom.

“But, as I thought I want to see it at least once. It must have been wonderful, right!?”

“Yeah, it was the scenery of this world that I saw for the first time, but it was such a fantastic place that I could feel at a glance that it was definitely something could be found in a different world.”

Marito was deeply envious. And Illias who was quietly watching both of us who were excited about the story of plants. Everyone can tell the difference in the atmosphere around her and us at a glance.

“Illias, you looks bored.”

“Well, I know they’re having fun. I just don’t really sympathize to the topic.”

“Lady Ratzel doesn’t know how good the trees and nature are, but there are times when you loves flowers, right?”

“No, that’s… Ah, there was a time when I think that weapons were eye-catching and I can’t helped but fell love with it!”

After a while of silence, Marito looked sad when he looked at her face. Perhaps I also has a similar face.

“Right, each person has different taste…”

“That’s right …”


In front of Illias, who leaned her head, I kept in mind to teach Wolfe the beauty of nature.

Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 17

17. Chapter 17

Leafa, a black girl who has left the place leaving only a mystery about her.

She was talking about the real thing or something like that, and it worried me, but no matter how much I thought about it on the spot, I couldn’t get an answer.

“More than I expected, you were able to fight quite well huh, Kaito-kun.”

At the bar table, which was run in the guild, Laila-san, who looked a little excited, said that.

Fran-san, who was with her earlier, went somewhere because he had something else to do, but Laila-san, who was normally free, she planned to stay here until the time when my second exam started.

By the way, regarding the results of the first examination, No. 4 and No. 5…. only me and Leafa were posted on the bulletin board as the candidates who passed.

“To tell the truth, when I ran away from Orochi because I relied too much on the Physical Strengthening Magic, my body was tattered after that.”

“Eh? So it wasn’t the wound that Orochi did to you…”

Well, I were seriously injured, so it can’t be helped if she would mistake it for an injury caused by being attacked by Orochi.

“Umm… If you were attacked by Orochi, it wouldn’t be strange if your body splitted into five parts. So, in the end it’s not a bad end, but… If you didn’t come, the Kaito might have been dead for sure.”

If that happened, I’ll look stupid as I died because of my own fault…

“But if you can pass the first exam, it could be said that you’ve already passed all the test.”

“Is that so?”

“You know that the second exam is an interview, right? That’s when your character and aptitude will be judged, but I think Kaito-kun has no problem on that part at all.”

I was secretly nervous when I heard that it was an interview, but the words of encouragement made me feel a little less nervous.

“What question did they asked to Laila-san?”

“Me? Hmm… My name, what did I want to do as an adventurer….. Well, the question itself wasn’t that difficult? Oh, but it depends on the person in charge of the interview. You see, Rick-san seems to be asked a lot of ridiculous questions.”

“That person?”

He was a strong person.

At least, I can’t win even if he fight while doing a handstand.

While I was recalling the battle with him, Schiff (Black Cat), calls out to Laila-san.

“How strong is he really?”

“He’s strong enough to be in the top five. If you limit it to swordsmanship, he might be the strongest.”

Schiff noded to Laila-san’s words.

“… Kaito, if it’s you passed all the exam and became an adventurer, it might be good to ask him to teach you about sword.”

“Hmm… will he accept my request?”

“You don’t know if you don’t try to ask him first. It’s also a good idea to make a request without hoping too much.”

That’s true… Well, let’s just try it.

But… before that, I have to pass the second exam though.

『To the examinee no.4, Leafa Wulgaru, and examinee no.5, Kaito Arihara, who passed the primary examination today. The preparation for the second exam is ready―――』

Perhaps the time had passed while I was talking, I heard a voice calling my name from the receptionist.

“Kaito, let’s go”

“Oh, then Laila-san. I’ll go because I was called.”

“Yeah, do your best.”

While waving my hand to her, I headed to the reception with Schiff (Black cat), and Lime, who was sleeping because of the previous test.

When I confirmed my name at the reception, I was instructed to go to the waiting room where I was first guided, so when I moved to the waiting room as I was told…



Leafa was already sitting in a chair in the waiting room and had finished the reception before I knew it.

She was still wearing the hood, but when she look at me, somehow she looked relieved.

“….Hmm, I want to ask about why you said that I’m the real…”

When I tried to talk to her to ask the continuation of that topic, the door I had just entered opened, and a woman who seemed to be a guild employee came in from the outside.

“Oh, have you finished your preparation already? It’s a little early, but the guild is ready, so let’s start the interview.”


“…..I’m always ready.”

Well, it was impossible to ask Leafa at that moment.

“Then, first … Kaito Arihara. You will be interviewed first, so please follow me. Oh, familiars cannot participate, so please have them wait in this room.”

Hmm? So I’m first?

Neither Schiff nor Lime could attend the interview, so I had them wait in the room and I was taken by a female staff member to the room for the interview.

“Come in.”

In front of the door of the room, I tried to take a deep breath again and calm myself down, but, the female staff member opened the door and urged me to enter.

….Oh, it’s different from the interview I expected.

When I entered the room thinking so,

“Yo, you did your best.”

“Huh? Berce-san?”

There were chairs and a long wooden table.

And Berce-san, the head of this guild, sat on one of the chairs, with a gentle smile.

“For now, just take a seat.”

“I, I understand.”

I never thought that the guild chief himself was the interviewer, so I sat down in a chair in a daze.

“First of all, congratulations on passing the primary exam.”

“Tha-thank you very much.”

“I heard that you had a good fight against Rick. He was also complimenting you.”

The compliment made me embarrassed.

It was really different from the interview I had in mind. No, it was my mistake to think the interview of my original world.

“This time around, I had to interview you myself. Oh, you don’t need to be so tense. You just have to answer the questions I’m about to ask.”

“I, I understand.”

Berce-san, who smiled bitterly at me, who still looked stiff, started the interview with a soft tone.

“First of all… Ah, that’s right …”

The content of the question was so simple.

It wasn’t difficult to answer what I wanted to do as an adventurer, what I thought about this kingdom, and it was mostly a question that was not hard to answer, but some of it like, ‘What is your favorite food?’, was actually quite hard for me to answer.

“Yeah, that’s all for the interview.”

“… Hmm? Just like that?”

“It sounds simple, but each and every one of these questions makes a lot of sense. Overall, I can measure your personality and your suitability for an adventurer.”

……So, is it like a psychological test?

I didn’t know the standard in this world, so I worried that I might given a strange answer.

….Anyway, does this mean that my interview is over?

“Originally, it ends here … but I have another question just for you.”


“Kaito, answer the questions I’m about to ask honestly.”

“I.. I understand…”

The interview should have ended, but Berce-san was giving off a more tense atmosphere.

i fixed my posture and gulped.

“Your name is Kaito Arihara. Is that correct?”

“Hmm? That’s … that’s right?”

“Is it really true? It’s not a pseudonym?”

“Ye-yes. It’s an important name I got from my parents.”

Why were he questioning about my name?

Sure, I gave Leafa a pseudonym, but the name Kaito Arihara was definitely my name.

When I answered that without any doubt, Berce-san held down his forehead and said, “I see…”, in a low voice.

“To tell the truth, I had a premonition.”

“What is it?”

“A mere boy cannot enter the ruins of Orochi, which is bounded by magic tools. If it is not a malfunction of the magic tools, So it sound like you’re not entering the ruins by yourself from the beginning. So, it’s natural to think that you was at the ruin from the beginning.”


…So, my lie has been exposed to Berce and his friends!?

Sure, I’d some circumstances that I can’t casually speak to others. But, it was true that I deceived him.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you or anything like that. Rather, I just want to understand your situation better.”

“My circumstances?”

I tilted my head to Berce-san who smiled gently.

“Kaito-kun. Do you know about The Hero Summoning?”

“Ye-yeah, I was taught about it the other day.”

I remembered it well because it might have something to do with us.

Certainly, the hero of the kingdom we has been selected by now, but the name has not been revealed.

“The Hero Summoning took place in this Kingdom and the Philgen Kingdom a while ago, and two heroes were chosen. I have not been informed about the hero here, but the Information about the hero of the Philgen Kingdom was disclosed to some extent due to some circumstances.”


I was not so stupid that I can’t tell anything after he talked that much.

Hero Summoning, and my name….. No, not just my name, but the reason why he wanted to confirm my name…


Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 40

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40. Club activities tour

After all the lessons were over, Sumita-sensei gave some announcement then he left the classroom.

Then, I stretched my arms and loosened my body, while thinking ‘Hmmm, today’s class is over.’.

However, I planned to see around the club activities after school, so I didn’t go home yet.

As I was preparing to leave the classroom thinking where I should go, the aristocrat duo, Shino-san and Yuzuka-san, called out to me.

“Kohaku-kun, I’ll send you back, so why don’t you go home with me?”

Apparently, it was an invitation to go home together, but today I must refuse because I still have a business to visit some clubs.

“I’m sorry, I’m thinking of going to see around the club activities today.”

“Oh, club activities, if we weren’t busy after school, we might have joined the same club as you…”

Shino-san was depressed and dropped her shoulders. Then, Yuzuka-san was comforting her with a bitter smile when she saw Shino-san being depressed.

“It can’t be helped. We have a lot to study for our future.”

Apparently, they needed to learn something about noble….. it sound difficult…

Then they said, ‘See you tomorrow’, and went home. When I was about to leave the classroom, I felt a gaze on my back. I looked back and checked the inside of the classroom, but I couldn’t find any particular change. I left the classroom thinking it might be just my hallucination.

First of all, I was wondering where to go, so I took a look at the pamphlet I received when the club activities did some introduction to the new students. Many club names were listed there. Even after I saw for a lot of time, as expected it’s still a lot….. It was hard to narrow down where to visit. However, I’d decided the club activities that I wanted to see first. Yeah, it was the popular sport club, the Super Arts club, and probably also the pride of this school. I might not join the club, but… I’m very interested in it, and……. I’m sure Minori-san joined the club already. Maybe I can see when she’s fighting.

With that in mind, I went to the place where the Super Arts Club was located.

But then, I felt that there was a sound came from behind me, so I looked back, but there was nothing….. I think it’s really just my hallucination…

After walking for a while, I finally arrived. And once again, I felt that this school was really large. However, it may have been good for me, as I could see the other clubs while walking here……. The tennis club looked fun.

Then I saw where the Super Arts club did their activities. It was divided into two places, one was a facility where you can do full-scale things and also called the Arena, and the other was an place to hone your basic martial arts, it was the first Martial Arts Hall. I can’t visit the one with the machine equipment, so I took a look at the first Martial Arts Hall.

However, even if I go normally, I can imagine that because I was a boy, they would be distracted by me, so I just took a peek. Fortunately, the door was open for ventilation, so there was no problem for me to took a little peek.

I approached the door and looked inside quietly so as not to be noticed by the others. The Martial Arts Hall was lined with mats to absorb shocks, and many people were doing activities at that place.

“Wow, there was a lot of people doing sparring there… Oh, what a great vigor…”

As I was observing while muttering such things, I heard the voices of people near the door.

“Hey, look over there.”

“What? Oh that girl huh…”

“Yeah, it’s the ‘Instant-Kill Demon’.”

“That girl has won all the games so far, right?”

“Yeah, but more than that, all killed in seconds…”

“She’s definitely going to enter class A…”

“… I think so”

“I’m envious, if you enter class A, you can use the machine equipment of the arena casually~”

“Damn! I can’t lose to her!”

….It seems that they do some classifying to the new recruit. And it seems that people with nicknames that are likely to come out at the end of the century are strong. When I checked what they were looking at, there was a neat beauty and a person with short hair preparing for their spar.

Yeah, it was Minori-san… From the thing that I heard, one of these two seems to have that dangerous nickname, but somehow……. I think it’s probably Minori-san.

Oh, it started.

The first person to move was a short-haired person who did the left jab quickly. However-san, Minori-san grabbed that person arm and pulled it! Then, when the opponent lost the posture, she punches the opponent’ chin from below with the bottom of her palm, and while grasping the opponent’s throat, she turned him over and slammed that person against the mat.

Minori Slam

………The movements was like a flowing combo…..Hmm? Is that person going to be okay? It took a few seconds, but I was wondering if the person with short hair was going to be safe after all of that. And I instinctively asked the person who was near the door.

“Excuse me, is that person gonna be okay?”

Both of them were surprised because I talked to them so suddenly.

“Eh, eeeeh? A boy? Why are you in here?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. The door was open, so I was planning to just take a peek. Anyway, is that person gonna be okay?”

They was kind of upset about my sudden appearance, but I managed to answer the question. 

“Oh, the equipment wrapped around her arm as a cushions to the shock, so it’s not serious as it looks, so that person gonna be okay.”

One person said that and showed something like a black band wrapped around her arm. And the other person pointed her finger to sparring scene. At the tip of her finger, there was a scene where the short-haired person who had been knocked down earlier reached out to Minori-san and got up.

I felt relieved at the sight. And I really thought that watching it on TV and watching it directly felt different, and in addition to that, if you play a match with special equipment for it, the impact will be even more powerful! So it was no wonder that the impact you get by watching it directly could made it a popular sport.

“Well, if you want to see, should I prepare a chair or something?”

One of the people I talked to earlier suggested that as if she cared for me.

“Oh, well, I’ve already see enough, so I’m going to leave soon.”

I thanked them and left the Martial Arts Hall.

… And in my mind, I think that….. I should not try to offend Minori-san from now on.

Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 16

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16. Chapter 16

“Hey, what does it mean?.. So, You’re not Jacob? That person just called you ‘Kaito’, right?”

When I responded to Laila’s cheers, Leafa realized that my name I gave to her was a pseudonym.

Leafa was depressed until a while ago, but her voice from behind me sound so cold and she also grabbed my shoulders quite strong.

“Hey, if you guys have a fight, both of you will be disqualified on the spot.”

Rick, who was a little frustrated, scorned me, who had a stiff face, and Leafa.

Perhaps Leafa doesn’t want to be disqualified here, she tokk a deep breath and gently released her hand from my shoulder.

“Later… I will definitely get an explanation from you later.”

A cold voice whispered in my ear, and my heart stopped for a moment.

No, no, no… will I die after this?

Will I be stabbed with a knife like the one she just used?

“Kaito, calm down. Eventually, you’ll getting caught someday, it just that you got caught now. Now, focus on the exam.”

“Ah… that’s right. I understand.”

I calmed down again and stepped toward Rick-san, while feeling the presence of Lime in my right hand.

Rick-san squinted at Schiff, who turned into a hat, and Lime, who turned into a rod.

“I’ve been an adventurer for a long time, but it’s my first time seeing a tamer like you.”

“…..Are there any tamers other than me in the guild?”

“Well, let’s start the test right away. Come! Come at me anytime!”

Rick beckoned and provoked me.

From my observation of his movements so far, Rick-san will tried to grasp the situation first.

If he found some movement that he need to be careful, he will then change the way he fight, but if not, like the first three people, the mock battle will end without him have to change the way he fight.

“… Schiff, Lime … let’s show him the results of the training.”

“Yeah, leave the support to me”


Then the Support Magic, “Physical strengthening”, was applied to my whole body by Schiff.

My body was full of power and my senses also sharpened.

I took a deep breath so that I wouldn’t be swallowed by the exited feeling that overflowed within me, and I glared at Rick, who was in front of my eyes….. Then, I stepped on the ground and jumped forward.


I jumped to Rick-san, who turned around and lowered his hips and held his wooden sword, he shook off the rod (Lime) with a full swing.

The wind pressure caused sand smoke to rise from the ground, but there was no other responed than that.

“Hey, is it really a support magic by a familiar? It’s too effective….. Are you the rumored one? The one who escaped from Orochi?”

“Kaito, behind!!”

At the same time as I heard Schiff’s voice, I swung the rod (Lime) around, but Rick-san lowered himself, dodged it, and sneaked into my bosom at once.

So. involuntarily I prepared for an attack to come, but Rick-san’s wooden sword handle lightly pushed my shoulder and I fall down.

“Unlike No. 4, you have no real battle experience, but…. interesting.”


“I want to see your power a little more”

Rick swung his wooden sword and took a stance where the tip of his sword pointing at me.
[TL: Imagine the stance in Kendo]

…I understood one thing just by earlier…

Sure, I have been physically strengthened, so I was physically stronger than Rick-san, but other than that, the difference was like between heaven and earth.

“Didn’t I said already? The guild is like a den of monsters, right?”

“That’s true…. That’s why, I have to try with all my might.”

“Yeah, yeah, as expected of my lord…!”

“Lime! A rod is too long! Change into a shorter weapon!”


The rod at my hand transformed into the same shape as Rick’s wooden sword.

… Sure, I don’t know how to handle a sword, but it should be easier to handle than a rod which restricted my movement, right?

“Let’s go!”

Rick and MC

This time, I didn’t jump out at once and tried to approach while checking Rick-san’s movement.

I wondered if Rick-san was going to greet me just like that…. he took the sword that I swung as if he wanted to slam me down with his wooden sword.

“He stopped it!”

“If so, I just need to put more strength, Aaaaa!!”

I knew it’s impossible to win with a frontal attack.

Still, I had to show him my qualifications to became an adventurer.

For that reason, I needed to push myself a little.


I hit the sword he held in one hand once again, but this time I tried to hit it with all my might.

But, Rick-san didn’t catch my attack with his sword, and avoided it lightly….. But! with my free left hand, I tried to chop him.

“What!? With bare hands?”

“Hmm! Hmmph!!”

“Oh, ooooh!?”

Because it was a wooden sword, and the Physical Strengthening casted over my body, it didn’t hurt at all!!!

Surprisingly, Even though Rick-san used his sword to prevent my chop, I succeeded in pushing him back with my raw strength.

While continuously putting strength in my hand, I tried to hit him with the sword on my right hand.

“Oh! It’s mostly just a push with brute force, but not bad, it was kind of a good tactic…!”

“Hands and swords!! It’s a dual wielding!!”

“You! Are you actually an airhead!?”

Despite his funny reaction, I did not let go my attack.

Rick-san was getting excited to my brute force push that seemed unusual.

“Haha, it’s a weird way of fighting! But, it’s getting more interesting!!”

“Kaito, what’s that technique!?”

“Knifehand Strike!”

….Another name of it is ‘Chop’.

For an amateur like me trying to use a pro wrestling technique was too dangerous for me and my opponent.

The technique that the professional used was done after the solid training and skills that they have cultivated… so I should not try to imitate it without training beforehand…

But, I can do one of it too.

“Keep attacking, Kaito! Don’t stop!!”

“I can’t stop yet!”

Rick-san kept using his wooden sword to parry the hit from my sword (Lime) which that has no fixed shape.

…..Looking at the battles of others, I know that I can’t compete with him using frontal attack.

“…. What a ridiculous power! It seems that the story of you escaping from Orochi is not just a lie!!”



Crack, and my sword that struck the wooden sword causing a slight crack on it.

It was clear that an adventurer called ‘Rick’ has excellent sword skills, after all the wooden sword could kept its original shape for a long lime, even though it have been hit so many times.

…However, as long as there are cracks…

“Lime! Thorns!!”


From the protruding sword, a number of thorns grew to the direction of Rick-san.

“Oi, are you serious!?”

Rick-san decided that the wooden sword alone couldn’t prevent me, so he jumped back and took a distance….but it’s still in the range!!

I pulled back the sword and pushed it out as I stepped forward.


“Flame Enchant!!”

A flame wraps around the sword, and its blade stretched at high speed.

Rick-san avoided the approaching thrust by turning around, but his expression looked like he had fun.

“So, it’s a slime that transforms into a weapon and a shape shifter that could cast Support Magic? Sure, it has a lot of applicability… But! It’s still not enough!!”

“It’s still not enough huh…”

There was no direct hit yet.

But… seeing the distance… it’s time for us to perform our tricks.

I pulled back Lime and gave instructions to Schiff and Lime while I was extinguishing the flames.

“Lime, gauntlet! Schiff, Lightning Enchant!!”


“Leave it to me!!”

In response to my voice, Lime, who sucked up my magical power, transformed from a sword into a silver gauntlet that covered my right arm.

Then, Schiff cast a Lightning Enchant to it, and a golden lightning rushed from the fist.

If I could hit him with it, it will definitely exert tremendous power, but I can’t reach Rick-san with just a fist.

That was why I conveyed to Lime, “Form of the strongest being that I fear most”.

“….Lime, can you do it?”


I didn’t understand the words.

However, feeling that my word had been affirmed, I squeezed the fist that emitting the lighting…. and released it as much as I could.

At the moment, Lime sucked up a lot of magical power from me and transformed its body greatly.

Three silver tentacles extended from my fist, and those tips were transformed into dragon-like heads, then while covered in lightning, it attacked Rick-san.

“!! That is…!!”

“Eat this! “Orochi”!!”

An absolute predator, “Three-necked Orochi”, that we encountered at that ruin.

It was a monster that easier to imagine for Lime that lived in that ruin.

“” Kyuoo “”

Two heads attacked Rick-san from left and right, and one head tried to attack him from the front.

In addition, since the lightning was scattered around each of it, it should be difficult for him to dodge all of it.

Seeing that, Rick-san squeezed his unbroken expression, but he still greeted the attack with his wooden sword that has a crack on it.

“Haha, it’s ridiculous!”

However, as expected a normal wooden sword cannot prevented all of it.

One of the heads broke the wooden sword in half.

When the other two were about to attack Rick-san directly, but I stopped Lime.

“Lime, it ’s enough!!”

When Rick-san, who was astonished and smiled a little, began to emit purple Mana from his right hand, Lime deformed and returned from the Orochi form.

“So, you’re about to make me use my Magic, huh? If I count together with No. 4, it seems that the new recruit is not all bad.”

Rick-san, who has erased the purple Mana, shifted his gaze to me who is out of breath.

On the verge of stopping the ‘Orochi’, Rick-san was trying to use some Magic, so maybe he could have managed to do something with it himself without me stopping halfway.

But for me to used a lot of Mana just to break a wooden sword….. It seems the adventurers of the guild are really all monsters.

As I was slowly adjusting my breathing, Rick-san walked up to me and tapped my shoulder.

“This is the end of the mock combat. I was surprised at the last one.”

“…..I’m sorry…”

“You don’t need to apologize, anyway it was a good fight. Kaito Arihara.”

That’s right, Rick-san, who said my name, turned to the other test takers.

“This concludes the primary exam. Don’t forget to check the results of the primary exam as they will be posted in the guild. The secondary exam will also be held in the afternoon, so be careful not to go back home immediately.”

Rick-san made that statement and left the place while stretching himself.

Finally, when I realized that the mock combat with Rick-san was over, I was so relieved that I lay down on the spot.

I was not injured….. But still, somehow I’m very tired.

“You did it, Kaito.”


“Schiff and Lime too, Thank you for your work. Aaa-, I’m really tired.”

I closed my eyes and rested my body while thanking Schiff and Lime who have returned to their original form.

However, I was glad that the special move went well.

…A technique that imitates the terrifying monster, ‘Orochi’.

It was a technique that possible because Lime knew the existence of Orochi well, but how should I named it?

“Okay, let’s call that technique, ‘Slime Fighting Style, Lightning Orochi Attack’.

“Let’s think about the name of that technique carefully later! Still, to came up with that technique during the battle… As expected of my Lord!!”

…It’s okay to decide the name of the technique now though, so why?

When I was thinking about the warm sunlight, I noticed that someone was looking into me while blocking the sunlight.

I wondered who it was, and when I opened my eyes, there was a girl, Leafa, who covered in a hood, staring into my face.


I completely forgot that the name I gave her was just a pseudonym!!

I twisted myself and tried to escape, but before that, Leafa pressed my shoulders with a force that I couldn’t think came from a girl.

“You’re strong.”

“…It, it’s not only my own power. It’s combined with the power of my familiars, Schiff and Lime too.”


I replied her with my shaking voice, Leafa narrowed her red eyes behind the hood.

“What’s your real name?”

“… Um, You see …”

“You’re not gonna lie anymore, right?”

Her red eyes, somehow it made me scared.

Even Schiff and Lime also trembled when they saw it.

“I told you a fake name. I apologize for that, but…”

“I’m aware that I was suspicious, so I’ll talk about myself. Is that okay?”

Did she realized that herself…?

If so, all of this may be not my bad in a sense.

As Schiff said, one day I was going to be exposed.

With this, I can be sure that she muttered my name might be not just a mistake…. And above all, I don’t have to call myself Jacob.

“… Kaito. My name is Kaito Arihara.”


Surprisingly, her eyes were wide open and the grip in my shoulder was loosened a little.

“I see, then you are the real ” Kaito Arihara”…”

“… Real? what do you mean by it?”


When I tried to pursue Leafa who spoke that words, Laila, who was watching the game from outside the training ground, shook her hand and ran up to us.

When Leafa saw her, she turned her back on me then she stood up silently and went somewhere.


“I don’t have time right now, so let’s talk after the second exam.”

She said so, while ignoring my voice and walking away.

“Kaito. For real, who is she?”

“… I don’t know too…”

She was saying that I was real or something I didn’t understand.

… I don’t think I can judge her completely just from her words, and it seems that there are still many mysteries about her.


Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 39

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39. Student Council of Kenran High School (Before The Entrance Ceremony) 2

Risa saw a noisy person entering the Student Council Room, a girl who was working with her in the Student Council and was also the one in the position of Vice President.

It seemed that there was something bad, But Risa thought it was not a good idea to listen to it while being massaged, so she pressed the switch to end the blissful time. She feel a little lonely when the FIR balls stopped, but first she needed to ask the girl who was walking to her.

When Risa looked at the approaching Vice President, Chika, it seemed that Chika was somehow excited. Risa sighed while thinking, ‘It might be not that important’, and talked to Chika who came nearby.

“What’s the mat…..”

“It’s bad! It’s really bad! It’s super bad! It’s ridiculously bad!”

However, before Risa finished saying the words, Chika keep bombarding her with words. And when she look Chika again, She saw that Chika was sweating a lot.

Chika told Risa in a rush, but the information that Risa got was just ‘It’s bad!’.

“I, I understand. I understand that’s it’s something bad.”

Risa had no choice but to said so …

After all, for the time being, Chika can’t talk unless she calmed down.

“Well, please, calm down. Do you want some tea?”

“Yeah! Please!”

Chika seemed to be still excited, but she seemed to have calmed down enough to made a conversation. When Risa was a little relieved about that, she put the hot water in the electric kettle into the tea pot and headed to the place where the cup was placed. As for the cups, each member of the Student Council brought their own, so Risa took out the cup that the members put in the Student Council Room and poured the tea to Chika’ cup. Sure there was a special way to make black tea more delicious, but Risa has never been so concerned about that.

Anyway, a good smell came from the poured tea. Risa brought the tea to Chika, who was still calming herself, she hoped that by smelling this scent, Chika could relaxed better.

“Here you go……”


When Risa put the tea in front of Chika, Chika immediately picked it up and drank it all at once.

“Hey! It’s still hot!”

Risa was surprised at Chika who drank it all at once so suddenly. It was still hot, and everyone should know what happens if you drink it all at once,.

“Ah! Aaah! It’s hot!”


Risa gazed at Chika, who drank the hot tea all at once and fluttered around, with pity.

Chika fluttered around for a while, and then she used the desk to help her stood up.

“Are you okay?”

“…..Well, it was really hot.”

Risa thought,’ Of course’, but she didn’t say it.

Instead, Risa asked what was going on.

“So what do you want to say?”

“Oh, yeah! You see, It’s bad!”

“Yeah, I understand that it’s something bad.”

However, although Risa know that it was something bad, she have no idea what was it……

“So, what is it?”

“Well, it’s really, it’s great, it’s just really great.”

“Yeah, I understand that it was something great.”

Risa tried to calmed down Chika, who still so exited, again and again. And finally, she managed to calm her down.

“Ah, Sorry Sorry.”

Chika apologized with a bitter smile.

Risa took a breather when she saw that Chika can finally calmed downy.

“So, what happened?”

“You see, I was just checking the document of the boys who will be entering the school next time in the staff room.”

The Student Council must also support the students, and they need to be especially careful to the delicate boys, so it was necessary to know the boys names and faces properly.

Risa wondered, ‘It seemed that she was doing that work, but what happened to her…?’

“There was a really cute boy!”

When Risa heard the words, she was disappointed. Every year, there were quite a few boys enrolled in the Kenran High, and some of them looked good.

‘Sure, that boy will be popular, so the Student Council need to be extra careful, but that’s all. After all we will not be so involved in the student of different grades.’, was what Risa thought.

“It’s different this time! When I asked the Principal about him, the boy seems to have a good personality! So, He’ll definitely be popular!”

“That’s of course.”

“Right? I think it would be difficult for him to get into any club activities peacefully, right?”

Risa agreed on that and urged Chika to continue.

“The number of students trying to join the club that the boy tried to join will increase dramatically.”

“Well, sometimes something like that might happen.”

“If that happen, it’s bad, right?”

“It’s indeed bad”

“So why don’t we ask him to join the Student Council?”

“No, the one who will be the member of the Student Council is elected by the students.”

‘Moreover, each position have already been filled in this term’, was what Risa thought.

“Well, but, but! What about ‘the helper‘ system!? Let’s use that!”

“Oh, that ‘apprenticeship‘ kind of system? But it’s mostly for students who want to help the Student Council or want to join….”

It was a kind of promotional thing for a person who was aiming to be the next member of the Student Council. They did the activity of the Student Council with the intention to let the other students knew their existence and hoped that the students gonna vote for them in the next election.

“But there is no such rule. The only thing is that the Student Council President can confirm the student’s will and appoint the student.”

“Well, but……”

“Okay, okay, but why don’t we ask first!? let’s just ask first, okay!?”

Risa then thought the matter for a while, and muttered, ‘Alright.’.

“Sure, it seems to be difficult for him to join any club activities, so maybe we can just make a suggestion to him? And, you said that he has a good personality, so he may not just cruelly rejected our suggestion….. maybe…”

When Chika heard that word, she then jumping while saying ‘Yeay! Yeay!’.

Then Risa asked Chika the most important thing that she almost forgot.

“So what’s the boy’s name?”

Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 38

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38. Student Council of Kenran High School (Before The Entrance Ceremony)

Inside a room somewhere in Kenran high school, which has a heavy wooden door, gives you an atmosphere that you can’t easily enter it. There is a plate on the door, which has the letters of ‘Student Council’, written on it.

Yes, this is the Student Council room, which was located in the center of Kenran High School.

The Student Council of Kenran High School was entrusted with considerable authority by the school. For this reason, Kenran High Schools are not so strict in terms of school rules despite the reputation of being the school that centered on students who want to go into university, but instead, students who commit major problems were often punished severely. Also, people who were selected to be part of the student council, which is entrusted with great authority, many of them were excellent people and the support from the other students was strong. Yeah, The Students Council of Kenran High School were full of students who are both capable and popular.

The Student Council room where such students work day and night was large and luxurious. First-time students who saw it were often surprised by the luxury, but all of that luxcury were not from the expense of the Student Council, but all of the furniture and other things were there because there were many students from wealthy families in the Kenran High, many high-quality tools and furniture were brought in by them self, and the people who brought them did not bring them home after they graduated. They just leave it as it was and graduated, so if you look at each one, it was surely looked luxurious, but overall it was just a room with a mixed luxurious furniture.

In such a room, the woman who was the owner of this room and the Student Council President was checking the documents while drinking tea.

The document was about the welcome greeting speech to be read at the entrance ceremony for new students a few days later.

Since She was the president of the Student Council, of course She have spoken in front of a large number of students many times, but nevertheless she was still nervous, so she can not neglect preparations, after all she was the student president, Risa Sanada.

Risa has been the Student Council President since the second semester of her first year. With her clear mind and friendly personality, she welcomed new students the previous year as well. And since new boys will also at the entrance ceremony, she can confirm the information about them a little earlier than other current students, and she secretly think it was useful.

…… But, just because she was able to see it earlier did not mean that she can make contact with them. However when she saw the new students, she wanted that both the girls and boys, who have entered Kenran High, to enjoy their high school life. And so, she always did her best to do her job to built a good school so that all of the students can have fun memories!

Only Risa was in the Student Council Room right now, and the other members were on their own holiday. After all Spring break was still going. Anyway, the preparations for the entrance ceremony were proceeding as planned, and it was almost complete. Risa didn’t have to come to school to do her preparation, but she think that there were many temptations at home and so she can concentrate on doing her job at school better. That was why she came to school during holiday. Risa quietly closed her eyes when she put tea and the document on her desk.

The inside of the school building during spring break was quiet and above all it was easy to concentrate there….. Risa put her body on the back of the chair on which she sit. Then turned on the switch. The chair gently accepted Risa’s body and moved slowly. The movement seemed to be gentle, and so Risa gently loosened her body too.

“Oh! Aa…, Aaaa~…”

The voice leaked out from Risa’s mouth. It can’t be helped since it felt so good. It was probably a luxury massage chair…. She secretly think that the former member of Student Council who left the chair was ‘God’. Needless to say, the chair was also one of the reasons why she preferred working at school. Aside from it, there was a desk in front of the chair, but that desk was rarely used for work.

Anyway, Risa’s body was massaged and loosened by the FIR balls attached to the massage chair, just like a skilled masseuse. Risa pushed a button, and this time she chose a whole body massage course. Then, the movement changed, and it massaged the calves, thighs, arms, hips, shoulders and the whole body from the soles of the feet. Risa certainly felt good as she was likely to fall asleep if she wasn’t careful.

“Oh, Aaaa~…”

When Risa is using the massage chair exclusively while the other not there, the corridor was somewhat noisy, and She felt that the sound was gradually heading toward the Student Council room.

When Risa thinks so, BANG! ,The door was opened fiercely. When Risa turned to the door, she saw a member of the Student Council. Yeah, it was the Vice President of the Student Council, Chika Katsurakawa, who stood on the entrance out of breath.

…..’She shouldn’t run in the corridor’, was what Risa thought.

More than that, Risa was wondering why Chika came to school in holiday, while enjoying the massage by the massage chair.

After Chika confirmed that Risa was inside the room. She shout in a loud voice to Risa.

“It’s bad!!”

……..’Apparently it’s something bad’.

Risa thought so while still enjoying the massage by the massage chair.

Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 37

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37. Greetings

After greeting Saki-san, I followed her and Shino-san to greet the guests who were coming to the party.

Looking over the party again, I could see some men, but mostly they were quite old.

I wondered why?…even though if the man around my age came, it was not strange at all…

“Shino-san, I haven’t see any man who is close in age, do yo know why?”

Shino answered my question with a bitter smile.

“If you bring a man that still young, without a doubt He will get many application for a marriage. so it seems that they don’t want to get into that trouble.”

I was impressed to hear that. As expected, it would burden them, so it was no wonder if the family didn’t to bring them here. Well, to put it the other way around, a man of my age who came to this kind of party, mostly they only wanted to make a connection….

When I was thinking about that, Saki-san and Shino-san were greeting the people who came to the party one after another.

The people who came to give their greeting, while talking to Saki-san, they kept glancing at me.

Saki-san, who noticed it, introduced me as her daughter’s partner, so I smiled and greeted the guest. The person who greeted me praised Shino-san, saying, “It’s amazing to have such a wonderful man as a partner.”

But! you see… The person that kept looking at me, I can guess what kind of fetish they had…..

My dress exposed my shoulders and legs a lot, so everyone looked at it from top to bottom and then glanced at their favorite place again. Perhaps they would have been kept staring at me, if Shino-san wasn’t next to me…

The most common part that they kept glancing was the legs. Probably it stood out first because the clothes were only above the knees.

Next, the shoulder, which was also exposed because of the dress design, and there was a person who kept glancing a lot on the clavicle, so she probably had a clavicle fetish.

And to be honest, I didn’t really understand what it means, but the women I met often saw it here, my chest part, as well. It was underneath the dress, and also it was not bulging like a woman…… So, does that mean the chest still have an indescribable charm? I have nothing but doubts in my mind.

The next guest was a group of three people, and unusually there was a man among them…

Or rather, I feel like there was a person who I have seen before… or rather, I was quite familiar with her.

“Hey, are you enjoying it, Seikagu-san?”

“Hello, Toukain-san. It is a nice party, and I enjoyed a lot too.”

Yes, it was Yuzuka-san and probably her parents.

Shino-san whispered me that they were Yuzuka’s parents.

Yuzuka-san, who is with them, was greeting Saki. And she looked good in her pure white dress.

However, unusually, Yuzuka’s parents seem to be in a close relationship with each other. To be honest, I have never seen a married couple who are so close to each other like them.

After the greeting was over, Yuzuka’s mother put her hand on her husband’s waist and pulled it tightly. The husband also put his hand around his wife’s waist and looked happy.

…… I felt that they were in another world.

When I was observing with interest, I was introduced to them, so I greeted them.

Then, I was kindly told that they already knew me.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Yuzuki Seikagu, and this is my husband, Kuji, nice to meet you. “

With that said, Yuzuka’s mother, Yuzuki-san, presented her slender fingers to me.

I took that hand, shook it, and then another hand extended from the side… It was her husband, Kuji-san.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Kuji Seikagu. I often hear about you from Yuzuka. “

Kuji-san said that and continued to smile.

“That’s why I honestly don’t feel like we meeting for the first time.”

When I heard that word, Yuzuka-san, who was a little behind them, called out in a hurry.

“Da, dad! What are you talking about!”

“I’m just saying that Yuzuka talked about Kohaku every day since she entered high school, so I feel like I’ve known him for a long time…”

“You don’t have to say that!!”

Yuzuka-san has a red face and teary eyes……. Hmm, I want to know what she said to her parent.

However, I was impressed with her father, Kuji-san, behavior on how he treated his wife and Yuzuka-san. His appearance was like a dandy, he had a gentle look, and the noble aura kept emanating from the body, so it was hard to not stood out.

However, because I have memories of my previous life, I can’t helped but to feel uncomfortable…

You see, Yuzuka’s father, Kuji-san, was dressed in a long purple dress…. Sure, It was not strange in this world, but because he was such a dandy person, I felt more uncomfortable seeing him in that.

I mean, I just felt that something was wrong….. You see, in my past-life, everyone will felt uncomfortable if there was a big man like him wearing pink frilly clothes when shopping at a supermarket.

However, Yuzuka’s parent seemed to be on good terms, and the parent-child relationship seemed to be good too, which was quite unusual. Saki-san also seemed to be envious of Yuzuki-san. By the way, I heard that Yuzuka-san has a younger brother, so I guessed that he was not coming today? I wondered if it was because of a marriage proposal that he will get if he came.

The adults were talking with each other, so I asked Yuzuka-san.

“Yuzuka-san, your younger brother is not coming today?”

“My younger brother? He is a little introvert, so he doesn’t come to this kind of place very often.”

Then, Shino-san replied.

“I haven’t heard much about him either.”

And she added, ‘Even though I was Yuzuka’s childhood friend…..’, with a sad face.

Then, Yuzuka with a bitter smile.

“My younger brother seems to be afraid of women other than the one from his family, so maybe Kohaku-kun can get along well with him.”

She said so…. I see, it seems that every household has their own various problems.

After that, even after parting with Yuzuka-san and her parent, the party time passed while greeting various people, and I was able to finish my role safely.


Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 19

19. Kaede’s Family

“Ka, Kaede relied on a first year kid, huh!?…..I’ve never heard of your existence!”

This was the first time I’ve learned that there was a man who called my sister by name. Besides, there were four of them. When did my sister build a reverse harem?

“Oi, First year! Say your name!”

“I’m Wataru Sajou.”

“Wataru Sajou! It’s a name I’ve never heard of….. Wait, what? “Sajou”?”

“I’m Wataru Sajou.”

All four of them were part of ‘Keade’s family’…… so, I’ll called them ‘K4’, they pursued the matter while glaring, but I replied with simplicity. From the color of the necktie, I knew that everyone were a senior from the second or third year, and I can’t think of any way to get through this situation. Well, to be honest, I didn’t care what might happen anymore.

“Sa,”Sajou”… So you’re…..”

“Please move, Todoroki-senpai”

“Ah! Oi!”

The smart and handsome looking senior from the second year came out as if to dismiss the sporty and handsome looking senior from the third year. I wonder if there was any special meaning in the gesture of him repositioning the glasses even though it was not misaligned……. Oi, please don’t say that you did that because it was just cool.

“Nice to meet you, Wataru Sajou-san. I am Kai Takuto. I’m sorry, but could you tell me the relationship between you and Kaede? “

“We live under one roof and we are compromising each other, we had that kind of relationship.”

“Why do you say something that could be misunderstood?”

Oh no! I just played a prank! Unconsciously I did that because I was so happy to hear about my sister finally having a romance story!

My sister hit my head, and while she was having an annoyed look, she stood in front of me.

“Younger brother, he is my younger brother……! Look! If you look closely, his face looks like my face ….. Hmm, it doesn’t look that similar…”


“I agree.”



That was right. No matter how many times you looked at it, we didn’t looked similar. I’d never scored my sister’s face before, but I’ve thought she was better than average. But, the one that gave me the final blow was Arimura-senpai’ friend who appeared in the case with Aizawa. I learned that my sister has won a certain number of men’s votes. It was a super shocking thing for me.

If so, there was only one thing I can do.

“Hmm, Sis. I don’t want to disturb you, so I’m going to use a different road, okay?”

“Huh? What are you saying….”

“It’s okay, you know. To have such a good looking senior and my sister close to each other, I’m proud of you, Sis. And I don’t want to hold you back.”

“No, no, like what I said… I’m not close to……”

“Then, see you later when the school is over!”

“Wait, wait a minute!”

When I tried to escape with a dash, I was caught by Natsukawa. And perhaps because she tried to grab so hard around the side of my uniform, Natsukawa’s head popped out from the gap between my right arm and armpit. And she bend my arm as it was, with that the ‘Sleeper Choke’ was completed. Well, I didn’t plan to do that.

When I was thinking about something strange like that and confused by the close distance between Natsukawa and me, I was immediately re-grabbed and glared by her.

“How dare you to leave me alone in this situation…!”

“Please, don’t stop me…! If I stay here any longer, and keep seeing the handsome guy, I’m gonna melt…!”

“Oi, Why’re you melting…! Rather than inferiority complex, you makes it sound weird…!”

Unusually, Natsukawa kept grasping me not to let me go. Her eyes told me that she was being serious.

Even though the people that I like was enthusiastically coming to me, but I wanted to go away. why? Maybe that’s because my sister was looking at me from behind Natsukawa with a scary eyes saying, “You piece of shit, be prepared later.”.

“….Then, shall all of us go together?”


My sister snorted and closed her eyes….. Sod did she forgave me?

I walked behind my sister who was walking in the middle of the road while being seen by the handsome guys with question marks. When I noticed, my sister was firmly holding the strap of the bag on my shoulder. Even Natsukawa who was walking beside me also did that. I was like a dog pulled by a leash. ‘Arf!, Arf!’.

I didn’t know what Natsukawa was thinking anymore….. is it okay for me to say that she is my girlfriend? No? Well, I know it.

“But really, I didn’t know about this at all. Neve did I thought that Kaede had a younger brother. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Why do I have to bother to tell you?”

“So cold.”

The handsome senior with delicate feature from the three year said so and put his hand on my sister’s shoulder while laughing ‘hahaha’. His height, which might be about 180 cm tall, highlighted the meaning of inequality in the world. I wish he continued to grow. Yeah. It would be nice to see him hit the banner at the entrance of the convenience store and said ‘ouch’.

“By the way, who is that girl? Maybe Kaede’s younger brother’s girlfriend…?”

“Ah! Stop, you stupid!”


The handsome and cool senior from the third year who has been watching for a long time finally began to speak. Even his voice was cool….. If I can have that kind of voice, I’ll practice cheesy lines when I’m in the bathroom. but from all of the four, he has the most decent impression……. Still, this person who suddenly dropped a dangerous bomb. My sister tried to stop him, but she failed.

“N-no! We are not…..”

“Senior, we’re not like that.”

“Oh, I see. That was my bad.”

Yeah sure, you bastard. And the remaining three people was convinced like, “Of course right”. Yeah yeah, it was easy to see why they were convinced so fast. But still, I didn’t feel good at all.

Apparently, these four are like the ‘M’ that were trained by my sister (prejudice). If someone from that four became Natsukawa’s boyfriend, I would be convinced easily too.

My sister was taking care of the free-spirited seniors, even though she seemed to be very annoyed. And she had already let go of my bag’ strap and no one was pulling it now.

Then slowly I slowed down and followed my sister and them quietly from behind.

“………Natsukawa…. I’m sorry.”

“……It ’s okay.”

I didn’t know why, but Natsukawa was always next to me. Even though it was okay if she wanted to go ahead quickly, I wonder if she has a certain consciousness of reliance towards me like what Ashida said…

Still, for now, it was kind of hard to walk together with these beautiful people, including Natsukawa.

“Ahhh… I guess we need to separate now…”


The destination after passing the entrance was different between me and my sister. My sister made a sour face while being surrounded by the handsome guys. Mysteriously, I can understand the feelings of my sister who made such a face. Perhaps my sister hated the curious gaze from the surroundings….. I’m too scared to imagine what will happen after I go back home today.

I heard the story from the handsome seniors, but it seemed that the five people including my sister were members of the student council. My sister was actually the Vice President of the Student Council. When I first heard that she joined the Student Organization, I wondered why such a violent girl was there, but now I feel like I can somehow understand. By the way, the chairman was a cool senior. And some more these people were friendly too…

My sister, who was about 30 times more ‘normie’ than the sole girl in the Otaku Club, took the ‘K4’ and left in the opposite direction to me. And Her mind turned toward the four handsome men already, and I can’t see such thing like a grudge against me. Amazing, my sister was demonstrating her “Qualities” to others. The other four were followed her like dogs that their owners love to take care of.

“… Speaking of which, Natsukawa didn’t look very happy even though she was surrounded by such handsome guys.”

“Huh!? What do you think of me!?”


“What ・ are ・ you ・ being surprised about…!”

Looking back in amazement, Natsukawa was in an angry form. It seemed that she heard my mutter. What surprised me was that Natsukawa was still behind me. I thought after she had changed her shoes and she headed straight to the classroom.

“Yo-you, you didn’t go yet….?”

“On the contrary, why do you think I’ll leave you alone here…”

“Oh, I see…”

I wanted to say, ‘Well, didn’t you said that I was disgusting?’, but I couldn’t bother to say the words. I didn’t want to be disliked by leaving a bad impression anymore……. Well, She just treated me like a person, it made me happy to see that Natsukawa was caring for me and I could not helped but to have a lewd look…… It’s late to say this now, but she’s super cute today.

Probably because there was a fuss with my sister just now, when I reached the classroom, it was just perfect before the morning assembly started. I was silent from beginning to end while walking in the corridor due to the awkwardness of Natsukawa and the busy hours. As we walked to the direction to the classroom, I remembered about the ‘Great Idol Production Strategy’…… I wonder if Natsukawa wouldn’t be able to make new friends if I were always by her side. Maybe I could say that I want stop at the toilet on the way…..

“Ah! I found you Sajo-chi!!!”


“… Kei?”

Seeing her energy, Natsukawa made a voice as if she was confused.

Ashida, who came out from the classroom, pointed at me and shouted. Then she rushed to me while screaming my pretty nickname…. here it come ‘Double edge'(Life-risking tackle)…..! Wataru used splash! But nothing happened!
[TN: Here it come another Pokemon reference…..]

“Sajo-chi! That Rin-sama is super angry!!”

“… huh?”

Wasn’t the event that happening today a little too much? It was only been less than two hours since I woke up in the morning.


Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 36

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36. The line of sight

“Hey mom! What are you saying to my Kohaku-kun!?”

Shion-san, I’m not yours.

“Ara, Shino, you were here too?”

“Didn’t you hear my voice just now!?”

Shino’s mother put her hand on her cheek and said, ‘Oh? really?’.

….I see, She has a pretty good personality.

But it was kind of rare… You see, there were many women in this world, but women who have a relationship with a man often do their best to not inviting other men, even though the men didn’t give them enough love.

…… Well, I think that the women will go if the man made the move first.

It was not like the man lost interest in that woman so the woman did that, but, it was more like stealing the women from the man… [TN: I guess that’s what we call Forced NTR]

However, although I was suddenly invited, I should still properly give my greetings, but in this case Shino-san should be the one who introduce me. But, both of them were still arguing.

“Aaaa! Why are you suddenly inviting him!?”

“Well, but I think it’s natural to do that when you see such a cute boy.”

“Yeah, he’s cute, but he’s my partner! So, don’t do that!”

“But it’s only for today, right?”


While thinking that, ‘it’s the time to stop this already’, I lightly pulled Shino-san’s clothes.

*Shino-san, I’d like to give my greetings.”


Then, Shino-san reluctantly introduced me.

“Mom, this is Kohaku Hatano, who will be my partner today.”

Shino-san introduced me to her mother, then turned into introducing her mother to me.

“And, this is my mother, Saki Toukain.”

When I finished listening to her, I smiled and said hello.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Kohaku Hatano, who will be partnering with Shino-san today. Thank you.”

“Nice to meet you too… I was surprised that Shino had an acquaintance with such a cute boy.”

“I am her classmate at school and I am getting along quite well with Shino-san.”

“…Oh my, you’re so polite too”

Shino’s mother was staring at me while thinking about something. And she continued…

“Kohaku, please call me ‘Saki’, okay? Well, then… so, how about the thing I just asked…”

She was reaching out to me while saying that.

But, Shino-san knocked her hand down with a chop when it was about to be turned around my waist.

“As what I said already, He’s mine! you can’t do it!!”

And as what I said many times, I’m not yours……. Well, I can’t said it out loud.

While seeing Saki-san, who made a ‘what a shame’ kind of look, I said

“I am honored to be invited.”

When I said that, Shino-san made a startling face like “What did you just said!?”. But, I continued to speak.

“But it’ll be rude to your husband, so I’ll refrain from doing it.”

Hearing my words, Saki-san spoke in a low voice.

“But, He just likes my money….. He only come to see me when he wants money….”

The bright air that was around her just before disappears in an instant, creating an extremely awkward air to the surrounding.

….Oh, this is that….. in game-like sentences, it’ll be like

‘Kohaku has magnificently stepped on a land mine…’

Or something similar to that.

…… Shit! I’ve done it!

Well, I knew that there were men like that in this world, Even though they could live without working because the government gave them money, but there were men who felt that the money that they received was not enough.

…..But I’ve never thought that the person who married a person from a house as big as Toukain is such a person! I thought that at least she was really choosing the man before getting married!

Shino-san also added,

“The only things I can only remember about my dad is… where my dad was receiving the money…”

…… What should I do now, not only Saki-san but also Shino-san is depressed.

…… Really, what should I really do now?

“Fo- for now!”

When I called out to them, and both of them turned their sunken faces toward me.

Then I continued to speak while pretended to not seeing that depressed face.

“Since today is a party day, let’s forget about the bad things and have fun!”

I leaned forward a little and pulled my chest part lightly.

…… I tried the so-called ‘Showing a glimpse of the Chest‘.

I thought it was a shallow idea, but I had to do this much to change the air, after all……. Men’s eroticism was a precious thing in this world.

‘Was it effective?’, While thinking like that, I tried to see what were they doing.

And what I saw was that both of them, their eyes were enthusiastically directed at my chest.

…… They’re looking at it intensely.

I was pressured by their eyes and returned my posture to normal.

……But! Their eyes were still on my chests! How long are they gonna keep watching it?

Only after I cleared my throat like, ‘Ehem!’, they finally started to move again.

“Ah, that’s right! Shino, I will go around to give my greetings, so follow me. Huft, I think so much about that in my head…… So, It’s not like I looked at the chest or something like that…”

“That’s right! It’s important to give our greetings! I’m nervous about that so much…. so It’s not like I looked at the chest!”

Hey, both of you, you guys failed to keep your composure, you know?…. Still, I’m glad that their mood became better.

….. But, seriously, what on earth am I doing here?