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Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 15

This ch is from Laila POV

15. Chapter 15

[Laila POV]

When I saw a boy called Kaito Arihara, who was one year younger than me…… Honestly, it seemed strange.

It was not because I disgusted by him, it just that I had the feeling….. that he came from a different place than where we are.

In fact, he probably came from a distant place.

He was not familiar with the letter used in here, neither about adventurers nor guilds. 

He was more rural than me, who came from the countryside, but I think he was a normal child, except the fact that he has a talking shape shifter and a slime that incorporates Mithril as his familiars.

And when I felt that my situation when I first came here almost the same as Kaito-kun’s situation, I wanted to help him.

Like the people in the guild who helped me at that time, this time I wanted to help those who need a guide.

“Laila? did you hear what I just said?”

“What? Ah, yeah, what was it again?”

Huft, please listen to the story properly.”

Fran said so while being amazed at me.

We were now watching the exams taking place today to select new adventurers from the audience seats that were built around the training ground.

“This time the examiner is Rick? Laila, maybe… it might be tough for Kaito.”

“Rick-san huh. Well, that person is strict.”

Currently, the examiner Rick was fighting against the third person already, this time was a young spearman.

『”Hah! Take this!”』


Rick-san didn’t even use his wooden sword against the attack of a young man wielding a spear with all his might.

The young man’s facial expression gradually turned pale because Rick-san could read all of his attack and stopped his attack easily using his bare hand.

Rank gold.

In the four stage of the adventurer rank, it was the second from the top rank.

The Rank Gold adventurers will be able to take on important missions and high-risk subjugation missions. So their abilities were not average.

Even if Rik-san was not serious, it was still a tough test that can never be passed by just using your sheer strength.

“…….enough. You can stop.”

When he said so to the young man who was out of breath and kneeling, he shifted his gaze to the next candidate.

So far, three out of five test takers couldn’t even hit Rick-san.

Even if the attack couldn’t hit Rick-san, it might be a different story if they had enough “Qualities” to at least made Rick-san fluster… but unfortunately they must be dropped at the first test.

“So, only the one wearing hood and Kaito left?”

Kaito-kun, who was probably told by Schiff to keep an eye on him, and a mysterious person who was observing Rick’s battle next to him.

From the line of the body, that person might be a girl who was not so old like me, but she has a strange atmosphere surrounding her.

Even the one who belong to the guild, did not know the information of the participants, so no one really knew who that person was.

“Oh, it seems that the kid wearing hood will go.”

After Fran said so, I looked toward the training ground, and I saw the mysterious person with a knife walked in front of Rick-san.

As expected the person still wearing the black cloak, so it seemed that she will fight without taking it off.

She made a low stance and one of her hand was on the ground. In the next moment, she went to Rick-san while trying to slash him.


“That person is not average.”

The knife was flowing smoothly and pointed exactly at Rick-san’s vital spot.

Rick-san responded to all of them, but his expression was more serious than before.

『”The speed and accuracy are perfect. What a talent.』

『”…! Damn!!”』

The dull sound of a wooden sword pairing the iron knife echoed in the training ground.

The fight of the two were already faster, even more, each attack of that person was heavier than the previous test takers.


“Wow, what a loud shout.”

“And that person, the way she fight is like a wild beast.”

A roar that seemed to be came out from the instinct and a beast-like movement.

It were definitely a fight that like when a beast lost its composure, but still… she was strong.


Perhaps the mysterious person realized that it wasn’t possible to just slash normally, she jumped far back and put her hand in her pocket, then she took out three knives and threw them at Rick-san.

At that time, her eyes that were hidden behind the hood glowed red.

Then, as soon as she landed….. she disappeared as if she jumped into the shadow of her own feet.

“She disappeared….?”

Fran, who was next to me, muttered so in shock.

And I was surprised and unable to speak, the shadow of Rick-san’s feet shimmered, and she appeared there in an instant.

Short-range movement using the Shadow.

She tried to slash Rick-san’s unprotected back using knife.

But, the moment the tip of the knife hits directly…..

『”Not that fast”』


The knife slashed the air as Rick-san lowered his body.

She tried to chase after him while revealing her upset, but before that Rick-san tripped her leg and she lost her posture.

And the tip of a wooden sword pointed to her who was about to get up immediately.

Although she looked at Rick-san with a regrettable look, on the other hand, Rick-san has a satisfied face.

『”Enough. No. 4, I understand your power. You seems to be accustomed to the actual battle, but you leaves it to your anger too much.”』


『”I don’t know if it’s because of your nature or not, but it’s definitely a drawback to you.”』


She stood up without grasping Rick-san’s hand and returned to Kaito-kun without saying anything.

Kaito-kun was listening to Schiff, who was in a black cat state, while tilting his head.

“So she passed”

“That’s right. Huft, it seems that a talented child is likely to come in.”

That knife’ slash and throw.

I wonder whether she was an assassin or something like that? In the first place, it was definitely not a movement that normal human can do.

I was also wondering why she hid her face, but when she became an adventurer, someday I’ll know.

“That Magic just now, was it a Magic to move to the shadow in your sight?”

“Although the range is limited, it seems to be easy to use. And….. maybe she still hide something else.”

I agreed with Fran’s words.

At least she wouldn’t showed all her cards.

“The way she fight is like the real beast.”

She have technique.

She have experience.

However, she clearly lost her composure in the crucial battle.

In fact, even after the battle with Rick was over, she went to Kaito-kun side while she was still breathing roughly……

“Hmmm? What?”

When she returned to Kaito-kun side, she regained her composure in instant.

She should have been still lost on her emotions, but she has returned to her sanity as if nothing had happened. Even she herself surprised by that.

Then her gaze was directed at Kaito-kun, who was nervously talking to Schiff next to him.

『”It’s the last. No.5, are you ready? “』


And, it was finally the test time for Kaito-kun.

Well, if I thought about it again, it might be difficult to pass Rick’s exam.

When I saw him calming down with a small deep breath before heading to Rick-san, somehow I felt nervous too.

“Does Laila know the way Kaito fight? Will he be okay?”

“Ah, hmmm, that’s…”


I diverted my gaze awkwardly at Fran’s words.

Well, I helped with his training.

Sure, I helped him, but I didn’t really know how powerful he is.

“I knew only a little about how Kaito-kun fight because I was asked to help with his training a few times….. Well, I found some free time and went to see him. But every time I went to see him, either he was stuck with muscle pain in his whole body or he was running around the city.”

“Muscle pain on whole body……”

“You see, I also forced Nito-chan, who can use healing magic, and bring her to his place? But the timing always bad.”

The most shocking thing was when I saw Kaito-kun, who was cursed by Schiff and was crying and went crazy in the city.

The sight of Kaito-kun was getting his face wet with tears as Schiff that didn’t look cute like usual, swearing and taunting him was not that strange for the past few days.

“Anyway, all I know is that Kaito-kun is a tamer who fights together with his familiars and has been working hard for the last two weeks.”

“If so, we have to see his fight.”

I nodded to Fran and saw Kaito-kun.

After Schiff confirmed that he had calmed down, Schiff jumped off the ground and turned into a hat.

Kaito-kun, who grabbed the spinning hat, reached for the Mithril slime, Lime, on his shoulder when he touched it, he shook his arm as if pulling something out.

Then, the body of the silver slime, Lime, stretched and contracted, turning into a club about two meters long.

“….. Hey. You just said that Kite fights together with familiars….. But, hmmm, in my eyes, it looks like Kaito himself is the one who will fights.”

“Well, hmmm…”

Aside from the Schiff…. Lime has become like a weapon!?

Wait, maybe because it was Mithril slime, so its body must be as strong as or stronger than Mithril, so it was a perfect weapon!? But still, Kaito-kun, you were going to wield it yourself!?

I stood up on the spot, raised my voice to Kaito-kun, and said words of support in order to ran from Fran’s gaze.

“Ka, Kaito-kun! Good luck!!”

When I cheered on him, he laughed happily as if my voice had reached him and then he returned my cheers by waving his hand.

It was a genuine support from me. Rick-san was glaring at me, but I didn’t care about that.

The fact that he was waving his hand to me, somehow it made me happy, but….


『”….… !?”』

The mysterious person grabbed Kaito’s shoulders from behind, and his expression stiffened.

MC, Leafa, and Laila

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