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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 31

31. Body Touch

On my way to school in the morning, I was thinking about something.

It was something about the girl from my previous life.

There were various types of girls who were popular with men in my previous life.

Good-looking girls, charming girls, cheerful girls, sexy girls, these types of girls were popular. But there were girls who were more popular than these girls. And they had a skill in common.

…… That was, ‘Body Touch’.

They used that skill to took down the man! A man who has been touched was made aware of the woman who has touched him, and by being touched, he lost his sense of caution and raised his affection toward the woman. And at that time the man’ mood became better and he might started to think like this.

‘She cares about me’….. or something like that.

It was one of a woman’s charm techniques.

But sadly, women also used this technique to the men that she didn’t even like. And the man who was took the hit from that technique also thought that she was interested in him, yeah, like what I said before. And, the man gathered his courage to confess to the woman.

And the woman said….. ‘I’m sorry, but I don’t have any feeling toward you’…..

No, that was not from my experience!

……Well, it was such a terrifying technique, but you see, I didn’t use that kind of technique in this world.

Actually, I’d always wanted to do it, but every time I tried, in the end I hesitated.

The reason was based on the memory of my past life. This ‘Body Touch’ was okay if it was from a woman to a man, but on the contrary, when it came from a man to a woman, it immediately labeled as sexual harassment.

……..That’s horrible, right!?

Sure if I did that, it might be not treated as sexual harassment in this world, but the word ‘sexual harassment’ came to my mind every time I tried to do that, and I became embarrassed, so that’s why I didn’t use it until now… No, I couldn’t use it!…..But it was a waste not to use it even though I knew it’s effective, right!?

When I was walking while thinking about that, I was just near the bakery “Wheat Village”.

There was a clerk cleaning in front of the shop. I always passed the shop on the way to the station because I went to school by train, but I always saw that clerk. Well, I was not a stranger anymore, so I always said hello in the morning, but…. let me try to do that on her.

When I thought so, the clerk noticed me.

“Ah, good morning. Today, it’s nice weather too!”

She greeted me with a familiar voice.

“Good morning, Today too, I see that you are cleaning from the morning.”

“Ah, this is because I want to see Hatano-kun.”

Yeah, As what I expected. But now, I’ve been waiting for that word.

“Ahaha, well, well, I see that you’re good at flattery.”

I said so and gently touched the clerk’s shoulder area.

Then, the clerk kept staring at the area that I touched as she stiffened for a moment.

“Hmmmm, what’s wrong?”

I talked to the clerk while thinking that I might have failed.

“Is this …… means, you want me to lick your legs?”

“What happened? And why did those words come out?”

The clerk said something strange with a serious face, so I forgot to speak politely.

Then, perhaps she noticed her own strange remark, she made a surprised face.

“I’m sorry! It was my first time to be touched by a man, so I was a little excited.”

But still, that remark was strange just because you were excited, you know….

“But now I know! That you might became dizzy after being touched by men.”

“Dizzy…… Was it unpleasant?”

“No way! It was not unpleasant at all! If I can make a request, I want you to take your time slowly when doing that!”

Somehow, her remarks sounded a bit suspicious….. Anyway, the body touch was accepted favorably.

As expected, this kind of act was acceptable in this world, and she was kind of pleased with it….. Maybe I should use it little by little from now on.

“Well then, I need to go now…”

“Yes, see you again!”

The clerk waved her hand to me. But, seriously, what kind of things did the clerk were thinking to came to the conclusion of licking my legs?… It was a mystery ……

After that, I arrived at the classroom without anything weird happened other than being seen by Seimei High’s students with disdain…… Well, that kind of eyes were now part of my everyday life. I was not happy because I was not a ‘M’. But if you need to took this kind of gaze every day… it was no wonder that the boys of Kenran High were always in a bad mood. Well, there was nothing more annoying than that in the morning.

As soon as I arrived at the classroom, opened the door, and the moment I went inside, a morning greeting came to me.

“Good morn..…”

“Good morning!”

It was Shino-san who greeted me, and I felt like I heard someone’s voice before her, but maybe it was just my imagination?

“Good morning Shino-san”

“Hmmm, Kohaku-kun, you see, actually, I have a request I would like to ask you.”

When I returned the greeting, Shino-san said that with a serious face, and it seemed it was something difficult to say.

“A request? Well, okay, let me hear it.”

“Really!? Then, Let’s talk somewhere else.”

Shino-san went out of the classroom. I also went out after her. The scene of the classroom that I saw when I left was that the chairman, no, the former chairman was comforted by Saegusa-san.

………What happened?


5 thoughts on “Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 31”

  1. I feel kinda bad for the girls who followed him from his old school. They’re up against some stiff ‘competition’ for his attention. Hopefully they don’t get left out of the harem for comedic effect.

  2. In the part “that words” it should be “those words” instead since it’s more than one word.

    Also that clerk asking permission to lick legs…….that is something that might happen if a man touches the shoulder(or body) of a woman on that world? Or that is what she is interested?

    1. I think it’s more a case of “DEM LEGS”, since he would normally be wearing pants every time she sees him… EXCEPT when he’s going to school. If we compare the skirts that the girls are wearing in the pictures, it’s clear that they are fairly short, which means HIS skirt is also fairly short.

      For a pervert, a short skirt is an invitation.

      (N-Not that I would know what a pervert thinks, you baka!)

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