Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 30

So this ch is about… you know who she is…..
There is an Illustration of her in the LN that the scene of that Illustration will never happened in the WN, but maybe you guys need that picture to imagine her better
(( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)), and I love the Illustration of her, so here it is…

Shino Toukain

And this ch is from a third person POV of her.

30. Shino Toukain

Shino Toukain thought about the people who were with her in the car.

One of them is Yuzuka Seikagu, who grew up with her since she was little, and still a good friend until now. Of course, she was a girl who always rode in the same car, went to school and went back home from school together with her.

However, today there was not only that Yuzuka, but also another person.

When Shino remember that person, her face naturally made a smile.

The person who she sent home earlier, the boy….. Yes, it was a boy.

Shino never thought that she would went home with a boy.

Shino rarely talked with boys, but when it came to the boys that Shino knew, they were basically always arrogant. Sure when She talked to them, they would replied, but their face looked like someone very annoyed.

Perhaps it wasn’t that they interested in Shino Toukain herself, but because the fact that she was came from Toukain household.

Of course, Shino was glad that they would reply to her no matter what the attitude they shown. She was just grateful that they would replied her.

However, the boy she met in high school recently, Kohaku Hatano, was completely different from the boy that Shino had ever met.

He greeted her back, while not being arrogant or look unpleasant. He treated her normally like an ordinary girl, and above all, he smiled.

Shino have only had met him for not that long yet, but even with that little time, the impression of boy that she had held up until now changed.

Shino naturally thought that she wanted to talk with him more, and she also wanted him to smile more at her.

Shino turned her gaze to the place where Kohaku was sitting and remembered how he behaved while inside the car.

He was surprised at the softness of the seat and impressed that he hardly felt the vibration of the car, and he showed various expressions. But the happiness that Shino felt was just temporary.

When she was thinking about that, the car stopped and the door opened. Apparently she has arrived.

The driver opened the door and Shino got out from the car.

“Thank you.”

“No problem, then I’ll put the car inside the garage.”


After Shino thanked the driver, she entered the mansion.

Passed through the entrance and entered the hall, a servant who was working greeted her, and Shino replied. Then she headed to her room.

Arrived in her room, she immediately jumped into the bed. The soft bed gently accepted Shino’s body.

Shino who jumped in as it was, began to roll around on the bed.

“Fu~… I’m glad I got into the Kenran High, I never thought that I would meet such a kind boy. It’s like a dream~”

Shino used to think that the kind boys that appear in movies, dramas, and novels were exist only in fiction, and if they really exist in real world, she kept thinking that she would like to have them for herself….

However, in reality, she never met such a boy. Well-known boys were carefully raised at home, so basically they were selfish. The boys who Shino had met were also selfish and unfriendly.

“Can I talk a lot with him tomorrow?”

Shino just returned, but she was already thinking about tomorrow. She never have been so excited about school.

“Miss, may I enter?”

While Shino was thinking that, the door was knocked and the maid’s voice came from outside.

“Yeah, it’s okay.”

When the maid heard Shino’s voice, she came in.

“You haven’t changed your clothes yet.”

“Ah, right.”

As expected, Shino couldn’t say that she was rolling on bed while still wearing the uniform…

“Well… So, what is it?”

Shino changed the topic so that maid did not pursued that matter anymore.

“Master is calling you.”

When Shino heard that word, She got nervous in instant.

Master… that was Shino’s grandfather, a fine man in the long history of Toukain who took over the house. He was also a person who has steadily increased the company’s business performance. He has passed the torch to Shino’s mother, but still he was the most powerful person.

“… Did he said something about what he want to say to me?”

“No, I just told to call you, Miss.”

“I see, I understand. I’ll go soon. So I just need to go to my grandfather’s room right?”


And The maid also added, ‘Please’.

With a sigh, Shino changed clothes and headed to her grandfather’s room.

Actually, Shino’s grandfather told her one difficult problem before she entered high school, so maybe…..

Shino walked in the corridor with a little hesitation.

When Shino arrived at her grandfather’s room, there was a heavy wooden door in front of her. And when she saw the wooden door, Shino became more nervous.

‘Alright!’, after Shino comforted herself with that word, she knocked the door. She heard a voice from inside, so she got permission to enter the room.


“Excuse me”

When Shino opened the door and looked inside the room, her grandfather was reading a book by himself.

“Grandfather, are you calling me?”

“Yeah, but don’t worry, it’s not about something difficult, it’ll over soon.”

“… Is this about what I heard the other day?”

“It’s different from that, and that matter have a deadline, so I won’t talk about it until that deadline.”

When Shino heard that, she couldn’t figure out what her grandfather will said, so she asked what was it with a confused face.

“Then, what kind matter do you want to talk about?”

“Well, soon, there will be a party for the Toukain company, you know about it right? Join the party as well.”

“The next one? I understand.”

Shino thought that it wasn’t the first time she had attended a party, so it was not a matter that her grandfather need to called her and talked to her personally. But then, she surprised at her grandfather’s words.

“And, bring a partner to the party.”

“……What? A Partner?”

“Yeah, that’s all.”

“Wait! That partner must be a man, isn’t it?”

“Obviously, I heard that there are many men in Kenran High School. You just need to bring one person.”


“Isn’t this matter easier than the another one?”

While still being dumbfounded by those words, Shino went out of the room when she heard that it was okay to return to her room.

Then, after Shino went out of the room and thought about who she was going to invite, only one person came to her mind…


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