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Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 14

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14. Chapter 14

I’ve done a lot for this day, for the exam.

As a tamer, I learned how to handle Schiff and Lime, and my body forcibly adapted the physical strengthening by Support Magic.

Aldo I can write a few letters of this world now, but I managed to at least have the minimum knowledge of this world and this exam.

So, it should be fine. My preparation should be enough.

I sit at the table in a room that looked like a waiting room in the guild, and waited earnestly, while staring at the hands that I have folded to relieve my nervousness.

On the table I was on, Schiff (Black cat) and Lime, were looking into my expression.

“Examinee number 5, huh…”

I looked at the emblem that was given to me when I was guided to this room.

It seemed to be a symbol to identify the person who is taking the exam, but this reminded me my original world.

“Kaito. To me, you seems like you’re not used to this kind of thing.”

“Well, I’m still too young to get used to this…”

“Is that so? Hmmm, it’s something that I don’t understand because I’m still new to human culture …”


Even though Schiff has a human-like personality, he was in fact a monster.

He seemed to have been taught words and letters by someone who became his friend, but he was not as accustomed to the culture and customs of this world as I am.

Well, all we have to do was to help each other.

“But even though it’s an exam, the examinee number is surprisingly few.”

“Well, it seems that they do it once a month.”

The people in the room were the one who will take the exam.

It seemed that the test was conducted quite often, once a month, so the participants were few. There were only about four people in the room.

Maybe because it was before the test, everyone was nervous.

Therefore, I also have a quiet conversation with Schiff, who is in a black cat state.


“Are you cheering me up? Thank you.”

Lime tapped my hand, while moving up and down.

When I was relieved by the cool feeling, the door of the room behind was opened.

The eyes of the four people in the room, including myself, were directed at the person who came in.

I was wondering if he was an examiner, but the one who came in was a dubious person in a black robe.

“Kaito, that person is …”


That person was the one who suddenly asked for my name when I first came to the guild.

And if I didn’t mishear what that person said, that person was a mysterious person who knew my name. I told Schiff about this too.

Anyway, now Schiff and Lime began to watch out for the mysterious person.


Was that person looking for a place to sit?

The mysterious person who looked around me wandered around, and when that person found me, for some reason after saying ‘Ah!’, that person approached me.

I was getting more nervous, but despite that, the mysterious person approached me and stopped near me.

“Can I sit in front of you?”

“Well, please…”

….Schiff, please scold me later for not refusing here.

A mysterious person sitting face-to-face…… The girl in the hood looked a little surprised when she sees her own hand.


“…..What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I was just surprised that I’m calm.”

…..What do you mean?

While being confused by a little incomprehensible word that she said, she opened her mouth after a few seconds of silence.

“…..Jacob. Did you come for the exam?”


“……It’s your name, right? Isn’t it?”

…….Shit, I’ve done it.

By the way, I gave this person a sparkling pseudonym called ‘Jacob Rising’!

When I asked Schiff for help, he shook his little body and endured his laughter.

Apparently, I got stuck in my pseudonym.

If I weren’t the one involved, I would have been laughing, but now I can’t laugh at all.

“Ah, yeah, that’s right. What’s your name?”

“Oh right, I didn’t introduce myself before. I’m sorry.”

Realizing that she wasn’t introduced herself before, she bowed a little.

“My name is Leafa. By the way, my number is number four.”

Although she introduced herself, she didn’t remove the hood that completely covers her head.

I decided to ask why she was here, while wondering if it was also a reason that she hide her face.

“If you’re here…. do you also applied to the exam to become an adventurer?”

“I don’t really want to be, but I think adventurers are more convenient when looking for friends and companions, so I applied.”

“Are you looking for a companion?”

“Yeah, more over someone I can trust.”

…… I have a lot of questions in my mind, but I don’t want to accidentally touch the topic that I shouldn’t and makes her angry.

For me, she was still someone I need to be careful to.

“Are you a tamer? It looks like you’re carrying a monster.”

“Ah, Yeah, that’s right.”

“Are you good being a support? What can your familiars do? It seemed like you were talking with them before.”

…She asked a lot.

When I saw Schiff and Lime, they got confused as she asked questions so quick.

I also have a lot I wanted to ask.

Like… Why did you know my name? Sure, I may need to reveal my name when I asked her that, but the girl in front of me can be an important source of information for me.


“Everyone taking the exam! Now that the preparation are finished, please gather at the training ground behind the guild!!”

The moment I tried to ask, the door of the room was opened, and a woman who seemed to be a guild employee uttered a voice leading us to the training ground behind the guild.

“It’s time. Let’s go. Jacob.”


Aside from calling Jacob, for some reason I ended up going to the training ground with her in a natural way.

…… No, no, I should concentrate on the exam first.

The first test was the practical skill.

It was time to show the results of these two weeks.

We headed to the training ground behind the guild to take the first exam.

In front of the five test takers, including me and Leafa, was a blonde man with an impressive sharp eye.

The belt on the waist of the man was equipped with a sword in a scabbard, and it can be seen at a glance that he was an adventurer of the guild.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Rick, who is in charge of overseeing this exam. I’ll be rigorously judging this time.”

A man who stared at us lining in a row….. Rick-san, squints to observe each of us.

The people who took the exam who heard his name have a surprised expression.

“Rick? That ‘Rick Casing’?”

“Isn’t he a gold-ranked adventurer …!”

“Rumor said that the screening standards become strict is…..”

Rick moved his eyebrows to the words of three people other than me and Leafa.

The three people, who were upset, turned pale and shut up as Rick-san was clearly in a bad mood.

“… First of all, I don’t treat anyone here specially. Whether it’s a guild chief’s recommendation, a minister’s connection, or a well-known warrior, the results of this exam alone will determine your abilities. Rather, today, the compliments and achievements you have received to date will be meaningless in front of me. “

I can see some people who seemed to be confused by Rick’s words.

I was confused too, but when I think about it again, it was a good situation for me, who has no achievements in this world.

“The most important thing in a guild is, “Trust”. A single big mistake can affect the entire guild….. no, the place you belong to. So, to prevent that from happening, I need to carefully select new members of the guild.”

He made such a statement and picked up the wooden sword prepared in advance at the training ground.

He shook the sword while making a noise, ‘SWOOSH’, and turned his gaze again to stare at us.

“This test method this time is a mock combat with me. Use all means to prove that you could be an adventurer.”

Everyone other than me and Leafa who heard that it was a mock combat, made a rustle.

Seeing them, Rick continued to say something like putting a nail in the coffin.

“Of course, I’ll hold myself and I won’t attack back … but if you think you can’t do it, you should prepare for the next opportunity, because it’ll be just a waste of time.”

” ” “…….” ” “

“Well, we will start the mock battle in the order of application, but before that…… is there anyone who has a question?”


Then, Leafa raised her hand high that can’t be imagined it came from a suspicious person.

Rick, who had a surprisingly rounded eye, allowed her to speak.

“What is it, No. 4”

“What should I do to prove my ability?”

“You just have to show your ability as an adventurer, or show your future potential. Well, it’s just my way.”

“Hmm …”

Have an appropriate ability and future potential, huh?

…… Should I ask for confirmation too?

While thinking that, at the end of Leafa’s question, I also raise my hand,

“Next is, No.5 huh, What is it?”

“Yes. But does the fight with familiars also counted as a way to fight?”

“Of course. I’m not a demon that I force a Tamer to fight without familiars.”

Seeing Schiff at my feet and Lime on my shoulders, Rick said so.

The line of sight seemed to look all over me, but I didn’t feel anything malicious.

“… No more questions? Well, now, I’ll give time for you to prepare before I start the mock combat. Think a strategy, or prepare your weapons, or whatever. I’ll take the challenge from the first person that ready.”

An exam to became an adventurer.

It seemed simpler than I expected, but there were many things you can do to prove yourself, and also the screening standards were high.

I was sure it wouldn’t be so straightforward and easy as I thought, so I tried to talk with Schiff again and devised a strategy.


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