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Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 13

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13. Chapter 13

I had to train and study to take the exam to become an adventurer.

At that time, Schiff suggested me to keep a diary so that I could look back on what happened on the day.

Anyway, Schiff said that his friend had a habit of saying, “The records of what I experienced every day will encourage me to be better”.

So I said, “I can’t write the letters of this world” but Schiff smiled at me and said, “For now, it’s okay to write with the letters of your world. That diary is just for you.”.

Hmmm, that’s true.

I was convinced by him, so I bought a cheap notebook and pen at a place like a general store near the guild, and since that day I decided to write down what I learned and experienced on that day in my diary…

Day 1

Today, I went to the guild to applied for an exam to become an adventurer.
Before that, it turned out that my Mana has a high purity, it’s high enough to be called Pure Mana, but for now, I don’t need to talk about it deeply.
Well, in the first place, I don’t know much about the Pure Mana.

For the application, I had Laila write for me. Then, they said that I was able to take the exam two weeks later, so I first asked Laila and her companions, Kiel-san and Fran-san, about what the adventurer’s exam would look like

First, the adventurer’s exam was divided into two stages, the first will be a practical exam and the second will be an interview to examine the personality aspect.
To became an adventurer, I wondered why do you need to be interviewed… but Laila says that the guild was an organization built on the trust of the people of the kingdom who was the client. It seems that the adventurer who carries out the request must be a credible person or you will not be able to receive it.

Somehow, it reminded me of an interview practice for college entrance exams …
Maybe I was a little surprised to got this kind feeling in a different world.

Tomorrow, Laila will tell me and Schiff more about mana.

Day 2

Tofay, I was, taught about magic, but, my body, hurts so much, so I’ll, write more, tomorrow

Day 3

My muscle pain has gone a little, so I could write a diary.
First of all, one thing I can say was that the physical strengthening by the Support Magic that strengthened by my Pure Mana was too amazing.
The whole body wasn’t as tattered as when I ran away from Orochi, but the moment released my physical strengthening after moving around for an hour, my body suffered an unprecedented pain.

Schiff who saw me thrown head over heels and struck by muscle pain. He fiercely said, “You have to get used to it! You’ll keep doing it until it doesn’t make you feel pain!”.
My familiar, he was Sparta.
Although he praises me a lot, he was very strict.
However, I’m so sad with myself for getting happy just by that and trying to live up his expectations… Really I’m just an easy guy…..

Today I was learning how to write the letters of this world. And also Laila showed me her magic.
Laila seemed to be able use Wind Magic, and it seemed that she carried the unconscious me using that.
But, it was a secret that I was really envious of the her Mana that seemed to be much easier to use than my Pure Mana.

Day 4

Muscle pain

But, need to keep doing it

Day 5

I, don’t have, strength, to write

Day 6

Healing magic was great!!
Today Laila brought someone who can use a Healing Magic from the guild!!
Her name is Nito-san, and she healed me who was suffering from muscle pain due to physical strengthening, in an instant!!
Healing magic was an amazing Magic that can heal any wound.
This will make you feel tireless, so there is no doubt that if it exist in my world, it will cause a lot of trouble!!

With her around, I’m not afraid of muscle pain anymore!!
Today, I was able to move a lot with physical strengthening without feeling fear of muscle pain.
Maybe, I should have try a professional wrestling technique!

Day 7

I was, scolded by Schiff, for getting carried away

Day 8

I understood it now.
I was lacking muscle.
That was why I got muscle pain and collapsed quickly.

Then, I just need to train it more, right?

Alright, let’s ask Schiff to stop praising me.
From now on, I’ll ask Schiff to say something harsh and ask him to discipline me.

Day 9

It was hard

Day 10

No more

Day 11

Day 12

Today, Schiff suddenly stopped the training.
He said that humans will be mentally destroyed if the extreme conditions continue.
Schiff said that my eyes were seriously dead.
What did he mean? So scary…

I’m relieved that I don’t have to be cursed by Schiff anymore, but to tell the truth, I felt like just a bit more and I could’ve awaken something within me.
Well, For the time being, I feel like I’m need to improve my basic physical strength by completing the morning training.

Day 13

After completing all the training today, I decided to study.
Laila was out on request, so for some reason I decided to ask Mai-san to teach me various things in the guild today.

First, about the guild and adventurer profession.
A guild was an organization that receives requests from the kingdom and the people who live in its territory.
And adventurers were those who belong to the guild and carry out the requests.
There were many different requests. From a simple request like helping the people to the dangerous requests such as demon extermination.

Since Laila and her companions were talented adventurers, it seemed that they were mainly undertaking the extermination of highly rewarded monsters.
It seemed that adventurers also have a hierarchy… or rather, a standard for receiving requests, but I was told that I don’t have to worry about it now because this was something I should remember after becoming an adventurer.

So, for now, I was taught the basic knowledge of this kingdom.
And Mai-san was really in trouble because she didn’t know much about it… I’m sorry…

Day 14

Today, I also have a study session with Mai-san.
Rather, this time she set up a room to taught me.
But, when I think about it now, am I not just being isolated…!?

Today, I was taught about the ritual of the Hero Summoning, which each kingdom did.
As I heard from Schiff at the ruins, there seemed to be an annoying guy called the Demon King now, and it seemed that multiple kingdoms did a Hero Summoning ritual to summon those from their own country who have the quality of a Hero, to confront the demon king .
Maybe… Shishihara-san and me were involved in it by accident.
Worst of all, perhaps the country that accidentally summoned us would have thought that the Hero would be chosen from someone live within its own territory.
We could just blame them, but what happened to us was just an unfortunate accident.
It seemed that the Hendil Kingdom and Philgen Kingdom have succeeded in the Hero Summoning ritual, but the names of the hero chosen for both kingdoms have not been revealed.

Shishihara-san would have been summoned safely, but … is she, who is just an ordinary high school girl, will be okay?
I’m worried because she seemed like a careless girl …

Day 15

Today, instead of strengthening the body, I will practice with two more Support Magics that Schiff has, Flame Enchant and Lightning Enchant.
Laila was out on request, so I inevitably decided to do it only with me, Schiff and Lime.

It seemed that the Support Magic that gives attributes was basically not possible to cast on living flesh.
Well, it’s normal to think that if you catch fire or get an electric shock, you’ll get seriously injured, so when dealing with this Magic, you’ll have to apply it to you weapons and limes.
When I asked Lime, who was deformed into a stick and was burning, “Are you okay?”. Lime did not seem to feel any pain.
Mithril seemed to be a metal that has both hardness and resistance to Magic, so it was no exaggeration to say that Lime that eats it was a living Mithril…

Even now, I noticed that Lime was changed its appearance by sucking my Mana, but it seemed that Lime was able to transform at high speed by sucking my Mana.
…… Still, wouldn’t Lime transform into other weapons too?

Day 16

It was a little late, but today I paid Meruku, the rent? money, three bronze coins.
I thought over and over again but it was really cheap.
I felt bad to say this, but it was cheap enough to think it was a haunted place.
What’s more, when I though that I only got breakfast and dinner…..She even gave me lunch. it was really impossible to understand where she get the profit.
Maybe I’m the one who was favored the most.
That’s why I definitely have to be an adventurer and reward this favor.

For the time being, for the past few days, I used Lime that transformed into a club.
I felt like the main character of a kung-fu movie.
I wanted to swing around a three-section staff and a nunchaku, but I’m sure that it will just embarrass myself, so I didn’t do that.

Day 17

By the way, I haven’t done any actual battles…
So isn’t it impossible to pass the exam?
You see, it’s like having a car license test without ever getting in the car.

When I consulted with Schiff, he said, “You can do it! Believe me!”
And I really though that I could do it because he was cute when saying it.
Yeah, I can do it.

Day 18

The day before the exam.
Tomorrow is the exam day to become an adventurer.
It seems that it will be revealed what kind of format the practical test will be held on the day….. So what I can do now is to believe in myself.
Rather, Laila nonchalantly said, “If you fail, you should wait for the next exam!!”
Eh? I was surprised at the fact that you were allowed to take it again and over again.
If I knew this, I should have take it easy without rushing, but because I applied already, it can’t be helped.
I have no choice but to take the exam tomorrow.

Author’s Note : The diary format like this is convenient because the training part can be shortened.


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