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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 29

29. Chatting

Saegusa-san with a smile was reflected in my eyes….. She was smiling, but I didn’t know why, I thought that she was not really laughing, and…..

“Kohaku-san? it’s Minori, okay?”

Did she realized that I didn’t call her by name in my mind!? No, that’s impossible, right?… and before I knew it, I was called by name too……

“What’s wrong?”

“No, it’s nothing…”

For some reason, I replied her politely.

“Hmm? Did you guys know each other?”

“Yes, we were in the same junior high school, and we got along well too.”

Saegusa-san, who turns her face to ask for consent, while saying, ‘That’s true, right?’…

“Yeah, that’s right …”

I honestly agreed, even though the only memory I can think of was when we having lunch together…



“It’s Mi-no-ri, okay?”

….Why can she hear the voice of my heart?

I touched my face with my hands, wondering if my thoughts could be seen on my face.

“Hmmm, I see. I envy you…… A gentle boy like Kohaku-kun is an endangered species.”

“That’s right, there was a time when we had lunch together too.”

“Wow, I’m jealous.”

In my past-life, when three girls in the same place got exited, there was a saying, “Three women will be noisy” , but maybe it was also valid in this world.
[TN: so that proverb came from the kanji of woman which is ‘女’, when you put that same kanji three times like this, ‘姦’, it became another kanji which is used ford word ‘姦しい’, which mean noisy]

“Well, hmmm, Sae…. Minori-san, so you’ve decided on which club activities you want to join?”

For some reason, I changed the topic by interrupting the three people who were keep talking about my story in junior high school.

……or rather, we were talking about this at first, right? Why did you guys suddenly talk about me?

At junior high school, I shouldn’t have been so close to any girls, so I’m surprised that she could keep talking about me uninterrupted…

I mean, why did she know about me so much….. Maybe, it was a matter of course for junior high school classmates to know information about the boys in their class?

“Ah, yes. I’ve decided.”

“Which club is it?”

Yuzuka-san seemed to be interested in it too, so she asked.

Then Minori-san answered with a smile.

“I decided to join the Super Arts Club”

“Wow, as expected that club is popular!”

“Well, I’m learning martial arts too, so it interest me the most.”

“Hmm, you’re learning martial arts?”

“Yes, I’ve been learning it since I was little. And Super Arts use a weapons, so it was just right.”


I knew that Minori-san was doing martial arts, but I’ve never heard of her doing martial arts using weapons.

“Yes, I’m doing swordsmanship, so my weapon is a sword.”

And she added, ‘Even though I looked like this, I’m pretty strong’.

Yes, I can tell from the atmosphere that surrounding her.

When we were talking about that, the time has passed quite a while, so I decided to go home soon.

“Then, I’ll go home soon.”

“Oh, my car is coming soon, so I’ll send you back.”

Shino-san suggested that to me as I was about to go back home……. As expected, she is an aristocrat.

“No, it’s okay. I’ll going back by train …”

When she heard the answer, Shino-san dropped her shoulders.

“I see. Well, I thought we could go home together, what a shame….”

“Don’t say something that’s impossible, Shino.”

When I saw her figure, I said while making a sorry face.

“Ah, I didn’t expect you to be so depressed, I’m sorry. Anyway after I think it again…. As expected, could I asked you to send me back home?”

Of course all of this was just an acting. You see, rather go with her flow from the beginning, wasn’t it better give her the impression that I’m not cheap man by refusing once, right? And on top of that, I showed her that I was a kind man who could understand the feelings of a depressed person.

…….. Well, I don’t know if my acting was successful or not.

“Really!? I’m so happy! It’s my first time to go home together with a boy!”

“I’m happy too. I’m glad that Kohaku-kun is a kind boy.”

Apparently both of them were pleased. But if they were so pleased like this, it just made me feel like I just did something bad to them.

“Minori-san, do you want to join too?”

Shino-san also asks Minori-san, and the more she calls her by name, the better they gets along.

“I’d like to go home together with you guys, but I’m thinking of joining the trial period of the club activities….. So, I’m sorry.”

“I see… that’s too bad.”

Yuzuka-san said with a disappointed face.

…..By the way, has the chairman went back home already? Wait, she is no longer the chairman.

“Minori-san, has ‘The Chairman’ went back home?”

I thought that Minori-san might know it, so I asked.

But, Minori-san has a face that seems troubled to answer my question.

“Hey, who do you mean by ‘The Chairman’?”

Maybe because she didn’t know who I mean, Shino-san asked that. Next to her, Yuzuka-san also had a wondering look on her face.

“Ah, I’m sorry. it’s girl called Yuri Mishima. And we were in the same junior high school.”

“Oh, I see, so that girl was the class president in your class in junior high school, right?”

“Yeah, that’s why her nickname was ‘The Chairman’.”

“Hmmm? That Mishima-san, is she a girl with a ponytail?”

“Do you know her, Shino-san?”

“No, I mean…. I saw her dropped her shoulders and went out of the classroom. So I was a bit curious with that girl.”

“Dropped her shoulders, huh…”

When I glances at Minori, she spoke quietly.

“Sure, she’s a loser today…. but she’ll definitely get up and make a come back…”

Suddenly She said some phrase that usually came out in a Shounen Manga….. But, well, She’ll need to come back here because there will be classes tomorrow…..
{TN: Shounen Manga is,… well, a manga targeted for boys, so yeah, you know what I mean}


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  1. Saeg- er, Minori-san is getting her claws nice and sharp… For Super Art!
    Yeah… DEFINITELY for Super Art…

  2. “A loser today” tells me that they are playing little contests to spend time with the MC between them, and Minori won today.

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