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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 28

28. Club Activities Introduction

After the lunch break, next will be an introduction to club activities in the large hall where all first graders will be gathered.

Kenran High School has a lot of club activities, so the club activities will be introduced later will be a lot, and I’m sure there are many clubs that won’t be introduced later because the time limits.

Well, I would like to join if there are club activities that look interesting.

By the way, it was said that the one with the most member was the sport club of that most popular sport, ‘Super Arts’.

It seemed that Kenran High has facilities for Super Arts, and they said that every year, there were many people who wanted to join the club.

When I entered the hall and sat in the designated seat, Maizumi-san, who was suspected of faking her personality, was already sitting on the seat next to mine.

 ”Well, well! For the prince to sit next to me, what a great honor!”

Apparently, my job changed from an angel to a prince…

Then I stared at Maizumi …

Golden hair and the classic curly hair of a young lady. It looked very flashy……But it seemed she has a plebian atmosphere surrounding her, I mean she seemed friendly.

As I watched for a while, Maizumi’ face gradually turned red.

“If… If you stared at me that much, it’ll makes me embarrassed…”

She shook her face with, ‘No, no, Stop it’, while pinching her own cheeks with her hands.

……I mean, if she really faking her personality, shouldn’t she do her best to keep it? Right?

However, I don’t know if Maizumi-san is really a ‘nouveau riche’ or not, but she is still the company president’s daughter.

…..Hmmm? I’m not wrong, right?

Sure, She haven’t told me her background, but I will be really surprised if it was different from what I’d thought.

  “I’m sorry, you had beautiful hair that makes me want to keep seeing it.”

I said so, then took a bunch of Maisumi’s hair and gently stroked it.

……It’s a bit of a cheeky act, but I wonder what kind of reaction will I get?

……..Hmmm? Why there’s no response?

I wondered so, and


I called her, but there was no response. When I looked closely at her face,

Her face was so red that you might see a smoke coming out from her face.

…… Did I overdo it?

MC Grabbing Maizumi’ hair

“Oo-i, Maizumi-san.”

I called her again while tapping her cheek.

Maybe because of that call, Maizumi-san regained her senses.


Oi, I’m not your darling! What kind of delusion you just had!?

The person who said that word was also embarrassed and her red face became even redder, perhaps because she realized what she just said.

After a while, she finally got back to normal. Then she cleared her throat and talked to me.

“Kenran High School has a lot of club activities, right? I’m excited to know.”

A sudden change of topic. Apparently the exchange until a while ago….

She just want me to forget it.

“What was that ‘Darling’ just now…”

“I’m excited to know!”

“What’s that…”

“I’m exci~ted to know!”

Apparently she don’t want to talk about it anymore……

Her eyes became teary, so I stopped pursuing it.

However, despite being aggressive, she get embarrassed about this…… Wait, maybe all of this also just a part of the fake personality?

“Sorry, forget what I just said.”

Maizumi-san feel relieved at my words.

“But sure there’re a lot of clubs, so I’m also excited to know.”


“Maizumi-san, has you decided what club activities to join?”

“No, I haven’t decided yet. I’m thinking of doing a short-period try at various clubs first.”

While I was talking Maizumi-san, it was time to introduce club activities.

Representatives of each club appeared on the stage, and gave some demonstration, then they introduced their club activities and the appeal points of their club.

Every club activity seemed to be fun. Even Maizumi-san, who was next to me, she also responding honestly, such as ‘wow’ and ‘amazing’. In addition to that, there were still many clubs, so it will be difficult to know every clubs of this school.

The Super Arts club, which was particularly popular, seemed to be playing ranking battles within the club because there have many members. It seemed that the one who who could be in the top of the ranking battle, will be allowed to use the machine. Somehow, It reminded me a fighting manga.

However, when I watched the game using the machine, I could heard cheers rise from the hall. I can see how popular it was…. I’m sure some people from our class will join that.

Finally, after all the club activities were introduced, I came back to the classroom, and all I had to do was to go home.

“I’m pretty tired even though I’m not studying yet…”

Someone said that from behind me, and I didn’t know whether she was speaking herself or not.

“That’s true, I’m tired too.”

“Oh, it’s Shino-san and Yuzuka-san….”

“Did Kohaku-kun have decided to join to any club activities?”

“I guess, not yet? After all there were so many….. How about both of you?”

“We haven’t decided yet too, but I’m glad we had a lot of club activities that seems fun.”

And then, another voice butt in our conversation.

“For me, I have already decided.”

“I’m sure you are Saegusa-san, right?”

“Yes, Nice to meet you. Toukain-san and Seikagu-san.”

“Nice to meet you too! You can call me Shino.”

“Nice to meet you too. And, Please call me by name.”

The two answer with a smile. As if to answer that smile, Saegusa-san also answers with a smile.

“Okay. Then please call me Minori.”

And both of them said, ‘Okay!’,

……After a short pause, Saegusa-san turned to me,

“Hatano-kun too, please call me Minori.”

She said that with a smile.


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  1. Adorable reactions out of our false ojou-sama. Also, very forward of that girl from his old school there, trying to get in equal footing with the others.

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