Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 27

The ch before this, the name ‘Miwa’ Yachigusa —> ‘Miu’ Yachigusa from now on.
the reason is because in the LN her name spelled as ‘Miu’…
So yeah, I’ll go with ‘Miu’

27. School Cafeteria

After that shocking self-introductions, all of us visited the school facilities, and now was the lunch time. It was part of the orientation, so it was a little early for lunch time but in the cafeteria, there were only the students our class. Perhaps every classes will come at different times.

The cafeteria here was using a ticket system. There were several shops on the vast floor, and a ticket vending machine is placed near them, where you can buy meal tickets, get the food from the shop, and eat at the available seat. It was like a food court in a huge shopping mall.

However, there were so many shops that you would never thought it was a school cafeteria. It have a wide range of menu, from ordinary dishes to high-class dishes.

The prices were set relatively low, maybe because of the high tuition fees so they didn’t extort too much money in these places.

So far as I have visited the school facilities, I have one thought.

It was about Maizumi-san. I was observing her a little because she was rather unique….

But, isn’t that person making a fake personality?….

……was what I realized.

I mean, every time she saw the school facility, I heard that she was muttering in a low voice such as ‘wow’ or ‘awesome’.

Come to think of it, the company her dad runs has grown exponentially in the last few years, but until then no one had even heard of her name. I’ve seen the president in a magazine or something like that, but from what I remember, it was written that he was living a normal life just until recently.

It’s bad to say it like this, but their family was a ‘nouveau riche’. It was hard to believe that the child of such a house was such a young lady since born, so it was more appropriate to say that she was making a fake personality.

And when I looked at her, she was opening her mouth while seeing a food sample of a beef fillet steak set meal.

Maizumi seeing food sample

When I thought that she will looking at the sample for a while, suddenly I was surprised by her voice.

“Well, apparently, there are some foods that seem to fit my taste. OH-HOHO….. “

She said so to herself. Then, she bought a meal ticket at the ticket vending machine, and went to the counter of the shop to ask for the food.

……Her movements were very smooth.

By the way, today’s lunch was free because it was part of the orientation.

After that, when she received the food, she went to the empty table with a happy face.

The real aristocrats, Shino-san and Yuzuka-san didn’t seem to know what a meal ticket was, so they were told by the people around them. After that, they were warned because they went to the table before receiving the food.

See, This much difference!

“What’s wrong?”

When I was watching their contrasting behavior, I was called out.

When turned to the voice, there was that small girl.


She used her small back to look up at me……. Really, She’s kind of aggressive.

……But! I do not hate it!

I mean, she’s very cute…..

“Hmm, hey~”

Maybe she was worried about me who might not reply her, she said with a slightly quivering voice.

“Oh, Sorry. I was wondering what to eat.”

As soon as I replied, she smile.

“Miu thought that Miu said something that annoyed you, but thank god…”
[TN: You see, she’s type who said her own name instead of ‘I’]

……Really, she’s being aggressive. However, her behavior maybe good for me too, I need to study it.

This kind of behavior might be well received by women in this world.

“Hmm~, If it’s okay with you, why don’t you eat together with Miu?”

“Oh, that’s a good idea. Let’s eat together then.”

“Is… is that really okay!? Yay!”

Yachigusa-san used her small body to express her joy to the fullest.

My other classmates who noticed the situation, all of them said, ‘had lunch together!’, with a loud voice and surprised face.

“I didn’t expect to have lunch together with you!”

Yachigusa-san then hugged my arm.

At that moment, my classmates who see it, screamed in a loud voice.

I gently let go of it and said to her, ‘Let’s go get some food…. And! Touching is strictly prohibited, okay!?’.

She looked a little disappointed, but soon she smiled and replied.

“What should we eat? They’ve a lot of varieties that it might confused you, right?”

“Right. Hmm, I’ll get a beef fillet steak set meal.”

Actually, when I saw Maisumi-san’s meal, I wanted to eat it too.

“Then, Miu will do the same.”

“I see, then let’s go get it.”

“Yes, let’s go!”

Both of us get the meal ticket and get the food.

“It looks delicious~”

Yachigusa-san looked at the food she received and let out her voice.

The roasted meat, which looked really delicious, smelled good. It really could stimulated your appetite.

Then we sit in an empty seat and started eating.

“This, this is very tender and delicious~”

Yachigusa-san, who ate quickly, said so. But, she suddenly picked a piece of meat with chopsticks, and offered it to me.


“No, it’s okay…”

“Boo, you’re not fun~”

You see, we eat the same thing! And my, ‘Aaaa~’, isn’t that cheap!

“But Miu is happy that we could have lunch together.”

Yachigusa-san said so with a smile. When I saw that smile of Yachigusa-san, involuntarily, I reached out and stroked her head.

Well, you see, she was really cute…..

At that time, from near me, SNAP! , I could heard that kind of sound.

Looking at the person who made the noise, I saw Saegusa-san folding her chopsticks.

When I looked at her face, she was the usual neat and clean Saegusa-san, but her body was leaking a trembling sign.

In fact, other than her, the other people nearby me were also quivering.

I don’t know if Yachigusa-san noticed it or not, but she kept eating the meal deliciously.

Despite the small uproar that happened, lunch time was over.


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