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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 26

26. Self-Introduction



bing-bong bang-bong (Bell sound)


Oi, Get to your seat already!

When everyone in the class start to thought so, she finally started moving. But, when I though that she was going to her seat, for some reason she was heading to my seat. Then, she stopped and talked to me with a smile.

“Good morning, my angel.”

No, the angel is sitting over there, not here.

“May I ask you for your name?”

“Hmm? Oh, okay. I’m Kohaku Hatano. Nice to meet you.”

“Aaaaa, it sounds good. And it suits the beautiful you.”


“Please take this as a sign of our relationship”

Saying that, She then handed over the rose flower that was in her hand before I knew it.


“See you later.”

She said so and left gracefully.

……Oi, at least introduce yourself too, before you leave! Then, when I see the rose flower that was handed over, I wonder what to do with the flower …

After the bell sounds for a while, a teacher who seems to be my homeroom teacher enters the classroom.

“Good morning everyone. My name is Kiyohiko Sumita and I will be in charge of this class.”

When the homeroom teacher introduced himself, the class became noisy, but when Sumita-sensei warned them the class became silent in instant.

Surely, everyone would have been surprised to say that the homeroom teacher was a man, but I was also surprised! The fact that there is a man who is working properly!

Sumita-sensei was a man with a normal face, but with a neat and refreshing impression.

This….. I bet that he will be very popular among the girl…

At the platform, Sumita-sensei was talking about today’s schedule.

“Today’s first period will be a home room. Everyone will introduce themselves. I will give five minutes from now to decide what to talk about. From the second period, will be an introduction of the facility. Then, the club activities will be introduced in the large hall. After that, return to the classroom and hear the precaution of this school. That’s it, it will be the end of today. Also, I think everyone got contacted beforehand, today you will get to give a try the school cafeteria for lunch. There are various shops, but they are still school cafeterias, so please learn how to use them well. “

Then, he said, ‘Do you all understand?’, before he finally gives us time to prepare for introducing ourselves.

….Well, I’ll introduce myself normally.

Looking around the class again, this class has a large number of boys.

After I counted it, there were ten people. As expected of the top class!…. I wonder what about other classes…

Then, as time goes by, the time for self-introduction begins.

……Oh! Everyone were doing it normally! It was Yuzu’s turn, so she stood up while shaking her pale cherry-colored hair.

Her gesture was elegant, and other girls are looking at it with a peaceful face.

…… As expected of the true angel.

“Good morning everyone. My name is Yuzuka Seikagu. I think it was fate that I was in same class as you, so I’d be happy if I could make friends with you.”

She said that with an elegant angel smile.

When I think that the boys were also fascinated by this…..

……Hmmm? Why are you guys make a tired face?

Even that elegant smile could not make the boys move… How fearsome!

“I’m Shino Toukain! Nice to meet you all!”

Ah, it was Shino-san’s turn, she said in short but energetic way with a bright smile like the sun.

The voice was pleasant to the ear. Yeah, she left a good impression! 

When I heard Shino-san’s cheerful voice, I feel like my mood getting better, maybe this was also a kind of charisma.

Self-introductions were over one after another, but basically boys did self-introductions in short and cold tone…… Basically, they only said their names.

And finally, it was my turn.

“I’m Kohaku Hatano. As Seikagu-san said earlier, I think that we could be a classmate like this was a fate. So, I’d be happy if I could make friends with you too.”

I said that and sit back on my seat.

Was it sound a little stiff? Looking at everyone’s reaction….. For some reason, they were silent.

Somehow the atmosphere… It was like I’ve done it wrong!

Perhaps because Sumita-sensei couldn’t handle the atmosphere, he gave some remark to my introduction.

“It was a good introduction. I hope you can make friend with evryone. Then, next person.”

He said that with a smile.

…… Wait a minute, what’s that remarks! Oi, doesn’t it sound like I’m a lonely guy, huh!? 

I’m sure that I didn’t said something weird, but! It makes me feeling down…

When I was being depressed, I heard a familiar voice in my ears.

“I’m Serina Maizumi, Nice to meet you all.”

Oh, I’m surprised. The ‘OH-HOHO’ girl in the morning was introducing herself properly.

……No, it’s not that part where I was surprised. Sure I was surprised by that, but what was even more surprising was her name being Maizumi, which was the name of the founder of a company that has recently expanded in scale, centered on business hotels.

She has the same surname, and the way she said ‘OH-HOHO’ sound like she was indeed a rich girl. Maybe she’s really the daughter?

Anyway, now was the last one.

The last girl was short and cute.

The girl began to introduce herself with her curled hands in front of her chin.

“It’s Miu Yachigusa! Nice to meet you all! Kyaha!”
[TN : ‘Kyaha’ is mostly used when a person smile while winking, usually it’s a girl who use it, it’s like they tried to be cute…]

She said that and she smiled cutely.

But, Kyaha?

…… Kyaha!


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  1. Kyaha!
    Ugh, I’m not good with genki girls.
    Too much genki makes me start to think highly-strung people need to be strung up higher.
    Personally, I would have preferred a kuudere or a dandere.

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