Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 25

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25. Classmate (High School)

“Good morning”

I heard a beautiful voice. This was the answer to my greeting.

However, it wasn’t the brown-haired girl who answered my greeting, but the girl next to her who was comforting herself with a troubled face.

This girl also has a cute appearance. Long pale cherry-colored slightly wavy hair and big eyes.

I mean….. the first impression of this girl was that she looked like an angel. A pure and innocent beautiful girl.

Perhaps the girl with brown hair noticed that the girl beside her greeted me already, she then also greeted me in a hurry.

“Good morning! It’s nice weather today!”

Unlike the attitude that she shown me earlier, she greeted me cheerfully.

The impression I got from this girl with brown hair was that she looked like the sun. A bright and healthy girl.

……To be honest, I’m worried about her situation, but I don’t want to dig into the circumstances of others so much. In the first place, you don’t want to talk about complicated things with people you meet for the first time, right?

Then, I replied, ‘Yeah, right.’ , and when I looked away from them and looked at the blackboard, there was a seating chart. So I checked my seat and headed to that seat.

I got to my seat already, but I’ve a lot of time before the school started. While thinking that I didn’t have anything to do, I remembered the signed novel that I got from Kikusui-san at the last meal that I bring. When I reached out to the bag to get the book and read it, both of the girl were approaching my seat.

……Oh, hoho, I wonder if they’re going to deepen our friendship. Well, I have no objection to it.

And when they reached my seat,

“Hey, can we talk for a second?”

“I’m not bothering you right?”

Was what they said.

I put my hand back on the desk and reply.

“Yeah, it’s fine.”

When they heard my reply, they smile happily.

The brown-haired girl has a bright smile, and the cherry color-haired girl has a soothing smile.

……Damn! aren’t both of you cute?

“First of all, I will introduce myself! I’m Shino Toukain, nice to meet you! “

“I’m Yuzuka Seikagu. Nice too meet you.”

I was surprised at the names I heard from them. This was because, both Toukain and Seikagu were names that almost all of the people in this country knew.

This country, Arhenheim, is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary cabinet system. The royal family reigns but does not rule, it is a country like England in my past-life. Of course, there used to be aristocrats, but most of them lost their privileges and declined as history progressed, and now most of them are just ordinary people with a title.

The exceptions are the Toukain and Seikagu, and another two more houses, they are called ‘The Four Great Dukes’. In the course of history, these four houses have successfully built their fortunes and created megacorporation with many companies.

I’ve never thought that in my high school life, I would be in the same class with a well-known person….. However, it seems that they’re surprisingly easy to get along with.

“Hmmm? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I was just surprised by your names.”

“Oh, I see, of course that’s the case. But, don’t worry too much.”

“Is that okay?”

“Of course, don’t worry about too much and please be my friend!”

“Yes, please be my friend too.”

The two said that with a smile.

In my mind both of that beautiful smiles were battling to each other. Then I decided to treat them like my friends.

“Okay then. I’m Kohaku Hatano. Nice to meet you.”

“Hmmmm, can I call you Kohaku-kun….. of course that’s no good, right?!”

Toukain-san said so while laughing, ‘Ahahaha’.

“Well, it’s okay….”


“Is that really okay?!”

Both of them were surprised, and I was Nodding to their words.

“Then I’ll call you Kohaku-kun!”

“I’ll call you Kohaku-kun too.”

“Yeah, please do so.”

“Ah, then please call me Shino!”

“And please call me Yuzuka.”

“I understand, Toukain-san, Seikagu-san”

Both of their face looked like someone who wanted to say, ‘You don’t understand at all!’, Yeah, they were so shocked.

…..But, both of you, please don’t be so aggressive.

“But, I’m glad that a kind boy is my classmate.”


“Are both of you talk to a man quite often?”

“I haven’t talked with a man that much, I’ve talked a little when I went to parties with my dad…..”

Toukain said so with a sunken face.

“I have a younger brother, so I talk to him.”

“I mean, a man of our age don’t come to parties very often…..”

“Well, I often see Seimei students around here, but I don’t have the opportunity to talk to them.”

……Is it like that even if you are rich? Marriage in here seems to be rather difficult.

Well, Seimei High seemed to have a lot of Boys Love events happened inside their school. In general, Men in this world may be more interested in romance between the same gender. It seemed that they were that kind of men that existed in the Warring States period in my past-life.

……It seems that I’ve made a lot of sins in my past-life. Maybe I’ll got my karma here, I’m really scared now.

After that, they kept asking me to call them by name, and in the end I decided to call them by name.

It’s been a while since I was talking to them, and it was almost time for the bell to ring.

Then they waved their hands and went back to their seats. In the end, I didn’t know what she was having trouble with, but maybe it wasn’t a big deal.

When I looked around, all but one seat was full. The Chairman and Saegusa-san were already seated, and when our eyes met, I waved my hand.

And they waved their hand with great momentum ….

When I saw the vacant seat and thought that the person was late from the first day, the door suddenly opened vigorously. And …


A blonde, curly-haired girl came in with a big laugh.

The girl

She is a little kooky, huh… I muttered that in my heart.


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