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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 24

24. Going to school (High School)

The entrance ceremony was held from that point on, and although it was a little noisy, it proceeded and ended successfully.

I was glad there was no accident happened.

When I entered, even people other than Maria were taking pictures all at once, but it was probably within the acceptable range, right?

Now, I think about today while waiting for the train at the platform of the station.

Today is an orientation that will uses the whole day.

In the first period, the students will need to introduce themselves in the home room, and after that, we will be guided around the large school, go around each facility, and then they will introduce the club activities.

……Club activities, huh? Should I join one? After all, in high school life, the club activities is something that cannot be thrown away.

In my past-life, I joined the baseball club. It was pretty strong, and has been in the top 16 of the prefectural tournament.

However, in this world, the population of men is small, and men themselves do not actively devote themselves to sports, so there is almost no team competition for men. If it is an individual sport, competitions are also held, so maybe it’s better if I think about that.

When I was thinking about what to do, the train came.

It’s the morning train, so of course it’s crowded, that’s why I get on a men-only car.

I left home early, so there are only a few people inside the car.

If I wait a little later, I’m sure a lot of people will be inside it.

This train of this line is also used by students attending Seimei Boys’ School, so I’m sure the train will be filled up with the students from there.

Well, for now it’s comfortable and nice.

When I turned my eyes to the next ordinary car, I could see the people inside was squeezed.

It was like the train of Yamanote line in the morning. It was a state where people will be stuffed inside until no space left.
[TN: Yamanote Line is one of the most crowed line in Tokyo, especially in rush hour]

Looking at it from the seat inside the comfortable men-only car, I feel bad for them, but also I feel good that I don’t have to be inside that.

I’m glad I was born a man.

When I was indulged in emotions and emotions, the train arrived at the next station and the door opened, and then several students in Seimei’s uniform boarded the train.

They walk gracefully in Seimei Boys’ school uniforms….. it’s a black sailor uniform.

A black sailor suit for a man, huh…. Sure, it might looks not that all bad.

Since it was originally a military uniform, so it isn’t all that strange, I guess? But, wait, the bottom is a skirt.

When I was thinking about that, they looked here as if they noticed my existence.

When I wondered why, I heard their conversation.

“I wonder if he is a student of Kenran High……”

“Isn’t that a school where they use money to buy a male student?”

“Oh, I’ve heard that stories from a student from there. In short, the point is that, ‘I’ll give you money, so came to Kenran.’, something like that.”

“What’s that!? Isn’t it the worst!?”

“Oh, when I heard that story, I said, you’re kidding me right!?”

“Yeah, that’s a normal reaction.”

When they talk to that point, they suddenly look at me with a scornful eyes.

“Then, did he sell himself for money…..”

“Oh, he just a disgrace of a man.”

“Isn’t it embarrassing to sell yourself for money?”

“Who knows? But me as a man which is the same as him, I’ll be embarrassed…..”

…… I can hear the voice very clearly, probably because the inside of the car is mostly empty.

Couldn’t they talk a malicious gossip like that in a low voice?

I mean, they just talk as they like!

You see, I didn’t choose Kenran High School just because I could get money! There are various facilities and a good follow-ups for going on to university! That’s why I chose it.

…… Sure, I got the money, but I got it after I tried to request that much, and I didn’t expect them to agreed.

……It’s not a lie, you know?

But, now I know… Maybe that is just the perception of Seimei students about Kenran…

Still, aren’t they thinking too much? The talk even go about selling or not selling yourself… I wonder what kind of things are in their mind.

Maybe, Is it something like dating with compensation? Something like, ‘if you give me this much money, I’ll go’….. is it something like that?… And, if I compare it to myself…

….. Hmm? That’s not completely wrong! Hmmm?

When I was indulged on my own thoughts, I arrived at the station where I need to got off.

Alright! Let’s forget it! Starting today, I’m going to spend my time in a new environment. If I keep sticking to the past, I will just missing out a good part of my life.

So, I refresh my mind and get off the train. 

It’s not that I’ve no problem at all with it, but..…..

Anyway, when I get off the train, I can see many Kenran students. Probably from the same train, it must be hard on them to go to school while being stuffed in the crowd like that.

On my way from the station to the school, I attracted the attention of the students around me. Of course, they didn’t make line behind me like on the entrance ceremony day. So, I was very relieved. If that happens every time, it will makes me don’t want to go to school.

……By the way, the school rules were written in the student’s handbook. And it was written in it, that it was forbidden to bother men. Maybe, this was thanks to that. Anyway, I was a little relieved.

When I arrived at the classroom, there were only two girls inside, probably because it was still too early.

However, both of them are strange.

One is holding her head and groaning. The other seemed to just turned her face while being embarrassed.

When I’m thinking what happened? I decided give the morning greetings to them.

“Good morning.”

When I said that, the one who was groaning, suddenly raised her head vigorously and look at me.

The girl who sees here is a beautiful girl with big eyes. The girl, who has brown hair about around her shoulder, turns her eyes here as if she had received salvation.

……What’s up? What can I do for you?


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  1. I’m confused about the whole skirt/pants thing. In the last chapter it was stated:
    “My outfit is a white blouse, a brown blazer, a checkered SKIRT, and a tie around the collar.

    …….And you can choose a skirt or a PANT too!

    Well, it can’t be helped……”

    So is he wearing a skirt right now because he CHOSE to wear a skirt (and is apparently awakening to a crossdressing fetish), or that he SELECTED pants but somehow got a skirt anyways?

    1. Welp, I guess that’s my bad…. I’m so sorry (TT)
      So, that
      “…And you can choose a skirt or a PANT too!” -> “…. If only you could choose a pant over a skirt!”
      That’s the correct one,
      So, he wanted to select a pant but he can’t choose other than a skirt…

      So when I was TLing this Ch, I was comparing the part with the LN (I’m searching a pic for the girl that will come out soon), and I realized a lot of thing changed in the LN, like the event that happened and yeah, the jokes and the setting too, a lot of stuff….
      And, I guess my mind got mixed up…….. (@@)

      Anyway, I fixed that part! Thanks!

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