Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 23

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23. Entrance ceremony

The warm air of the spring weather is spreading. Finally, I don’t feel the cold air anymore.

Today’s weather is sunny and it’s a good day for the entrance ceremony.

Yes, today is the entrance ceremony for high school.

“Mom, are you ready?”

“I’m going now.”

I wear a new Kenran High School uniform and wait for my mother with Maria.

My outfit is a white blouse, a brown blazer, a checkered skirt, and a tie around the collar.

They gave a choice for their tie around the collar between the ribbon and the tie, so of course I chose the tie without hesitation.

…….If only you could choose a pant over a skirt!

Well, it can’t be helped……

Maria will come to the entrance ceremony with me, so today she’s wearing a black pantset suit instead of her maid outfit .

“Sorry for the wait.”

Finally my mother came. The regretful face that she usually sometime show at home, it can’t be seen on her today.

Yeah, she looks so young that I don’t think she really gave birth to a high school student… she’s very beautiful.

If, she’s around in my past-life, I’m sure there would be many men who would be deceived by this appearance and approached her…..

It’s just a scam….. No, I can’t really say that because she can make money on her own, right? But the tiny man pride you have will be hurt if she got more earning than you, right? Still, a lot of man attracted to her, because of her face and that carrier of her, right? Hmmm, it’s really intriguing.

“What’s wrong? Something strange with my outfit?”

She asked me whether she looked strange or not, because I kept looking at my mother.

“No, not really”

“Oh, maybe I fancy you? No~ don’t attack me.”

“It’s completely different. You’re not drunk since the morning, right?”

“… Kohaku-kun, don’t you want to see the drunken me?”


“Say something please!”

My mother pouts a little.

Maria calls out to me during such an exchange with my mother.

“Let’s go now. I know it’s still early, but if we go now, we may have get a good seat there.”

“Well, we have to take a lot of pictures of Kohaku-kun’s moment of triumph!”

“Yes, I even bought a digital SLR camera even though taking picture is not my hobby. I even learned how to use it perfectly, so please leave the photos to me.”

“Wonderful. Then, Maria. I’ll leave it on you then.”

“I understand.”

It seems to be a little overboard, but most parents in this world who have boys as children are like this.

This is also the case with the mother of the family, who almost always try to take pictures on any anniversaries.

The school also knows that fact, so some of them make some space specially for shooting.

“Then, let’s go”

“Yes, I’ve closed the the door properly too.”

Then, the three of us head to the station.

On the way to the station, there was a bakery, ‘Wheat Village’, which I stopped by for a morning run the other day, and I happened to see the clerk who was sweeping in front of the shop.

When I greet and said that today is the entrance ceremony day, I received congratulations. In addition to that, a bread for lunch at school! She told me to eat it during lunch break and gave me an assortment of bread. It’s bad to refuse, so I received it with thank you, but……

But, yeah, the entrance ceremony ends in the morning.

Well, I’ll eat it at a later time. For now, I give the bread to Maria.

I see people in the same uniform who will attend the entrance ceremony when they are on the train.

As we get closer to school, the number of people gradually increases.

But those people, the girls in uniforms, and the women who seem to be their mothers all stop and stare at us.

Of course, Maria and my mother are walking without minding it, but still it’s a pretty strange sight. I don’t mind if they want to see, but I want them to stop staring at it.

Anyway, could these people who are staring at us start to walk quickly!? We’ll be late if it keep like this, you know.

…… And why do they follow me from behind?

Oi, it look like a parade you know!

And why the two people who is walking together with me have that smug face…

Maybe I’m just a timid person?….. No, I’m the on with a common sense here. It is these two people that are strange.

Well, I arrived at school with such a thing happened on the way.

The new high school I will attend from now on, Kenran High School, was so big even seen from the gate. The road leading from the open gate was full with cherry blossom trees in full bloom, creating a fantastic scene. It’s as if the trees are blessing today.

“Then, we will go to the hall first.”

“Yeah, I understand.”

“I will take good pictures, so please look forward to it.”

“Please do it in moderate.”

I have to go to the classroom, so I say goodbye to my mothers and Maria here.

I go to the classroom by looking at the school map sent by mail and the paper on which my class is written.

Looking at the scenery on the way to the classroom, I can see that it is a large high school. A well-maintained lawn and a fountain where water dances to beautifully maintained and blooming flowers.

It would be nice to have lunch on the lawn here.

With that in mind, I entered the school building and headed to the classroom while checking the map.

Because my class is the 1-1….. so, it’s here?

I find my classroom and open the door, but at that moment…

“As I thought, it’s the 1th grade, class 1…”

“Shit, I’ll definitely go to the class 1 to the next time they do class separation.”

“I envy you!”

“I’m really jealous!”

The girls who followed me raised their voices.

When I opened the door with a bitter smile at the voice.

The students who were there at that moment turned their faces all at once.

So scary!

And after a moment, then a big cheer goes up.

「 ” Here it Comes! Come, Come! Come! Comeee! ” 」

Everyone in the class screams with joy while harmonizing their voice beautifully.

Even though they haven’t introduced to each other yet, the girls in the class are already get along with each other, they give high fives and hug each other.

When I saw that scene, I could only say…

Please, could you all calm down a little bit…


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  1. Reporter: “So, how did your first day in class go?”
    Girl A: “I was so happy, I came!”
    Reporter: “You mean you were happy to enroll?”
    Girl A: “I know what I said!”

  2. It’s funny how the gender personality roles are flipped in this story. You would see the guys in a classroom celebrating like this when a pretty girl shows up in class.

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