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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 18

This ch… a lot of part confused me. The MC spouting a lot of nonsense that look like someone ‘Chuunibyou’, And maybe because a lot of game refence was put into this ch. (@@)

18. Elite Trainer

Lately, I’ve trouble in falling asleep. I wake up early in the morning even though I can’t go to sleep right away. Probably it because I’ve less exercise than before. I feel like I was using a lot of physical strength to move around, when I was chasing after Natsukawa everyday.

The fact that I rarely use the blanket lately, is not because my lack of exercise, but it’s the evidence that the season is approaching summer. If I use blanket while sleeping, in the next morning, somehow the blanket would be far away from my body.

Still, what kind of phenomenon is it that I can’t stop having a hot toast in the morning?

I took one slice from a five slices pack of white bread from the freezer and put it into the toaster. Then, I watched the fluffy skin burned by the red heat in a timed manner. Somehow this became a habit without me noticing it.

While enjoying the crispy butter toast, my sister with one-sided bomber hair came down from the second floor so that I could imagine how she was sleeping. It is a novel asymmetry.

She say something to me, who is eating the toast.

“……Maybe that much is just right.”

“Don’t make a strange remark while looking at people’s faces.”

My rude older sister with a high awareness of man, but I’ve never heard any love story from her. I’ve been her younger brother for many years, but my sister is too picky when selecting men. That’s why She never had a boyfriend before. Even though she might become popular if she keep silent, really, what a shame.

“I’m complimenting you, you know. Even if you were in a group full of handsome guys, the women around you will just get angry.” (Sarcastic Tone)

“It sounds like you’ve experienced that kind of situation…”



Hmmm? Somehow, she made an unexpected reaction? Maybe…. Spring is coming to my sister who is having a hard time up until now?

But, that face … It’s a face of someone who is being reminded of something really unpleasant. Hmm, maybe she fail hard by making a half-hearted approach to a handsome guy? Well, if so, this the time for me, as her younger brother, to make her feel better.

“Did you finally understand … the splendor of a man named me?”

“Huh? Don’t get carried away, you 49 points man”

“At least… at least give me one more point….!”

It’s a verbal attack that accurately pierce my heart. If you treat someone who is proud as a normal guy, as someone who’s bellow normal that guy will get hurt from that words! You see, I tried so hard to face the reality and still be proud as a normal guy, so couldn’t you at least give some lip service!?

If I continue the conversation any longer, it’ll eventually just boomerang on me. I stuffed the excess bread in my mouth with tears and tried to appeal that I won’t talk anything about her physical appearance. My sister muttered, “What are you doing …” with eyes that like she’s looking a fool in front of her. But, I think this is the moment when I see my sister for the longest time in these days.

“You, if you keep being like that, you’re not gonna be popular with girls.”

“Huh? What are you talking about now?”


My sister who has treated me as an unpopular guy is saying something like that. She inadvertently spit out harsh sad words. My sister turned to me, seems like she want say something, but in the end, she didn’t say anything more.

I decided to leave the house as early as yesterday. But around this time, i’ll be the same with Natsukawa, so I feel a bit awkward if I meet her, but I don’t think I’ll meet her again and again. Anyway, I hold my student bag and head to the front door.

“Hey, Wataru, wait for me.”



I was told, “I’m going to out too,”, by my older sister, she kept me waiting for some reason. I can’t hide my confusion from my older sister who is seeking attention more than ever. Wait, Don’t tell me…. No way! Maybe all along, she was… a brother complex!?

『”Huh?….Disgusting”』 (3rd time)

Nah, it’s impossible. My arrogance older sister can’t be a brother complex. Involuntarily, I could imagine my sister cursing me while pulling in my head…… Teacher, I don’t feel like going to school anymore today.

While still being confused, I wear loafers together with my sister. I don’t even understand why the situation become like this. Isn’t this the first time we go out together since I went to junior high school? In the first place, I don’t like the feeling of being in the same high school as my sister, it just makes me feel like that I’m really the youngest child.

“I’m going!”


Usually my sister doesn’t bother to say it, so when I said it, she said the same words in a small voice. She behave lot better now. When she just enroll to high-school, in the so-called Gyaru era of her, it was much worse than this. But the remnants of that are there.

“… So? Why did you suddenly say that you want to go together?”

“Huh? I just said I’m going too.”

“What’s the difference…”

A mysterious life form called a “Woman”. If this “Woman” is a girl students that’s close to me, I’d be happy to think that she maybe just a ‘Tsundere’, but the “Woman” is my sister…. Even the reason why she made me wait is too mysterious that it scared me. [TN: ‘Tsundere’ is… just google it]

When I followed my sister without knowing what she want, my sister who is walking a little in front suddenly stopped.

“Hey, What’s wrong with you?”

“….That girl.”

My sister points forward with her chin. Wait, why use your chin?

Looking in the direction she pointed, I found a familiar girl’s back standing at the corner of the school road. Instead of waiting for something, it seemed like she was looking into something at from the the corner of the road. She’s crouching in a miniskirt, so just a little bit more….. Aaa, Natsukawa-sama, thank you very much.



“Hey, you know her? If so and since we’re going that way, say hi to her then.”

“Hey, don’t keep staring…”

My sister, who have noticed my gaze, said that while touching my shoulder with the back of her hand. Realistically, saying hi to Natsukawa, who is in that position and state, seems to be just a bad idea and she might hate it. To be honest, I don’t want to go that way, even if it means I need take a detour. But behind me, an Overlord (Older Sister) is keep looking at me. So I’ve no choice, right?

“…… Natsukawa”


What… she just said?

Even my heart suddenly got ‘Hyaaaa’. The small, high-pitched voice that is not like the usual Natsukawa was so cute that I felt like I could explode at any moment now. Aaaaa, ‘Final Explosion!’.
[TN: ‘Final Explosion’, Do you know what reference this is from?… yeah, it’s from dragon ball.]

“Wa, Wataru…!?”

“Morning, what are you doing here….?”

Hmm…? Just now, did she just called me by my Name? Usually, she always called me by my last name….. Hmmm? Usually, what did Natsukawa say to call me? …Hmm?

“You see, there are some weird people…! What the hell is that!?”

“Wow, what a good scent….. What? Weird people?”

Natsukawa grabbed my arm, such a quick intimacy! My true intention spilled out of my mouth, but somehow I barely hold it up (*it’s too late). When I returned to myself and remembered Natsukawa’s words, I realized that she was saying something that was quite worrisome.

“That, try to see that…..!”


Just like Natsukawa, I secretly look beyond the corner. Looking beyond, I found four schoolboys in the same high school uniform as us stood in front of the both side of the fences. It’s like a Victory Road before challenging the Elite four. And it look like they will start the battle just by meeting their eyes.
[TN: ‘Victory road’, Do you know what reference is this?… yeah, it’s from Pokemon]

“Nevertheless, all of them are elite trainers…”

“What are you talking about…”

“Hey, how long do you plan on keep doing like that?”

“Eh… Ah!? Wataru’s older sister …!?”

While I’m cursing that, ‘Handsome guy should just die!’, in my mind, my older sister (Lv.63), who had been waiting for me, approached me with a low voice asking me to do it faster. Yeah, sure, I can’t win.

Wait a minute. Natsukawa, got weakened the moment she saw one of her friend’s sister, it’s like she just received a big damage from a ‘Hyper Beam’ attack. Damn, I can’t lose here! Wataru used ‘Splash’! But nothing happened!
[TN: Do you know what reference is this?… yeah, another one from Pokemon]

“You, what did you see from a while a….go!?”


『”Ah! Isn’t that Kaede!?”』


Without a joke, my danger sensor is sounding an alarm. The elite trainers who stood waiting at the end of the turn ran up to us, while saying my sister’s name. I wanted to escape with all my strength, but I couldn’t move because my sister was hiding and holding my arm from behind me. What is this, what she just stand behind me?

“Oi, Kaede! Who the fuck is that man! Why do you do such a thing like hiding from us!?”

“Annoying! Why are you all ambushing me! Disgusting!”

“Mega ○○ um! I choose you!”
[TN: It’s Meganium… but yeah, need to sensor the names I guess.]

“Hey, you, could you read the air for a moment…..”

Natsukawa, who seems to be in panic, picks up my uniform and desperately pulls it. I can’t be more happy than this, and now it seems like everyone decided to shake off everything and just run to the high school with a dash…… is what I hope to happen….. What? is that not allowed?

Author’s Note : Not Allowed


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