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Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 12

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12. Chapter 12

The next morning, I was awakened by Laila, who rushed into the room with a high tension. Then, after having a light breakfast, We visited the guild.

As expected, it’ll be bad if I wear the same clothes for two days in a row, so I decided to wear the clothes I bought while being guided by Laila yesterday.

“…..So, Kaito-kun wants to find out your aptitude of magic, is that correct?”


“I understand! I’ll prepare the Magic tools for it now, so please wait.”

I nods to the words of Mai-san, the woman I met in the guild yesterday.

She seems to be the receptionist of the guild today, so I asked her to check my Magic System.

“… I’m glad that I could find it out more easily than I expected.”

Magical aptitude seemed to be relatively easy to check and anyone could ask for it without any difficult procedures.

Well, maybe it’s also because Laila stand for me, who didn’t really know what to do.

“I wonder what kind of Magic System will it be?”

“Laila. Somehow, aren’t you looking forward to it more than I am?”

Laila is excited.

But, me? I’m rather nervous.

I have a feeling of looking forward to it too, but still, I’m nervous because it’s something that can affect my future.

“Kaito, You look so nervous, huh.”

“That’s, of course.”

I nod to Schiff, who is sitting on the reception table.

“For me, it doesn’t matter what kind of Magic System you have, because I and Lime just need to move instead of you.”


Lime on my shoulder screamed briefly to agree.

Still, I can’t helped wondering what will be the result. Maybe because it’s one of a man’s romance.

“Thank you for the waiting!”

Mai-san comes back in a half run.

Something like a blue crystal that is placed on a high-quality cloth is in her hand.

It looks like just a crystal, but it probably to detect the Magic System.

“If you pour your Mana into this crystal, you can check your Magic System.”

“So, I just need to let my Mana flow into it?”

“Yeah. When this crystal reacts to someone Mana, the light that represents the amount of Mana, the color that represents the Magic System, and the pattern inside the crystal that represents the details of the Magic System of the person, will appear. Knowing all that information, is what you need to check your Magic System.”

If it is only the color, it can be identified by just exerting your mana. But, it is possible to investigate more accurately by the amount of light and the pattern that will appear in the crystal.

According to Mai-san’s instructions, I just need to place my palm on the crystal and pour in my Mana.

Then, a bright light begins to be emitted from the crystal in less than ten seconds.

“… Yellow …..No, is it golden?”

The warm light that reminiscent me, a light bulb, is dyed in gold.

The crystal is full of glitter and particles, which are look like a snow globe.

Mai-san, who is seeing the shining crystal, tilted her head.

“Is it a Lightning Magic System? But, there is no lightning pattern peculiar to it, so what is it?”

“Even Main-san don’t know what it is?”

“That’s right. It’s a Magic System I’ve never seen, so I wonder if I have to look it up first.”

Is it a rare Magic System?

While thinking so, I looked at Laila, and I see that she was looking at the crystal with her eyes shining.

“It’s a beautiful light. And somehow, it feels warm.”

“I said it was colorless and transparent, but this is…”

My Mana seems to be rare even for the people around me.

The hustle and bustle of the guild becomes quieter.

When I, who had been attracting attention, tried to take my hand off the crystal, a large man came out from the back of the guild.

“…….What a Pure Mana that you have there.”

“Gu, guild Master!?”


The man who came out was Berce-san, a man who spoke immediately after I woke up from fainting two days ago.

He looks at the crystal with his eyes rounded as if he had seen something unusual.

“And more over it’s gold color, it’s something rare.”

“Do Guild Master know something about it?”

“Nah, this is the first time I’ve seen it.”

Berce-san nodded to Laila’s words and turned to me.

“Pure Mana refers to a high concentration of Mana. It is a Mana that is close to a no-attribute Magic System, but it can be said that it is the best Mana for a Tamer like you.”

“Is that because … that Mana is good to be given to the familiars?”

“Yeah. There is no mistake in that idea.”

I’m disappointed that I can’t control something like fire or thunder, but if my Mana can maximize the power of Schiff and Lime, it may not be so bad too.

“But Berce-dono. What does gold color mean? Is there a color distinction for the one who has Pure Mana?”

Schiff nodded as he was convinced, but he asked something that he concern to Berce-san.

“The purity of the Mana of the Pure Mana changes depending on the color. There are yellow, red, silver, gold, and silver, yellow is the lowest purity, and conversely, white silver is the highest. However, when it comes to While Silver, no one with who has that color appear very often. If it appear, most of the time it is not a normal human being, but a person who has lived since ancient times.”

“I see, that means, the Mana that Kaito has, is a Mana with a lot of of purity, right?”

Never did I thought, that my Mana is something like that……

There is a sense of superiority that my Mana is special, but I wonder if there are any disadvantages to having such Mana.

Because I don’t think it can be applied to anything else.

Moreover, this seems to be a very rare Mana, right?

“But having this kind of Mana is not all good.”

When I stare at my hand and think about that, I am surprised by Berce-san’s voice.

“In the past, there is a record that those who possessed Pure Mana were sacrificed to Monsters. Nowadays, although it is a bad custom that has perished, but some Monsters who know the “taste” of Pure Mana are still alive…… The Orochi you encountered is one of them.”

“I see, so that’s why The Orochi notice Kaito even from that far distance….. And I could see how obsessed that guy is toward Kaito.”

I remember Orochi’s eyes just before I fainted.

Was that aimed at my Mana?

It’s because of this Pure Mana that animals dislike me, but now, can I think that because of my Mana, I’m too much liked by Monsters?

“Well, you don’t have to be so scared. First, you rarely see such a powerful Monster. Rather, You’re unlikely to encounter it.”

“I, I see…”

I don’t want to encounter Monsters like Orochi again, so I’m relieved after hearing that words for the time being.

Then, I thought I’d talk to Mai-san about my next purpose coming here. But Berce-san is here, so maybe I should talk it to him.

“Berce-san, I’m thinking of taking the adventurer’s exam.”

When I said that, he opened his eyes.

I don’t know if He’s surprised at the answer now because I decided this in just two days. But I can’t pull back anymore.

“Have you really decided?”


“…..Well. If you choose that path, I won’t stop you. Mai-san, give him the exam documents.”


Mai-san, who nodded with a smile, presented a piece of paper and a black pen in front of me from the reception shelf.

“Then, Kaito-kun! Please fill in this document”

“Thank you…. Hmmm, first of all, my name …”


Everyone other than Schiff looks suspicious to me, who is just staring at the documents.

Right now, Schiff is holding his head with his front legs. Perhaps, even Schiff realized it too.

“What, what’s wrong? Kaito-kun, why you just staring at the documents……”

“… I’m sorry, but…. I can’t write.”

『 “…” 』

The entire guild becomes quiet.

After a few seconds, Laila, who move to my side, stole the pen from me, while laughing out loud.

“Hahahaha! Right, Kaito-kun was from a distant country! If so, it can’t be helped then! I’ll write it for you! That’s fine right, Mai-san!?”

“Huh!? Hmm… Guild Master…”

Mai-san asking for help, because she can’t judge it herself.

Berce-san was thinking about something with his hand on his chin, but he immediately replied to Mai-san.

“… Hmm? Well, since I’m present here, I guess, it’s okay.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Nah, but you should remember the letters from now on, to live here.”


I didn’t even think about it because up until now I could understand the language, but certainly I can’t understand the letters in this world.

I don’t know if it is the effect of the summoning that I could understand the words, but this problem should be solved immediately.

If Schiff know it, I’ll ask him to tech me little by little later.

However, even though there was an little accident, I was able to qualify for the exam to become an adventurer safely.

The scheduled test date is nineteen days later.

By then, I have to make an effort to clear the contents of the test, and know about how to use Schiff and Lime as my familiars.


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