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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 22

22. Neighbor 2

I place the salted shrimp on the net and grill it. It’s make a sizzling sound and a fragrant scent.

“Woow, it smells delicious.”

My mother, who is already full, gives her impressions happily.

It actually smells good and makes me want to eat it as soon as possible.

When the scallops are look like it almost done, I add a small amount of butter and a few drops of soy sauce.

Again, the fragrant scent stimulates my appetite.

“It’s about time.”

Maria who was watching the seafood condition declares that.

Certainly the color of the shrimp is look good and also look very delicious.


My mother takes the grilled shrimp happily, gets rid of the shell and bites it.

“Oh, the taste is great! The body has a nice texture and also delicious!”

Then she drink beer and eat again.

“Then, I’ll bring the rice, the steamed sea bream, and the sashimi.”

“Oh, bring some more beer too.”

My mother just asks for more and more.

It is an attitude that makes me think that she had forgotten that there is a guest.

Are she don’t mind it that much because the guest is our neighbor?

“Kikusui-san, Thank you very much, For giving something that looks so delicious like this.”

“Really, really, thank you.”

I says thank you again.

Since all the seafood I received was big and fresh.

“No, please don’t mind it too much.”

“Well, even tough we got it from Kikusui-san, but still please eat more! .”

While being shy, I tried to say it with a bitter smile …

“Well! I’ll bring it every day if you really want it!”

“Haha, that’s bad.”

If possible, bring some meat as well. And if possible, an expensive one please.

Well, I won’t say it…

“Sorry for making you wait.”

Maria brought a clay pot from which the rice and the steamed sea bream was cooked in a tray, and a platter of sashimi.”

“Well, the rice and the steamed sea bream has come, so let’s eat it.”

“Yes! Itadakimasu.”

“If Maria has nothing to do anymore, then come and eat together.”

“Thank you very much. Then, let me eat together with you.”

Maria basically always eats together with us, but when there are guets, she tries to eat separately, but Kikusui-san is a neighbor, so it’s okay I guess.

“If you don’t come and join us fast, my mom will eat it all.”

“I, I’m not that big eater!”

“… Is there no more shrimp or scallops on the net?”

“Yeah, it’s gone, so I left a new one.”

See, I know that I just said that, but you already ate it all, didn’t you?

Never mind, I’ll have rice and steamed sea bream then.

When I saw what was in the clay pot, the bone had already separated from the fish, so all I had to do was take it for my self, and also get Kikusui-san’s portion in the bowl.

“Is this amount all right?”

“Hyaa! Thank you.”

She say that and receive the bowl while trembling.

Somehow, it seems like I’m handing over dangerous goods.

I also get some for Maria and my mother.

“Thank you very much.”


Well, now, time for me to start eating as much as I can.

I wonder, how it will taste?

…..It’s very delicious, it’s a lightly cooked taste, and the taste of sea bream is condensed in it, and in addition to that, the deliciousness of the fish meat is added. The food is really finished as a masterpiece.

“It’s delicious.”

“Yes, That’s right.”

“Really delicious~”

Both Maria and my mother give a voice of consent.

When I look at Kikusui-san, I could see that she also eats deliciously.

The person who brought me such delicious food, I’ll give you a lot of services. The grilled shrimp was almost done, so I’ll take it and put it to Kikusui-san’s plate.

My mother’s chopsticks stretched out when I tried to took them, but I stopped her from taking more and took them. My mother had a slightly shocked face.

Hey, I know that you just ate a lot not long ago…

“Thank you very much.”

After seeing Kikusui-san who thanked me and started eating the shrimp, my mother asked a question.

“Kikusui-san, are you still having a hard time working?”

“Well, yeah…..”

It’s an interesting topic. The profession of the mysterious neighbor, Kikusui-san, must be something amazing.

But, all along, my mother knows about it huh…

“What kind of work that Kikusui-san is doing?”

It seem that Maria also curious, so she asked that.

“I’m curious about it too. So, what kind of work are you doing?”

Maybe she was under pressure from our question, she answer nervously.

“Hmmm, I, I wrote a something like novel…..”

And my mother suddenly butt in there.

“She’s amazing you know, after all, She’s a popular writer.”

“Hmmm, maybe it’s something I know? Could you tell me what’s the name of the tittle?”

When I say that, she grab something from her pocket and take out a book from it and give it to me.

When I receive the book, I check the cover, and the title is, “Tomorrow with you”. Hmm, I don’t know anything about this book. While thinking that, suddenly Maria, who saw the cover, says “Ah!”.

“Maria, do you know this?”

“More than just know it, But I read it and loved it.”

“Hmmm, is it famous?”

“If you’re a woman, you must at least read it once time. It’s so famous. It’s a popular book that has been going on for about 10 years.”

“Wow! Amazing!”

Involuntarily, I look at Kikusui-san with respect.

Kikusui-san, who turned her eyes, but because of being embarrassed, her face turned red.

“What kind of content is it?”

I ask Maria about the content.

“Hmm, it said that various men will be attracted to the girls who are doing their best, and various ‘Happenings’ will occur to the girl.”

Oh, is it that? The romantic comedy with the girl as the main character?

I flip it over and read the middle part.

“I lick you!”
[TN: well, in the raw it’s the pun of the kanji, it’s written ‘隙'(Suki) which mean gap, or chance. And supposedly the correct word is ‘好き’ (Suki), which mean like. But since it can’t translate well into English, let me make my own pun, Hahaha]

I suddenly found a typo…

Well, let’s continue without worrying about it.

“But, I….”

“I know! I know you haven’t decided yet on who is the one you like.”


“If so, I’ll make sure you can’t forget about me!”

Alert! this part is a bit ‘That’, so open and read it at your own risk!

Musashisakai pushes Mitaka down to the bed and steal her fresh lips.
[TN: Fun fact, ‘Musashisakai’ and ‘Mitaka’ are the names of area in Tokyo, and it’s just 1 station away from each other.]

Then, let his hands slip into her clothes and rub Mitaka’s ‘humble’ breasts violently.

Mitaka involuntarily raises her voice to the stimulus given by Musashisakai’s hand.

Perhaps, being pleased with her reaction, Musashisakai’s hand then extended to the secret part of Mitaka…….

………When I read that far, I slowly close the book.

Oi, isn’t this an erotic novel!?

Suddenly, Maria give some extra remarks.

“Every time, the main character come upon a ‘Happening’ that makes your heart beating, which also the reason why it’s very popular.”

And, Maria also added, “It is popular with a wide range of age groups from elementary school students to old woman. Even for me, I’m still looking forward to the next volume too.”. That was the end of the explanation of the book from Maria.

And to the words, Kikusui-san looked a little proud of it.

Wait! You mean, ‘This thing’ , this is a G-rated book!?


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