Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 21

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21. Neighbor

Let’s talk about my neighbor.

The person who lives next to my house is honestly a bit weird..

Hmmm, how should I put it…. She is just a suspicious person. Besides, there are always dark circles under her eyes, and I often see her staggered.

When I saw her, I always greeted her, but every time I did that, for some reason, she trembled.

Maybe, She have a communication disorder ….

But, I wonder why is the light of her place always on? I’m sure that she’s living alone, so it’s impossible to think that she is not working.

And you know, that mysterious neighbor is now in front of me, giving me some seafood.

When I heard what she said, I think that she was behaving strangely, but nothing really happened, she just came to share what she has. That’s all she did.

And just because Maria was out shopping, I’ve no choice but to dealing with it, but the woman in front of me….. my neighbor, she is called Kikusui-san… honestly, she looks terrible.

The dark circles under her eyes, the rough hair, and the skin that seems to be rough too. The face features is good, but it has the look of someone who is “Sorry for taking your time”…..

Above all, she doesn’t try to make eye contact at all.

“P-please, I, I got it from my parents. I, I couldn’t eat it all by myself… So, I want to… share… But! Of course! If you don’t want to receive it….. f-from a woman like me, hmmm, you don’t have to fo-force yourself… it’s okay…”

She ‘s so servile and caring!

“Hmm, thank you very much. I’ll be happy to receive it.”

I receive the Styrofoam box and take a look at the contents.

The box was packed with shrimp, shellfish such as scallops, and fish such as sea bream.

…… It’s full of seafood ingredients, and look very luxurious. To be honest, I’m very happy.

“Is it really okay for me to receive this many?”

“Of-of-of course! It’s okay!”

“Thank you very much.”

“If Hatano-san is the one who eat it, the-the-the fish will be happy too! Right!”

…… For the time being, could you calm down a little more? and look at me properly while talking, please.

“Then, bye!”

Saying so, she try to go back home with great momentum, so I try to stop her.

“Oh, please wait a moment.”

Kikusui-san, who heard my sudden words, stopped in the spot.

Then, she looks back with awkward movements like a rusty machine.

“Wha-wha-wha! What else I could help you with?”

Why is she so servile……

“No, I just feel bad if I don’t give you something back in return, so I was wondering if you would like to have dinner together.”


“Oh, I’m not forcing you, so…..”

“Is-is it really okay for me to eat in the table as you?”

“…..Of course.”

“I may die tomorrow”

Could you not saying something that sound like a bad omen like that?

“Kohaku-sama, what’s wrong?”

Maria, who went shopping, came back and seemed to wonder about us, who is standing at the front door.

“Nothing, I just received something from Kikusui-san, so I invited her to dinner because I feel got for not giving something back in return.”

Maria then looks at the seafood in the box and says in admiration.

“This, certainly it’s a lot.”

“Yeah, and it looks delicious.”

“Then, I will prepare dinner immediately.”

“Kikusui-san, please come in and wait until it is completed.”

Saying that, I guided Kikusui-san inside my home. Kikusui-san in question comes in while looking around.

“Then, let’s make rice with whole steamed sea bream, grill some of the others, and make some sashimi too.”
[TN: Sashimi is…. yeah, just google it]

“Did we have something like a portable clay cooking stove to grill at home?”

“Yes, there were two. We also have the charcoal.”

“Why we have two……”

Oh right, I remember that my mother roasting dried squid to eat with the alcohol…..

“It will take some time for the rice an the steamed sea bream. And, it’s time for Yoko-sama to return soon. I think it will be ready when she’s home.”

“Right, anyway it looks like just to grilling the shrimp over the charcoal and sprinkle it with salt will make it delicious enough.”

“Ye-Ye-Yes, it’s delicious when grilled, and it’s also delicious when you make it into a sashimi.”

“Oh, sorry, I almost forgot to get you some drink. I’m going to serve tea now, so please sit on the sofa.”

“Yes! I’m sorry for troubling you, and thank you very much.”

“Because you are a guest, please relax.”

To put it bluntly, she’s embarrassed until her face turned bright red.

Maybe She’s just nervous when she visit a house where there is a man inside…

When she sat down on the sofa as it was, she got stuck on the stop and stopped moving.

…… She’s still alive, right?

“I’m home”

While thinking so, my mother came back.

“Somehow, I can smells something delicious!”

She came into the living room while saying something like that because of the smell of the rice and the steamed sea bream.

Then, she tilts her head when she sees Kikusui-san, who is stuck on the sofa in the living room.

“Hmm? What happened to Kikusui-san?”

“Oh, She share some seafood to us, so I invited her to have a dinner together.”


Oh! She was alive. Wait, it’s natural that she was……

I suddenly thought about something like that, when I heard her reply to my mother who just returned home,.

“Ah, Welcome, thank you for sharing the seafood.”

“No, it’s not a big deal.”

And Maria comes over there.

“Yoko-sama, welcome back. Now that the rice and the steamed sea bream is ready, let’s have a dinner.”

Then, the dinner with my neighbor started.


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