Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 20

20. Graduation

Let rephrase it again, but as I thought the examination war is something amazing…..

From a certain time, suddenly the girls in our class were studying with terrifying momentum.

During breaks, no one talks wastefully. They always open reference books and practice books, and study hard.

To be honest, it scared me.

As the days go by, the girls in the class get tired, their skin becomes rough, and their hair loses its radiance.

When I see the situation to be so harsh, I asked on of them, ‘Are you okay?’, but when she heard that …

“It’s okay! I’m fine! Don’t worry! Still, thank you for your concern…”

She said that with her eyes that had lost their brilliance. To be honest, when I saw it with my own eyes, my spine gets cold, but it’s a secret.

And I also think,

‘However I see it, you doesn’t look okay at all!’

In such a situation, I was worried about everyone’s physical condition, so I made a homemade healthy drink and give it to them.

……They were so pleased to cry. It’s not such a big deal, so if they’re so pleased, it just makes me feel even more sorry.

The second half of such an abnormal junior high school life has finally passed, and the day of the graduation ceremony has finally come.

To be honest, I was wondering where they gonna take the exam, that it need them to study so extreme like that. But apparently they aim for the scholarship from Kenran High……

I see, if it’s there, it would have been necessary to drive yourself that far. But it’s unclear why all the girls in the class did such a reckless thing…..

However, maybe because of that horrifying study for the exams, but WOW!, two people passed the special scholarship student exemption from tuition fees. Moreover, all of them passed the normal entrance examination for Kenran High. However, because they can’t get the scholarship, being disappointed, some of them slammed her fist on the desk……. And, for some reason, The other said, ‘Please! I leave it on you!’, to the two girls who get the scholarship, the Chairman and Saegusa-san. And both of them were silently nodding.

Really, I wonder what were they asking for……

In the end, the only people who passed the entrance examination but actually went into Kenran were the two scholarship students and another two students who were from a wealthy family.

Even so, it seems that other girls than them, were able to go on to Public High School thanks to their studies at that time.

But, I’m glad, I couldn’t even see them to repeat one year because they can’t get into high school even after studying with that hard…

Really, I’m glad…..

And when a girl who came to say that they passed the test, to me. I unintentionally hugged the girl.

By the way, the girl was overjoyed, saying, “It’s the reward!!”, and rumors spread across the class that I would hug the girl who passed their test, so everyone came to report to me. Everyone was doing their best, so I hugged them without thinking much, but…

First of all, I hope that they go to the teacher first to report the success…

You see, the teacher is in tears right now…..

Well, I’m glad that everyone could passed the test.

Thanks to it, I can graduate comfortably.

The ceremony is over without a hitch, and the students say goodbye to each others.

Looking at it, Maegashira who’s next to me called out.

“Aaaah, It’s a goodbye to Hatano-kun, huh. Why don’t you come to Seimei?”

“As I said so many times already, it’s the result of after comparing the facilities with Kenran.”


“Well, it seems that you looking forward to Seimei.”

“That’s right, Seimei has someone called the ‘Instructor’, it seems to be a senior, but teaches new students what they don’t understand kindly and politely. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of people they are.”

Aaah, Boys Love, huh. I know what it is.

“I, I see…”

I will refrain from answering further.

I’m sorry, I don’t have that kind of hobby.

“Hmmm, Hatano-kun.”

When I think about that, suddenly I heard that my name being called. And, I saw the girl from my class stand there.

“Oh, Everyone, congratulations on your graduation.”

“Thank, thank you. Congratulations to Hatano-kun too.”

“Thank you. So, what’s wrong?”

“Uh, Uhmmm. Can… can you take a photo together with me?”


“Oh, if you don’t want to, it’s okay! It just since we were able to be in the same class, hmm… so, I thought maybe, I could keep it as memories.”

A voice that becomes smaller until I can’t really hear the last words.

Then, I say with a smile.

“It’s okay. Let’s take a picture. How about everyone?”

I tell my classmates who were watching over me with their saliva almost coming out from their mouth.

And, “Please!”, Everyone said that in the same moment.

In the end, I took individual pictures with each girl in the class, including Maegashira, and lastly, I also took a picture together with everyone.

“Hatano-kun, Thank you! I’ll make it a heirloom!”

“A photo with a boy, just two of us, it looks so great!”

“With this, I have good memories.”

“I can’t believe that I could take pictures together with a boy…”

“All of this feels like a dream comes true!”

It seems that everyone was pleased.

To be happy with just a simple thing like this, somehow it also makes me feel happy.

But, please, don’t make it a heirloom.

Looking back, my life in junior high school may have been fun.

Of course, the memory before I regained my memory, I just wanted to forget it, but still…..

It was a fun school life.

When I was about to go to go home after parting with everyone, I was called out again.

This time voice was came from the teacher.

“Congratulations on your graduation.”

“Thank you.”

“Hatano-kun, you have become a very good student. At first I was at a loss when I was decided to be in charge of you, but now I have good memories.”

I’m sorry for that time…

“Please do your best in High School.”

“Teacher, Thank you for taking care of me this whole time. Please be healthy from now on too.”

After saying that, and after clearing her throat, the teacher add another words.


“Is it okay for me to take a photo with you?”

The teacher said that.

And of course, I said, ‘OK’ , with a smile.


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