Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 19

19. Meeting

The end of the lesson bell echoes from the speakers in the classroom.

The teacher who heard the sound, did a short homeroom meeting and gave the final greeting as the homeroom teacher, and with that, today’s class was over. All I had to do was to go home.

Then one slightly plump boy speaks to another boy, a boy with beauty that everyone will recognize.

yawn, it’s finally over. Let’s go home?”

“Right. Let’s go.”

After such an exchange, both of them leave the classroom.

Shortly after they leave the classroom, a schoolgirl in the same class opens the classroom door and looks out over the hallway.

And another student calls out there.

“Are they gone already?”

“Yeah, it looks like they’ve already gone downstairs…”

When the others hear the words, one student stands up and goes up to the podium.

She start to speak out to the female students who have no sign of going back home yet.

“I have something to say that I want everyone to hear.”

It was Yuri Mishima, the Chairman of this class, who said that.

And responses come from the students who hear the words.

“Well, everyone know that. That’s why all of us still staying here…..”

Yes, there are talks about wanting only women in the class to remain, because the Chairman want to say something important, spreading around the female students of the class.

However, no one knows what it is about.

“Yes, right. Then I’ll just say it straightforwardly…”

Mishima takes a deep breath. Tension runs on other students who feel some heavy atmosphere there.

“… Apparently, Hatano-kun won’t enroll to Seimei.”

At the moment, the chair made a loud noise and the classroom became so noisy. This is because everyone who was sitting stood up vigorously.

“What!? You’re not joking right?”

“…By the way, at the briefing session, he said that he hadn’t decided yet.”

“Then, then! You might can really go to the same High School as him!?”

While the classroom still noisy, Mishima give another attack.

“It seems that Hatano-kun chose to enroll to Kenran High School.”

Hearing the words, the noisy classroom instantly fell silent.

“… Kenran.”

“Kenran, huh…”

“If I do my best, I may get accepted there…”

Everyone who listens to ‘Kenran’ words, they lost in their own thoughts. Since the school is big, the number of students accepted at Kenran High School is a lot, so if you study hard, you may be able to enroll there.

But the problem is …

“The tuition fee is high…”

Right, the tuition fee is high.

“Wait a minute, will Hatano-kun really go Kenran?”

“Yes, I came across a place where the teacher and Hatano-kun were talking and heard it by chance.”

“But why did you tell everyone?”

The girls in the class say what they wondered right now.

The class president, Mishima, answers the question while closing her eyes.

“Because, I’m frustrated…”


“Recently, Hatano-kun is very kind, smiles with that beautiful face, chats with me, helps me with my work. The thing that the other boy won’t do, he will do it without being disgusted.”

Certainly, everyone nods. Recently, a boy named Hatano has been surprisingly kind, and most of the student was able to spend the last time of junior high school like being in heaven.

“I’m very frustrated that those happiness are gonna be taken by people he will know from high school!”

And suddenly she hit the table….BANG! (Slam sound)

“Are you not frustrated? We’ve been together for at least three years, and it’s only recently that we’ve been able to talk to him, but the people he will meet in high school, could spend their high school life with the kind Hatano-kun from the beginning!”

‘I can’t forgive that!’, with that in mind, Mishima squeezes out her voice.

“That kind of thing, I don’t like that…”

“Sure, at first Hatano-kun didn’t even recognize our existence…”

“At that time, I felt happy just by looking at him… but compared to Hatano-kun now…”

Everyone thought that the difference is like heaven and earth.

“But, there’s nothing we can do about it, right?”

When a girl says so, Mishima answers the word.

“Every year, Kenran High elects three full tuition exemptions as academic scholarship students…… and half tuition exemptions as academic scholarship assistants for seven students.”


“Yeah, why don’t everyone in this class aim for this?”

“But! It’s not like everyone can go in the end…..”

“Yeah… but I thought that if even one person was chosen from this class, it could represent the feeling of the other student in junior high school.”

“In other words, do you mean that everyone will work together to study for the exam?”

“Yes, if I’m about to lose myself, and I see that everyone is with me, I think I could do my best.”

Everyone listen to Mishima’s words, think and answer it.

The first answer was came from Minori Saegusa.

“I will do it. If I become a scholarship student, I will definitely be in the same class as Hatano-kun.”

I think everyone is sure about that word. The boys in Kenran are said to be classified according to their appearance.

In that case, of course, from the appearance of a boy named Hatano, he would be placed in the best class, so if you becomes a scholarship student, you should be able to be in the same class as him. That’s just the matter of course.

Then, even in high school you could be in the same class as Hatano, work hard together with him at the athletic meet, and have fun together at the school festival.

Thinking of such a life, everyone shows their willingness to agree one after another.

The will of the class was settled here, and it was decided to send as many scholarship students as possible from this class.

After all, if you send in even one person, even if you can’t go, you can have a relationship with Hatano using that person as a connection…..

“If even one person can go to the same class as Hatano-kun, Please hold a Junior High School class reunion and don’t forget to bring Hatano-kun!”

With that promise in mind, everyone swear to survive the harsh examination war.


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