Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 18

18. Art of self-defense

With this, my future course has been decided. A few days later, Maki-san made a contract and came back to school. Then before she left, saying that she wanted to say hello to my parents, so she asked me tell them when is the good day to meet.

And I have already told my mother. At first, I was told that I should go on to Seimei, but I somehow managed to persuade her.

I don’t want my High School Life to be full of Boys Love stories, so I really tried my best to persuade her. After that, what I need to do from now on is, I should do some review for my high school classes every day.

I remember graduating from high school once, but I don’t remember high school classes after I’m starting to work….

Therefore, if I do not study hard, I will definitely fail my class.

…. You see, the importance of studying can be understood only after you become an adult.

Well, I’ve decided where to enroll, For now, I can relax a little. So, I’d like to ask Koujou-san if she can teach me the self-defense technique that I had been thinking about before.

When I got down to the living room, Koujou-san was just cleaning the kitchen area.

“Oh, Koujou-san. after that’s over, could I ask you something?”

“Kohaku-sama, you don’t need to call me with honorific. Please call me, Maria.”

It is said so with the usual expressionless face. However, I could feel that somewhat she’s dissatisfied …

In fact, I had been asked to call her by her nickname. However, since I’ve just met her only for a few times, I didn’t call her by her nickname because I’m kind of reluctant to say it. But now, I feel like she about to get angry if I don’t do that.

“Okay, I understand. I’ll call you Maria from now on.”

“Yes, please do so.”

The face is expressionless, but the voice sounds that she’s somehow a little excited. Maybe I just choose the correct answer.

“I’m sorry if I just disturbed you, but I wonder you can spare some time for me after that.”

“Yes, no problem. It will take about five minutes more, so please wait for a while.”

“Thank you.”

After I heard that words, sit on the sofa in the living room and turned on the TV. And on the screen was ‘Super Arts’, the most popular sport in the world.

‘Super Arts’, It’s a martial art that takes place within a limited range and use some special equipment. The range is generally a circle about 100 meters in diameter.

This martial art, The big difference it has with the one from my past-life is that the battle that takes place here is not just a striking battle, but a battle that is somehow it’s looks like you do it with using some magic. The martial arts player also wears a special device on their body and rampages through a vast field. The awesomeness seems to be using magic as I mentioned earlier. Because it is natural for ‘Super Arts’ players to crush large rocks with their bare hands and run up the wall vertically. Some players attack by putting out flames or water. It’s just like Magic. And it’s okay even if you use weapons. It’s really different from the one in my past-life.

This Super Arts is hugely popular within boys, and the sports pros are also very popular within boys.

That’s why many women are longing to become a professional in this sport.

The buzzer at the end of the match rang from the TV, and the match they were playing ended with one of them got knocked out.

At the end, the person was struck by her stomach and blew away several tens of meters. It is tremendously powerful. I can see why it’s popular, even me, I like it too…..

But I never realized about this before, but how could they say alive after that….. The special device is really amazing….

When I think about that, Maria calls out to me. Five minutes had passed when I saw the time.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. What kind of thing could I help you with?”

“Hmmm, Maria was qualified as a first-class escort, right?”

“Yes, I will definitely protect Kohaku-sama’s body.”

“Well, thank you….”

“That’s a matter of course.”

“But we’ll not always be together, so I want to be able to protect myself, and I’d like to be taught some self-defense.”

“…..It’s certainly important to have a way to protect yourself. I understand, if you’re okay with me teaching you, I’ll teach you.”

“Thank you. Oh, I run every morning, so I think I have some physical strength.”

“I see, then let go to the garden, I’m going to teach there.”


When I go to the garden, Maria tells me something important.

“What do you think is the most important to protect only yourself?”

“Hmmm, I wonder? Maybe Power or skill?”

“No, it’s the mind. You can call it the readiness. It’s often called the mind, body, and skill, but the most important thing is the mind.”

Of course, the latter two are also important, says Maria.

“In other words, do you want me to strengthen my mind?”


“But I’d like you to teach me how to defeat the person who attacked me…..”

“For an ordinary person to hit or hurt another person, it’ll give you mental burden, so it’s very important to train your mind…. Well, it’s important, but it’s very easy. Don’t hesitate and keep think strongly about “killing the other person”, this is all you need. “

“That’s all?”

“Yes, if you hesitate when it’s happen, you will just giving a chance for the enemies. So, if you are attacked, please do not hesitate to kill.”


“Then, let’s go to practice. Please receive this first.”

With that said, she give me something that she took out from somewhere.

I felt it was heavier than the actual weight.


“…? What’s wrong?”

“What is this…”

I think my eyes were probably hollow when I asked that.

“Well, it’s just a knife?”

That’s right, the knife that was handed over earlier was a knife with a total length of about 30 cm.


Maria was wondering about me when I went silent, but then she said “Oh” as if she was understood something.

“Is it too big to carry?”

No! That’s not the case!

Maria continues talking without noticing my thoughts.

“If, if you are attacked by a violence girl, don’t hesitate to fight back.”


“If you have a weapon, some gap in skill wouldn’t be that matter.”

“What? In other words, if I’m attacked, stab that person…..”

“Yes, as I said, don’t hesitate to fight back. Even if you don’t land a hit, if you know what you’re doing, your opponent will flinch. You can choose to escape or chase that person after that.”


“…? …Ah, don’t worry, men are allowed to carry something sharp for their own safety. But, of course firearms are not allowed.”

With that said, Maria who always has an expressionless face, for a moment, she seemed to make a bitter smile.

…… No, this is different from the art of self-defense I was thinking of.

In the end, I managed to persuade her to teach me ordinary self-defense …


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