Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 17

17. Negotiation

Give me 10 million, the woman in front of me is stunned by the words.

“Te, en!!”

Apparently she can’t even say the words.

“Ten million….”

Ah, a mutter is leaking from the teacher who is standing behind me.

Apparently, both of them were quite shocked. Well that would be the case.

Because, even I think, that I’ve gone too far……

But now that I’ve said it, I can’t back down.

“Such a…! 10 million is too outrageous!!”

That’s right! I know that. 10 million just for going to school is too much!

“Of course, it’s not just for that.”

After all 10 million for only that is just too much, so let’s do a little work.

“I’ll accompany Maki-san while doing school information briefing session like today and work as an advertising sign.”

“Eh, advertising sign?”

“Yes, let’s appeal the good part of the school from the standpoint of the current student to the briefing sessions held at each junior high school.”

“… That’s certainly attractive…. but, 10 million…”

Oh, she seems to think about it. I’ll push it one more time.

“Think about it, Kenran high school costs 20,000 jenny for the examination fee, right? If I appeal and solicit the good points of the school at the briefing session, honestly, the number of examinees should increase to the extent that it can not be compared with now. So, if you simply think about it and take the exam for 500 people, you can get the money back, right? “

Leave the costs and those who originally intended to take the exam aside, I continue to talk.

“And the total number of people attending the briefing will be in the thousands. Maybe many of them think of Kenran High as a destination. And if they go on to Kenran, tuition will come in, right? At the briefing, I will showcase the good points of Kenran High School, and the number of examinees should not be comparable to now. “

There is no basis for that! However, it is not a complete bullshit. In this world, the number of customers at various events will differ depending on whether or not men appear. And sure, the difference can be seen clearly when men appeared. So what I said is not a lie, and above all! A beautiful man like me invites them, they must be attracted!

Well, that said, 10 million is the point when you need to think and hesitate. I think they will probably lower the price and negotiate. Maybe she’ll say, let me go back and talk to my boss first, or something like that.


Maki-san is thinking in front of me. I’m waiting for her to respond first, so I’ll wait silently.

After a while, Maki-san raises her face, perhaps because her thoughts have come together.

“I understand. I will accept the proposal.”

Accept!? Will you really gonna pay me 10 million Jenny? Seriously!? Is it okay not to negotiate the price first?

“Are you sure? You don’t have to decide now, you know…”

“No, it’s okay because I’m the one in charge when it come to to hiring boys.”

Hmmm? Is this person actually the one in charge?

“But, will you really come to the briefing with me?”

“Yes, I said it myself, but please do not put a burden on my studies. Specifically, I’ll accompany to as many junior high schools as I could, and stop when the holidays came. Of course. I know you won’t do that, but just in case. “

“Fufufu, I know. It’s okay because I won’t ask you to do something unreasonable.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Just with Hatano-kun participating, as you said earlier, the number of examinees will increase. And if the boys appeal about Kenran High at the briefing session, some bad rumors about our school will fade out. It may disappear completely, and it is possible that the number of male examinees will increase.”

Certainly, it would be reassuring to find out that the same gender is having fun there. Then, they will consider it to be the one of their carrier paths.

……Because right now, it’s not even an option for many men.

“But I can only say the truth, so if I don’t have fun in Kenran High Shcool, I can’t appeal. Please be sure to remember that.”

“It’s okay. Many of our students are girl. They don’t hate men…. No, well, some of them might stare at men sometimes.”

“That is….. Well, I’ll endure it to my limit.”

If you’re a men in here, that kind of thing will always follows you wherever you go.

“Then, I’ll bring you the talk today in the form of a contract at a later date, so it will take some time, is that okay?”

“Yes, it’s okay. Thank you for today.”

“No, this was a worthwhile talk.”

Maki-san smiles at me and asks for a handshake. I take the hand and thank her, then let go.

Then, Maki-san is staring at the released hand.

“What’s wrong?”

“Ah! No, Hmmm..”

She can’t say it clear for some reason, but then she nervously talk.

“… That was the first time I had come into contact with a man, even though it was my working time. And I never talked to men so much like this.”

I see. Since, I’m going to go around a lot with this person in the future, I’ll try to get along with her a little…

“Maki-san, Please take care of me from now on.”

I give words with a smile.

“Me too! Please take care of me! I will serve you with my utmost sincerity!”

She respond energetically, but the words is a bit…

After that, three people leave the room.

“Then, it’s the end of the talk, thank you for today.”

That said, and Maki-san went home.

After seeing her off, the teacher suddenly…

“More than double of my annual income……”

Muttering something like that.


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  1. OOF! “More than double my annual income…” I felt that. Poor guy. …though come to think of it it’s sorta odd to even find a male teacher like that in this world surely. He must really love the work.

    1. That, or the translator mistranslated it as “he”. Japanese have confusing as hell gender pronouns. Doesn’t help you often catch campy gay guys using effeminate pronouns and manly women using manly pronouns.

  2. It seems funny at first glance but I would like to ask the girls if they were feeling like that too when the co-ed school has exceptionally low percentile of girls.
    Yeah it’s not funny when you look too deep into that.

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