Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 36

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36. In the meantime, It’s raining

“Well, it’s morning!”

I wake up with the sound of the door opening loudly.

Of course, needless to say, I know Illias is coming into the room.

Rubbing my sleepy eyes, I get up and turn to my voice. It is Illias herself who is reflected in my view.

She should usually get up later than me and still look sleepy at this kind of time, but for some reason she seems to be full of energy today. By the way, She’s wearing full-body armor already instead of sleeping clothes.

“What do you want? It’s not even the time when the sky is bright. And I don’t think I asked for this…..”

“From today I will be in charge of your escort. I thought I had to check it from the time you woke up to get a good grasp of how I should escort you.”

Illias is unprecedentedly so confident. I feel the tension that is a reminiscent of high school students on the first day of their school trip.

“The attitude of understanding the behavior of the escort target is excellent, but is there anyone who suddenly change the wake-up time of the target?”


Hey, don’t just ‘Ah’ me…. Still, if I decide to sleep again from now on, it will be difficult to get up at my usual time.

“It can’t be helped. My eyes are half open and I don’t want to go to bed again. Sometimes I should get up early.”

Then, I get up slowly while checking my physical condition. Since the side effect of Maya’s possession, which is used to understand the language of this world, and the side effect that muscle pain is delayed due two days, it is necessary to check my physical condition while doing a light stretch like this. It’s a daily routine already.



Illias is looking at me while I’m stretching. I understand that you said that you would check my condition and situation, but could you please guess it faster?

“I want to change my clothes”

“I don’t mind, you know.”

“Get out!”

After that, I have my breakfast and take a tea break. There are three people in the living room except Lacra. Lacra is still sleeping soundly, probably because of her new bed.

Illias looks at me when I take a break. She’s staring at me intensely.

“Well, Should we study at home all day today?”

“Yes, Shisho-“

“Wait, why don’t you go out?”

“Look out the window.”

It’s a little dark outside the window. Furthermore, the sound of rain is pleasant to my ears. I don’t want to go out for no reason on such a day.

“What’s wrong with it?”

“I don’t want to get wet, so I’m spending my time at home today.”

“Wolfe don’t want to get wet either.”

“You are hired by His Majesty, right? What do you need to rest just because of the rain!?”

“Marito just tells me to come on a free day. I get some wages, but it’s a commission system so I can take a break at any time.”

By the way, if the content of the story I told to him is good, I can get a small amount of money, and if he can use it for his new policies, I can get a reasonable idea fee. I’m grateful for it, but I don’t want to go there every day.

“If what you tell to His Majesty today could be incorporated into this Kingdom policy, people’s lives will improve a day sooner.”

“Then, if I go out in the rain and catch a cold for three days, the improvement will be delayed for two days. Marito also has a normal job. Anyway, if I forcibly increase the number of jobs, it will be just a burden for Marito.”

“Mmmm… But my first day of escort is inside the house for a whole day is just…..”

“You don’t need to be so tense like that. From now on, if you protected me with that kind of attitude every day, both of us will just get tired.”

“That’s right, but….”

Still, Illias doesn’t seem to be convinced. It’s not hard to understand the excitement of the knight’s life, which is usually disciplined.

However, it is a different story whether or not to take off one’s job. It is even better to make her give up and understand that this is also life.

“Shisho, Wolfe want to go to the Castle.”

“It’s raining today, so today’s training…..Right. Marito said to bring you there once in a while. So, should we go?”


“That’s it. We’re going out, Illias.”

“Ye, yeah!”

Wolfe has taken the trouble to read the air and tells me to go out for Illias’ sake. So, I can’t just ignore two people opinions.

You see, humans who want to live safely are vulnerable to the consequences of democracy.

After getting ready, Lacra got up at the timing of departure.

yawn, good morning everyone….”

“Alright, everyone run!”

“Wait a minute!?”

That’s how I arrived at Marito’s office. Marito was just free, partly because I came slowly.

“Hmm, a lot of people came today, huh. It was unexpected that even Lacra from Yugura Religion came.”

“Sorry, she was resisted so hard when I tried to tie her up.”

“Don’t leave me alone! Even so, it’s a fine office. The offices of the archbishops of Yugura Religion are all small and simple.”

“Yeah, I heard that before. It seems that the current Pope, Euparo, likes simplicity, and others are influenced by it. This room is the place used by successive kings, sure it feels wide, but I don’t have to renovate it narrowly either. “

“Still, it’s too small if there are six people inside.”

“It can’t be helped, there are five more, right?”

An invisible hand taps on my shoulder. By the way, I had to keep secret about that guy. It may be acceptable up to Illias, but it seems that I want to hide it from Lacra. So, I deliberately look around.

“Oh, by the way, Lord Ragdo who is always here, he’s not present today?”

“He was always there because the period you were in was a special time. He’s usually busy wandering around.”

“… Your Majesty Marito, is surprisingly quite relaxed when talking with Shosho-sama.”

“Because it’s one of the few friends I have. Unless it’s an official place, I will use this way of talking.”

I don’t mind that, but it’s confusing for those who hear that you can switch your way of talking from time to time. As for Lacra, I don’t feel like She’ll be able to understand it.

It can’t be helped to just chat lazily. The reason I came today is to show Illias a normal life. Let’s talk about the Earth’ culture to Marito.

“I remembered something because of the rain, but isn’t there a weather forecast in this world?”

“Weather forecast means reading the weather in advance and communicating it to others, right? Do you do that in that world? But, isn’t the weather unpredictable?”

“Sure, We can’t change the weather, but it has a prediction rate of around 80% just based from the movement of clouds. Well, you could predict it in various ways, so it could let the people prepare for the weather. Changes in temperature also could be predicted too.”

“Hmmmm. I thought that if you look at the rain clouds, you can be wary of the rain after that, but you can’t predict the weather of the day, but you can do that, huh. Certainly, if you understand the flow of that day weather, you can prepare for anything in advance. Sure, It is something convenient.”

“Artificial satellites…. Hmmm, it’s a method of installing an unmanned turret above the clouds, observing the flow of the clouds on the ground, and reading the weather ahead.”

“I’m not sure about the detail of the process, but if you can constantly monitor the movement of clouds from the sky, you can predict the weather to some extent.”

Voice communication is possible with the Secret Art of Yugura Religion. There are technologies like fax too, but they are still a long way in the future to be widespread enough.

However, considering Maya’s possession technique, it may be possible to use an alternative method using Magic. Anyway, it’s a system that can be fully translated in real time, this is not yet completed even in the earth.

“In Shosho-sama’ world, various things are possible, huh.”

“The number one factor is the absence of magic. It’s a level that hasn’t been completely denied but hasn’t been proven. That’s why people are developing civilization in that way.”

“A world without magic… it seems inconvenient.”

“As a result of somehow improving that inconvenience, you can do various things there.”

The drawback in this world is that although there is a paranormal phenomenon called Magic, each country is not actively researching it.

Civilization has evolved due to the development of war and medicine. However, due to the involvement of Magic, precise research has not progressed, and the existence of the Magic Sealing Stone has put a brake on its further development.

The frequency of wars is low, and the competitive spirit against other countries can’t be really seen. So, it is no wonder that civilization is slowly developing.

Yugura Religion’s use of Magic as a peculiar technique may be due to the awareness that the Demon King may reappear in the future.

“Oh, right. Since the number of visitors is increasing by three today. If you have any questions about civilizations in different worlds, just ask.”

I see, so there such a way to like this, huh? Sure, They may have questions from unexpected directions.

I see Illias, Wolfe and Lacra. The first person to raise her hand was Lacra.

“In “Dog’s Bone”, Shosho-sama has established a dish that uses salt, which is his favorite food. The cooking culture in that world, How it look like?”

“Well, there’s one big differences. In that world, you can fly anywhere in the world just in a day or two. Ingredients that you want to get, you can try to get if you want. Therefore, the customs of each country and foreign cultures have been added to make unique changes.”

“I see, is the ‘Earth’ unexpectedly small?”

“I don’t know how big this world is, but my hometown, Japan, is about 60th in size. But it’s still many times larger than the Tiez territory?”


“Over 200 countries, and population over 7 billion in total.”

“It’s so huge, but just in a day or two…”

“Hmm, how should I explain it….. Hundreds of people are on board and flying in the sky are flying day and night. Of course, there are also large ships that can carry more than 2,000 people. “

“Wow, that many!?”

No, no, the people here could run 20 km/h, and normal horses here are all at the horse racing level, the movement abilities of this world is also at a strange level. It goes without saying that this world and the earth at the same era, this world is more developed than the Earth.

“That’s why I feel that the food culture is progressing quickly because we can always use ingredients from other countries and we are focusing on further development together. Do you have any next questions?”


“Wolfe, what is it?”

“Is there something like Wolfe’s village at there?”

A very hard question came up. But it’s certainly something that Wolfe is worried about.

“First of all, there are no sub-humans at Earth. However, due to the influence of the difference in temperature and sunlight exposure depending on the region, the difference between the one with white and black skin is sparser than in this world. In the past, skin color discrimination was terrible. “

“How is it now?”

“It could be said equal, but it doesn’t mean that past customs have completely disappeared. We are currently struggling to correct it.”


“Yeah, it’s amazing. By the way, in terms of the degree of civilization development, there are some areas where there are villages similar to the Wolfe’s village. These tribes are doing well while preserving their culture.”

“What about the place where Shisho was born?”

“I’m from Japan. The population is about 100 million, and there are rural areas also urban areas. There is no racial discrimination, but there is moderate gender discrimination, age discrimination, job discrimination, etc. Instead, they vote for representatives from the people, who hold daily parliaments to discuss the future of the country.”

“I can’t really image that.”

You’re the King. The population is still growing, and few will be able to help you in the future.

“All the people have a lot of opportunities to get compulsory education from 6 years old for 9 years, then 3 years of self-choice, and then 4 years or even a few years. With that, you can aim for a certain position with effort and luck.”

“You’re not tied to the family business, huh.”

“Although there are some like that, but parents are less likely to decide on their children’s lives. For the detail explanation, let’s do it after Wolfe gains a little more knowledge of the country. So that Wolfe can do some comparation to understand it faster, okay?”


But, to be honest, I don’t want Wolfe to be poisoned by the common sense of the Earth. If she feel uncomfortable with the system in this world, it can be stressful for her to live.

“Lastly, I…. Hmm … what about the military force in your world?”

“Speaking straightforwardly, there is no such a monster like you at there. There may be people who are close in terms of skill, but as long as there is no means of strengthening with Mana, the physical ability of the people there is limited.”

“Sure, it’s going to be hard without Mana Enhancement. So if Tiez and your country fight, will our country overwhelm yours?”

“It’s a very special assumption because we don’t like wars…If the people on the Earth gets serious, we could make Marito surrender completely in three days. “

“What!? But in your story, isn’t your army can’t be compared to our Knights?”

“Yes, but there is something we can do. It’s still painful if the enemies at the Illias level, but we could annihilate ordinary knights. So, even if you keep winning alone, in the end that’s not enough to win the war, right?”

Illias may withstand tank bombardment, but the others are not the same Gorilla like her. Firearms might also effective, and it is difficult to deal if the battles within the city.

If so, we should just leave Illias alone and make a saturation attack and end the war like that.

“That is….”

“If you push the village or the kingdom to the battlefield as it is, It’ll be a race to break Marito’s heart or lose the people.”

“If the people are involved, as expected it’ll be hard.”

“But Japan is a pacifist. It try to have nothing but force to protect the country it self. I think other countries are more aggressive.”

It is difficult at this stage to allow the Japanese to invade other countries. Even if it’s the countries in the fantasy world, public opinion will be harsh.

“If you can go back and forth between your world and ours, that would be a big problem.”

“It’s just wishful thinking, My world tends not to like war. As long as you don’t launch a genocide on my world, we’ll be mild. Fortunately, with Maya’s possession, communication can be done easily.”

“I see, if you can communicate, you can ask someone to stand around between two countries like the relationship between Tiez and the Black Wolf’ village.”

I avoided a bad way to speak because it was in front of the king, but that’s right. Self-control will not be difficult if they are not barbarians and can communicate with each other.

Although there is cultural friction, The Earth has a history of experiencing wars. So, the objective opinion is, ‘there should be no problem’, right?

However, the situation changes depending on which country will be the bridge between two world. If it is Japan, it will be mild, but what will happen to other countries…..

“In summary, the strength of the individual in here is higher than the standard in my world. But, as a comprehensive force, I feel like my world is better.”

“I’m still a little unconvinced, but… if you say so, I guess it must be true then.”

“That’s because I’m just an average person there. Still, if I want to produce some achievements, I need to understand the high level of professional ability. Because there are experts in each field of crimes at my world. It’s that kind of world.”

“That is…. true.”

“Okay, since we talked about this, let me ask, what kind of a person are you?”

“I’m just an ordinary person living in the city. But sometime, I use my head a little.”

“Hmmm, it must be somewhere in uninhabited area.”

“Shut up.”

The viability of an individual can’t even be compared. Sure, we can win in the war, but everyone will get a mental trauma.

“Let’s stop the dangerous story around here. I’m a little interested in the mechanism of transferring pictures from the turret that came out in the weather story. I wonder if you can explain in detail as much as you can?”

“Hmm, is it better to explain from the binary system that Marito understood? Starting with a combination of one and zero…..”

With that feeling, I start talking in more detail. Around this point, explanations using figures have begun, and it is difficult to follow stories other than the intelligent Marito. But I have them to listen it quietly.

Lacra fell asleep, so I threw her out from the room.

I made them understand the mechanism of converting an image into a numerical value, sending it to the recipient side as an electric signal, and outputting it as an image again, and the story went on to the point where I said what the mechanism of the electric signal was. And before I noticed it, it was already a good time to go back.

It would have been only a few hours if I had prepared the materials to be presented in advance, but still it is difficult to be fully prepared because the number of questions increases each time.

On the way back, the rain had come to the extent that it made me want to question the significance of the coat that I was wearing.

“In the end, I just wasting my time in the safest place in this kingdom, what Illias think about your job right now?”

“That said, it was more like an observation than an escort… but I think I heard a valuable story. Now, I understand why His Majesty wants to hire you.”

“But, as Marito said, if I can come and go freely between my world and this world, I’m sure you will be exempted from your role as soon as possible.”

If you can call an expert and listen the detail, there is no longer a thing that the king likes from me, which is just an ordinary people in another world. Moreover, I will not be escorted by knights as it is now.

With that in mind, I would like to refrain from imagining the development of this world.

“But still, it could be said that you’re helping us right now. Even if that happens in the future, His Majesty will never forget to thank you.”

“…That’s right.”

yawn! I slept well! The story of Shosho-sama has the power to make someone sleep well!”

“I can’t take her to the castle anymore, or rather, she’s completely unemployed without being given a church job.”

“That’s right… If only the Pope came already, I can go back to Mejis and go back to monster hunting… but I don’t have enough traveling expenses anymore!”

Lacra seems to be excellent in battle. She’s a priest that also has a good track record. Others than that are terrible, so you can see that only her ability is considerable.

However, there is almost no damage caused by Monsters in Tiez territory. Even if there is, the knight who is resident in the village will do something about it.

As for her work as a priest… Right, she has the skill to get expelled from the church by the archbishop in this country. I think that if she have some talent, I can do some kind of mediation….

Should I ask her to use her combat skills as to become a training partner with the knights? However, it is difficult to get a salary from that. It is hard to say that she is so good that she can be called a combat adviser either.

As an instructor who teaches Yugura Religion techniques……. She should refrain from inadvertently leaking their secret techniques.

After all, there is no choice but to find a job that’s suitable even with Lacra’s airhead trait.

“Should I think about what kind of work that Lacra could do….. I guess, nothing?

“Shosho-sama, I don’t mind if you want to always feed me you know?”

“… Should I sell you?”



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