Santa Claus wo Koroshita. Soshite, Kiss wo Shita ch 1 part 2

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1-2. Even just breathing makes me sad (part 2)

“Well, criminal. It’s night already, so it’s too late to talk in detail about the cooperation, so please send me back for now.”

Cooperation? I didn’t think it could be called that, but I reluctantly nodded that I understood.

“So, where is your house?”

“What are you talking about? we’re going to your house, you know.”

“… What? My house? No way…”

Leaving me, who’s still not moving, behind. The girl goes on to the bus stop. I sighed with less irritation and sprinted to catch up with her.

“Hey, if you don’t have the money, I’ll lend you, so please, just take a taxi to go Home or stay at an Internet Cafe.”
[TN : Well, A lot of internet Cafe in japan has a private room, so a lot people using it to sleep overnight if they missed the last train to go back home.]

“I don’t want to.”

And she blatantly refused my offer.

“I didn’t ask whether you want it or not…”

The girl staring at me. I’m shaking my head as fast as I could. Who knows, maybe I might get kicked again. Besides, I have a weakness with her. So, I thought it would be wise not to not go against her.

On the way to the apartment, I made her wear the down coat I was wearing. You see, if I’ve been seen walking with a girl in uniform, I might be questioned by a police.

“I’m having a situation where I can’t go home for a while now.”

“Then you should stay at your friend’s house.”

“I hate it, and anyway I don’t have any friends.”

“If you had that kind of personality, I guess so.”

I could see that she put more effort into her hand that holding her school bag. She shakes it at my belly in a batting manner. It’s not that I can’t respond to it but the shock straight ran to my upper body. Is there a book inside? I had no choice but to crouch on the spot because of the pain.

So, I apologize to her after coughing for a while.

“Okay, okay, it was my fault.”

“Yes, it’s your fault. Please reflect.”

There is a slight anger in the plain tone. I sighed in a low voice that the girl couldn’t hear it.

After that, I walked silently, and after a while I stopped in front of one apartment.

“We’ve arrived,”

And when she saw me climb the stairs in the old apartment,

“Well, I wasn’t expecting much from the start.”

The girl sighed behind me.

Standing in front of a room, I tries to take the key from my wallet in my pocket. However, my hands are numb and it could only be moved slowly.

“You should do it faster, unless you want to be seen by someone when I’m coming in.”

“I know.”

I insert the key and open the door. From the door, I could see garbage that I left in the kitchen. And a smells strange came from nowhere. Pink mold grows in the bath, and the room is full of laundry, pet bottles and empty lunch boxes.

After the girl confirming that the toilet was dirty,

“I withdraw my previous statement.”

She sighed while saying that.

“Hmm, is it that ‘Please reflect’?”

“No, it’s the ‘I wasn’t expecting much from the start’…… I didn’t think it was so dirty.”

“At this time, you still have the last train.”

“Okay. So, shall I go to your favorite senior’s house with this notebook? I think her new boyfriend will be with her by now.”

” … “

Seeing me shut my mouth, the girl snorted and took the deodorant spray out of her school bag.

When she finished sprinkling it all over the room, she slipped into my bed before I could stopped her.

“Hey, it’s my bed.”

“If you get closer, you’ll be charged not only for the preliminary murder, but also for the crime of raping a minor.”

While being accused like that, the girl fell asleep while facing the wall, and saying that she wouldn’t speak anymore.

And me, who’s being left alone, sat on the sofa without saying anything. When I see a girl who doesn’t move under the blanket, I wonder why all of this happened. To be honest, I didn’t want to bring her up to my room. If that uniform isn’t a cosplay, she’s really just a minor. What I was doing right now was kidnapping from other people point of view.

Still, the girl has my notebook. It was too careless of me to dropped it. It’s so stupid that I could be threatened by a high school girl because of that.

I sigh and stand up. I’m hungry. I think I’ll eat anything to change my mood.

I go to the fridge and look for something. However, the only things that could be called solid things in the refrigerator were seasonings, discolored onions, and a salad that was opened more than three days ago. Even if I look at the shelves, there is nothing that seems could satisfy my hunger.

I sigh a few times today, saying I’m so unlucky today. I couldn’t help it, in the end I took out a can of beer that was lying in the back of the refrigerator. There is a girl in the living room, so I stand in front of the ventilation fan in the kitchen and drink it. I was a little hungry, but I felt sick because my stomach became hot with alcohol.

When I finished drinking, I used the can as an ashtray and smoked. While exhaling smoke towards the ventilator, I remember just an hour ago.

“Let’s erase ‘Christmas’, huh….”

After muttering so, I mocked myself and laughed with my nose. It’s just too ridiculous.

When I returned to the living room, the girl seemed to be sleeping with her school bag. Is my notebook in that? When I was wondering if I could take it back now, Then the girl twist her body and turn over from her position, and I met the girl’ eye.

“Don’t think that you can take it back now.”

“…I’m sorry, but I’ve already thought that I can’t.”

I give up and lie down on the sofa. After confirming that I was doing nothing, the girl returned to her original position and closed her eyes.

Well, I also close my eyes as to think what to do.

Then, I immediately felt that my thoughts became unpleasant. I was a little surprised to find it drowsy. Ever since I broke up with my seniors, I’ve been forced to sleep even though I haven’t been sleepy. It’s been a long time since I felt pure drowsiness.

Apparently, having someone read that notebook was doing more damage than I had imagined.

I sleep while thinking that today was the worst day.

But, well, only on these days, it seems that you’ll have the worst dreams too.


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