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Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 11

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11. Chapter 11

The inn where I was introduced to by Laila and decided to stay was unbelievably cheap.

Laila says, “The amount is decided depend on the person.” and the reason I pay less money was simply because I didn’t seem to have a lot of money.

……I mean, it’s a fact, but still, it makes me feel really sad.

Anyway, I decided to stay in the room on the second floor. Then, I decided to eat the dinner prepared by Meruku-san at the dining room on the first floor.

“Yeah, it’s delicious”


Schiff, who emptied the plate on which the food was placed, shook his tail in a good mood.

Lime’s meal is my mana, so he’s only watching next to Schiff.

“….Thank you for the meal”

After finishing the meal, I also join hands.

The dinner that Meruku-san made was more delicious than I had expected. Other than the soup of this world, this is a decent dish that I had for the first time here. But, the cooking culture seems to be comparable to my original world.

On the contrary, because the food use ingredients that are unknown to me, I’m suddenly interested in this food.

“The food made by Meruku-san is delicious. So, even if other people out from this inn, I just like it so much that I keep stay.”

“You, you should go out from here soon too.”

“No matter what you say, I’ll remains. Rather, I’ll makes this place as my nest.”

Meruku-san leans against the cafeteria counter and glares at Laila.

Ignoring that line of sight, Laila talks to me, who is organizing the empty dishes.

“Kaito-kun, why don’t you go check out your Magical System tomorrow?”

“… Is there a machine or something to check that?”

“Machine? No, no, you can always look it up in the guild.”

Oh, there was no machine in this world. I see..

But… My magical system, huh? It seems that it is a necessary thing I need to do to live in this world, so it should be investigated.

“I’m curious about yours. So, Kaito-kun, let’s find out tomorrow.”

“That’s right. It seems, I’ll be in your care again tomorrow…”

“It’s okay, I don’t think it’s as someone else’s affair when it comes to you.”

Laila shook her hand and turned her gaze to the cup at her hand, looking a bit shy.

“You see, I was born in the countryside, though not as much as Kaito. I was so disgusted with my life at home that I left the village and came here about three years ago.”


“I didn’t think much about it at that time. but because of that, I didn’t know right or left, so it was easy to get lost. Still, I was able to become an adventurer with the help of various people.”

She raised her face and her eyes were looking straight at me.

“That’s why I couldn’t leave Kaito-kun alone because when I see you, it remind me about myself at that time. And when I found you injured… You seem more lonely than I am. That’s why “



When I heard that word, I finally realized my own feelings.

I know there will always be Schiff and Lime beside me.

But, the world I’ve lived in until recently, my parents, my friends, may not be able to meet anymore. While I’m still not thinking about it, I tried not to lost on my own thoughts


I unknowingly refused to be in some kind of position in this world.

「“Maybe I can go home”」

I still had thought about that, somewhere in my heart, so I can only think vaguely about the future in here.

“…First, Maybe I should try to take the first step….”


“Kaito, What’s wrong?”


They look into my face worriedly, so I smile to reassure them.

“I decided. I’ll take the exam to become an adventurer.”

“What!? No, wait, I think it’s good, but isn’t it too sudden!?”

“Yeah. I made a decision just now.”

Schiff is surprised at my declaration, but nods with satisfaction.

“It seems that something has changed within you, my Lord.”

“…..Just keep thinking, will not get me anywhere. So, Let’s start with what I can do first.”

“Good, but before that, it’s better to investigate your Magical System. After that, let’s review the cooperation that we did at the ruins.”

I just declared that I would try the exam, but right now, I’m not ready at all.


With that in mind, Meruku-san, who was silently watching over me with her elbows on the counter, called out.

Frightenedly, I looked at Meruku-san, and she still showing annoyed expression.

“If you make a noise while training or something, do it in the backyard. Just don’t do it inside, okay?”


“Did you understand?”



When I replied while still being confused, she looked away from me, maybe she was convinced by it.

is it okay for me to take it as her providing me a place to practice?

She’s a bit scary, but she’s a very kind person….. But scary.

After finishing the meal, I lay down on the bed in the room where I going to live from today, staring silently at the ceiling.

A room with no sense of life, where nothing like furniture are placed.

Perhaps it was cleaned while no one was staying, there was no noticeable dirt, and I could lie down on the bed with peacefully, but I still can’t sleep.


Under the bed, Lime who was wrapped in a towel is sleeping, while quivering.

I was wondering if slime would need to sleep, but because it is a monster so it’s still count as a living thing, it seems that it need to sleeps a certain amount of time.

“Kaito, you can’t sleeping?”

Schiff, who should have been curled up and sleeping as a black cat near my pillow, speaks to me in my ear.


“Did you think about your original world?”

“…..No. I’m thinking about how should I live in this world.”

I says so, while looking up at the ceiling.

If I keep thinking about my original world a lot but don’t know anything about how to go back there, I can’t help thinking about it forever.

“My Lord, When you live in your original world, did you live there while thinking like that every time?”

Schiff asked such a question to me.

In my original world, huh?

Now, If I think about it, I just lived normally and didn’t think about my goals for the future at all.

“No, I lived without thinking about that.”

“To keep living is a duty given to living things. Even monsters also given that duty. My lord, You just think too much.”

Schiff’ tail hits my forehead to warn me.

It doesn’t hurt at all.

Rather, it was a little soft.

“You are thinking too hard because you just entered the new environment that is, the another world. You should think not how to live, but you’ll keep living, so what to do from now on, what is your purpose. Like that.”


Think about the purpose, huh.

Became an adventurer to live in this world, and confirm the safety of Shishihara-san, who has been summoned to this world too.

In the current situation, I can’t find where Shishihara-san is, so I have to know this world to some extent.

“And for that, I have to become strong.”

“Yeah. But, don’t be too tense.”

“I know.”

After I answered my caring partner with a bitter smile, my eyelids become heavier.

And just like that, I closed my eyes, which is suffering from the drowsiness that finally came.

Author’s Note :
I want to be as careful as possible in the process of him becoming an adventurer (The way I written it)
I want to make the hero to rampage as soon as possible (Real intention)


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