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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 16

16. Individual briefing

I opened door, but I closed again.

“… Teacher, What is That?”

“Wait a minute, I’ll talk to That.”

The teacher went in alone without answering my question.

…..But, just now the teacher also said That. It’s feel so awkward.

“What are you doing!? He might think the school introduced him to a weird person!”

“Kyaa! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I wanted to show the highest level of gratitude to the boys who decided to came…..”

“And, that’s knelling down on the ground like that? Where’s your common sense!? There was a woman who did something like that when you opened the door! Is there anyone who is happy to see such a scene! I’m stunned! What should I do with the students who came with me? Just now I could only had the attitude of saying, “I don’t know!”. Please be careful! Good grief!”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

I can hear the teacher yelling from inside.

Well, as the teacher said, when I opened the door, there was a person who knell down on the ground, and I was just stunned when I saw such a scene.

I mean, is this person okay… in many ways…?

After a while, the door opens and the teacher comes out.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. Please come in.”

“Ah, Yes.”

“It’s okay, This person is a proper employee of well-established Kenran High School. Rest assured.”

Rather, I’m worried about being said that this person here is a proper employee….

I see a woman in a suit standing behind the teacher.

A young woman with big eyes and passion pink hair. Is it a new staff?

When the person meets my eyes, she greets me.

“I’m sorry for making such a noise. I’m a staff member of Kenran High. My name is Kaede Maki. I’m sorry to show you the unsightly scene just now.”

“No, don’t worry. My name is Kohaku Hatano.”

Really, I hope that she care about that. Because what I said just a flattery.

“Thank you very much, Hatano-san. Then, please sit here. I will explain more about our school.”

I sit in the seat facing Maki-san.

Apparently the teacher stands behind me and doesn’t seem to say anything, and just waits.

Well, it’s just an explanation.

“First of all, thank you for taking the time to listen about this explaination about our school. Recently, it has become difficult to get boys listen…”

“Yes, I’ve heard rumors about Kenran High School’s policy.”

“Really?… Of course, right. But there are many misunderstandings about it. I would like you to listen to us again and know the good points of our school, Please.”


“First of all, that our school use the boys as a food to fed the girl as what circulated in the rumor is not completely true.”

“But, it’s true that boys are used for improving girls’ grades.”

“… Yes, there is no doubt that we have a lot of boys in high-performing classes.”

“However, you don’t put them in a class based on their grades, but you put them separately according to the appearance of boys, right? The better the class, the better the appearance of boys. It’s like you have a rating. “

“I can’t deny that, but the boys agreed to that, and our school is paying for it too. Our school not forcing you to do that. Please understand.”

“Are the boys asked to do something other than what you just said?”

“No, there is nothing other than the one mentioned earlier. But to be honest, to be divided by appearance, that policy was not that well received by the boys either. And, lately it’s getting harder to get boys… “

I guess so. Because the men in this world have a high pride. Wouldn’t they commit suicide if they were branded as having the worst appearance?

“Therefore, I would like Hatano-kun to know the good points of my Kenran High and consider it as one of your career paths.”

“I understand.”

“Alright, first of all, boys do not have an entrance examination. You will be admitted in the form of a special recommendation. In addition, tuition exemption, school life exemption, which is the cost of school trips and school meals, The school will bear the cost. “

“Hmmm, they even pay for that kind of thing too, huh?”

“In addition, we will pay one million Jenny once a year as a special support.”

What a surprise. I heard that they are paying some cash, but they are paying a million…

But, let’s not be interested in money for now.


“How is it, could you consider it?”

“Does the money you pay change based on your appearance too?”

“No, the amount of money does not change. Since, we just asking you to come to school normally.”

Indeed, even if your appearance is not that good, just saying that you are a man will attract attention. Besides, there are times when people who are inferior in appearance are more likely to be called out, like the saying of, don’t try to get a prize beyond one’s reach.


She gently raise her index finger and bring it forward.


After making a mysterious look, Maki-san grabs my finger as if she suddenly noticed something.

No, that’s not what I mean! 

I unravel the captured finger. Maki-san saw the unwound finger and murmuring that she had touched it….

After one deep breath, I raise my finger again.

“Ten million….”


Maki-san made a strange look again.

“Please increase the amount of special support money to 10 million.”

I requested so.


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