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Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 10

10. Chapter 10

After leaving the guild, I was taken by Laila-san to guide me through this Hendil Kingdom.

While walking around the city, everything that come to my eyes were introduced but almost exclusively only food shop, such as “That’s delicious!” Or “That depends on the person!”. Still, I’m grateful for her guide.

And we went to see the guild training ground, one of it was a small Colosseum built in the city, which was wider and bigger than I had imagined.

At there, the adventurers from the guild were doing something like self-training.

What surprised me most when I saw the training scene was that flames and thunder were flying out from the adventurers’ palms and swords.

I was told by Schiff, “That is magic.”, but when I actually saw it, my open mouth can’t blocked.

“Kaito-kun, What kind of magic do you use?”

Laila looking back at me, who is walking down the main street, away from the training ground, and asked me that.

……Use? Magic?

“Eh, can I use Magic!?”

“Ehh!? No, wait a minute, you have never used any Magic!?”

Rather, could everyone in here use Magic?

Schiff, on my head speak when he see the surprised Laila who reacts a little overboard.

“Kaito is unfamiliar with Magic. And, I’m not that familiar with human magic either.”

“Even Schiff too? Hmmm, then how did you make a familiar contract with a monster? You use magical power for that, right?”

“I just used a slightly older method for that.”

Laila reacts weirdly that I don’t know whether she was astonished or surprised.

She took a small deep breath, regained her composure, slowed down her walking speed and lined up next to me.

“Then, Kaito doesn’t know your own Magic System.”

“System? is it something from a family line or bloodline?”

“Fufu, no, it’s different.”

She laughed funny and raised her index finger to explain to me.

“A Magic system is, You could say that it’s something like a magical attribute that an individual has. Not everyone has the same magic, it feels like there’s an attribute that are suitable for each person.”

“…… I see.”

“You also have magical power, so you must have your own magic.”

Me? My own Magic….

Somehow, I’m really excited.

“But Kaito. I think your magic may not be suitable for attacking.”

“Is that so?”

“Schiff-kun, What do you mean?”

Me and Laila react to Schiff’s voice.

Could he know even at this point that my Magic is not suitable for attacking?

“Kaito’s magical power is extremely pure. If you compare it to a food taste, it’s delicious. If you compare it to a color, it’s colorless and transparent. I don’t think that such magical power has an attribute.”

“Colorless, transparent …”

“Delicious magical power, huh. I wonder, what kind of taste is it….. Somehow this talk makes me feel hungry.”

I don’t know why, but Laila just looked at me and gulped?

…..But it’s not suitable for attacking huh?

I don’t want to hurt anyone else, but as a man I can’t help but admire that kind of magic.

That’s why I’m a little disappointed.

“Alright, Since I’m hungry, so let’s go back to the inn that I introduced to Kaito-kun.”

“Eh? We gonna eat at the inn?”

“Yeah. I guarantee the taste. It’s a good place, and we adventurers are also indebted a lot there.”

An inn where they take care of adventurers.

When I heard that the rice was delicious, somehow it made me feel hungry too.

I was sick yesterday and today, so I only ate soup for two days, so I wanted to eat something decent.

The building we went was not beautiful enough for me to compliment it.

A brick house with a dark atmosphere and a feeling of the season.

Laila went to a place that would look like a haunted house from far, and opened the wooden door and shouted, “I’m back!”

Then someone walked from the back.

The woman who came out was a blind woman and about 30 years old, and when she found Laila, she sighed blatantly.

“You still so noisy as usual. I hope that you come back after your physical strength become lesser.”

“My physical strength is lesser than usual already you know.”

“So, who is that kid?”

She gazed at me with a sharp eye, but since it’s my first time meeting, I have to introduce myself firmly.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Kaito Arihara and I just came to this kingdom the other day.”

“I’m Meruku. I run this inn here…. Is it a monster that’s on your shoulder and head?”

She’s aware of a Schiff who has transformed into a hat.

Perhaps Schiff is also surprised, he transforms from a hat to a black cat and descends to the ground.

“It’s the first time I’ve been seen even after I transformed…. I’m sorry for the late greeting, I’m Schiff, a shape shifter.”

After saying that, Meruku-san turned her eyes to the Schiff who bowed his head.

And She sighed after seeing Laila who is smiling.

“… A silver slime and a talking shape shifter, huh? You’re carrying a strange monster…. Why do my inn only have a bunch of strange guys?”

Meruku-san held her eyes down as if she’s tired.

Then, Laila talks to her.

“Oh, Meruku-san, there’s a vacant room right? Or Rather, I’m the only one living here now, so a lot of room must be vacant!”

“You, can you really only say something that only hurt my ears, huh…?”

“You see, Kaito-kun here, he’s looking for an inn to stay in, so please let him stay overnight!”

……Hmm? Wait a moment, only Laila lives here?

I tilt my head as I heard some phrases that make me curious.

Sigh, Kaito, right? Is that all your luggage?”


“Choose a room that is vacant. I can prepare breakfast and dinner, but tell me in advance when you eat.”

“How much does it cost per night?”


Meruku-san looks from my head to my toes.

“… Three bronze coins are enough for fifteen days.”


Even I, who still don’t know the value of money in this world, can understand it.

Obviously it’s too cheap.

Maybe this person just said it on a whim?

But, Laila doesn’t look so surprised.

Still, even Schiff feel that it’s too cheap, and his tail is stretched out as he’s surprised.

“Well then, I’ll go to my room.”

She said so annoyingly to us who were stiff, turned her back and went inside.

“Oh, I’d like to have dinner with Kaito soon, so please prepare it.”

Even if Laila-san said like something that, I just ignored her.

Perhaps she was accustomed to this kind of reaction, she just turned around with a smile.

“Then, why don’t you choose your room?”


It wasn’t cheap, it was super ultra cheap.

For the time being, I secured a place to sleep… right?

However, even if I don’t think much about it, I can understand that an inn with meal included for only three bronze coins are too exceptional.

Author’s Note :
Q : Why is it cheap?
A : Because his face at that moment look like someone who’s miserable


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