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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 15

15. Briefing Session

It’s October. The heat is gone and the autumn season vibe is getting stronger. The temperature start to become colder and it is easy to spend.

Since Koujou-san came, the food at home has become very gorgeous. There is no lie in the word that she said at that time, ‘I am good at cooking’ , and the food she cook is very delicious. In addition to that, the work like cleaning that she did is so good that I can’t complain about anything.

But, when I try to take a bath,

“I will wash your back.”

She tried to enter the bathroom. It’s not good.

A beautiful woman washing my back. If this word heard in my past life, it is a situation that I wanted so much to happen.

But in this world, it is perfectly a sexual harassment.

Think about it, if you change that situation to match my past life, it’ll be like,

A man in his prime told a junior high school girl, “I’ll wash your back in the bath, so let’s go in together, Gehehe…”

Is the same like that.

No, I haven’t said that Gehehe part.

Police, it’s him….. if that really happened, it can’t be helped if someone call the police.

Anyway, other than that, she’s done a perfect maid job.

…… Really, I didn’t enter the bath together with her. You see, my naked bodies is not that cheap.

After spending days like that, a briefing session is held at school today.

A person in charge of the Private High School around the neighborhood comes to the school to promote the good points of his high school and recruit new students.

Some of the high schools that come today are Kenran High Schools, so I’ve to listen carefully.

It’s about to start, so all the students in the third year are heading to the gymnasium.

“Ah, it’s annoying….. even though we’ve decided where to go, why we need….”

Maegashira who is walking next to me says that.

“Where do you want to go?”

“Well, Of course it’s Seimei.”

“Oh, right.”

“Wait, Wait a minute, Hatano-kun is different!?”

“No, I haven’t officially decided yet.”

“Why!? other than Seimei, all of them are co-ed High School! Are you planning to spend your high school with a woman!?”

“Hmm, I don’t really care about that, the important thing is the equipment and the rate of advancement to the university.”


Maegashira became speechless. I don’t think that he’ll be so surprised…..

And somehow my surrounding has been so noisy.

“Hatano-kun just said, that he may not go to Seimei.”

“Then, he might go to the same high school with us, right?”

“There is a possibility.”

Apparently, they were listening to the conversation we had. Ell I don’t mind it, but …

“Hey, Maegashira. Let’s go fast.”

“Ah, yeah”

Somehow, Maegashira still blank.

While he’s still like that, the briefing session began.

The person in charge of each High School goes up on the stage and uses the screen to appeal the good point of their high school.

All the High Schools were a Private High Schools, so it’s no wonder that they had all the facilities needed, but Kenran High School was by far the best in every aspect. The only difficulty there was the tuition fee. The standard range of the academic grade for applying there is quite wide, and it seems if you’re not that stupid most probably you will be accepted.

This is also because the school itself is wide and has a policy of giving superiority and inferiority in terms of academics, and encouraging their study by using men.

Still, that Kenran High School, the person did no talk about the treatment of boys who is studying there.

I wanted them to focus on that, but I wonder if the person omitted the explanation because the number of boy at there is small…. But, why do you need to omitted it when a man has a better policy at there?

After all the High School gave their explanation, I was instructed to return to the classroom, and when I tried to return while being a little disappointed, my homeroom teacher stopped me.

“Oh, Hatano-kun and Maegashira-kun, please come here for a while. There is a separate explanation from Kenran High School.”

“It’s that Kenran. it’s a place that use men. I’ll pass because I don’t plan to go to Kenran.”

The teacher just made a bitter smiles when Maegashira said that. Since Kenran High School policy is famous, it is not uncommon for boys to have a frontal attitude towards it.

“What about Hatano-kun?”

“Well, since they came here already, I’ll give it a listen.”

I’d love to hear it, but I won’t reveal it.


“It’s okay, I’m just going listen to the explanation.”

“Recently, Hatano-kun is defenseless, it makes me worried… Are you really okay? I can’t let you to be fooled. So, Let’s go together, okay?”

“It’s okay, I’m not a kid….. Well, I’m still a kid, but it’s okay.”

Well, my mental age is an adult.

“Hatano-kun, do you really going to listen? You don’t have to overdo yourself, you know?”

Teacher asks me worriedly. Hmm, Kenran is hated by men a lot, huh.

“Yes, it’s okay. So, where should I go?”

“Really? Please come with me.”

The place the teacher takes me to seems to be the audiovisual room.

“Teacher, aren’t you calling boys from the other classes?”

“No, I made speak to other boys already, but other than Hatano-kun, all of them refused.”

Is that so…..

“As a teacher, what do you think of Kenran High School?”

“Well, I think it’s a good high school. Especially in terms of facilities, it’s far superior to others, and the rate of going to famous universities is high. And the school cafeteria is amazing. Well, just that the tuition fee is high.”

“That’s right, but.”

But, Teacher keeps saying.

“It’s from the perspective of girls. Boys are given special treatment in terms of school fees, And I know this is not a good word to day, but they are just being used. So, You have to take that into consideration. Hmm. there is a story that boy who enrolled there get a mental problem because he was worried about the eyes of girls around him.”

I arrived at the audiovisual room just after talking to that point.

“Then, let’s go. I’m gonna stand behind you, so if there is anything, you can tell me.”

“Yes, teacher. I understand.”

After that word, I opened the door.

And there, there was a person with passion pink hair in a black suit kneeling down on the ground.


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  1. Bruh, what the heck he wants a harem but when a beautiful girl like his maid is trying to get close to him he’s giving excuses wtf is wrong with this mc

    1. mmm quizás sea la cultura de japon, la cultura de los princesos jajaja. Bueno, siendo serios, si lo piensas con la lógica de “este” mundo lo que hizo esta bien, pues si fuera el una niña de secundaria en el baño y un hombre mayor quiere dormir en su misma habitación, entrar al baño con ella, solo seria un pervertido. Y si dejara que la sirvienta tuviera tales ventajas seria visto como una mujerzuela, una perra, o algo así. Imagina siendo hombre ese tipo de Reputación. Eso solo en los hentai, en la vida real no es bien visto XD

    2. Get used to it, all Japanese MCs are like this 😅

      In fact, in Japan for Valentine’s day it’s the girl’s duty to hand out chocolates 🤣

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