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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 16

So, I’ve a short LN (1 vol only) that I’ve been working on, since it’s near Christmas, I plan to do this a special project, to celebrate it and to celebrate the end of this, what a Year. I don’t know if you guys will like it or not, but if you like romance I think you will enjoy it. Check it out, here

16. The concern of the one in the top

By the way, the reason why Natsukawa had such an unbearable reaction was that I was too clinging to her, and the people around her were reluctant to get closer to her, and also the number of people she could talk to on a daily basis was limited. Maybe… I’m sure of it.

….However, That’s place of mine was not always comfy.

‘I don’t want to be alone.’, ‘I don’t want to be laughed at by someone who sees me.’. There are many people who use it as a reason to not stay near her. That’s why I think like this. ‘Natsukawa didn’t want to be alone, so I think she had to care about me. Otherwise I can’t understand why she did that.’

“it’s a waste of time to keep dreaming.”

Still, even though I’ve been thinking about it, I don’t doubt Natsukawa’s idol aura. I tried to declare it loudly, but even if I do that, I think that people will naturally gather around her because I physically separated from her.

If so, there is only one thing I can do. I think it’s about time for to fade out as much as possible, so that the other students don’t remember me when they see Natsukawa.

“…..I see, so you think like that?”

…… What?

A corridor near the entrance where no one should be present. I heard a dignified voice from the front of me as I was walking in depression. I thought that was a voice came from a man for a moment, but while I was raising my face, I saw the slightly reflected legs and realized that it was not the case. Yeah, what a nice black tights.

“Yesterday, at this time, you were the one who scared my juniors here, right?”

“Yes, it was me. I’m really sorry.”

I had a clear idea, so I decided to stop at a right angle for bowing. So far, I haven’t seen the face of the person in front of me and I don’t know from what year she is, but at least I’m sure she’s a senior.

『”Huh?…. Disgusting.”』(exaggerated)

Yesterday…. Did that girl say something like this to me? I feel like she was a mature girl who looked like a doll. That’s the ideal girl for boys who like innocence type…. But, What? With that feeling, is she a ‘s’? If so that’s the best.

“It’s a joke…… Hmm, why did you need to apologized? That kid was depressed because of she didn’t respond well to your kindness.”

“The problem is that I’ve butt in someone else’ business. To suddenly talk with a young girl like that in a place that is not many people around, that kind of thing could only be forgiven if it’s in a ‘Manga’. After a little thought, I knew that she was scared.”

“A young girl, huh……… that girl is your senior, you know.”

“What? really?”

It seems that the color of my tie made her realize that I was a first year student. My senior is looking at me with a stunned face. Her voice is like someone who work in a theater, like some handsome woman who play the male role, and somehow it makes me fell like I’m being defeated.

…… It doesn’t really have to be in a manga. Even if you had some personality difficulties, a handsome guy who looked kind could have helped her without scaring her. And if it’s me? I think not only her, but the other would started screaming without telling the reason.

“Your actions at that time should be praised. And it’s not like you have a bad intention.”


Well, it’s the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee, that person would think so. Such words were said to me, but no further words needed.

The black tights approaching. If I keep my head down like this, I’ll become a pervert, so I decided to raise my face. When I realized who I was talking to, I felt a strange feeling of joy and disappointment.

‘Rin Shinomiya’. She is the chairman of the School’s Disciplinary Committee and is popular with both men and women because of her cool behavior and neat appearance. That’s why I thought she couldn’t understand my thoughts.

“Then, if you’ll excuse me”

Rin Shinomiya

“Wait a minute.”


You see, I haven’t eaten lunch yet….. What is a ‘Lasagna Bread’? and How it will taste? I bought it for the first time. I know it looks like it has a lot of cheese in it.

“‘It’s a waste of time to keep dreaming, huh?’, When I heard that word, I was convinced that you talked to her without any ulterior motives. If you had one, you’ll never said such realist’ words.”


Apparently this senior think that the boy student who talked to that girl most probably a suspicious person. Did you doubt me even though you praised me? Does that mean she just praised my actions, but she didn’t believe in my sincerity? Okay, fine, this is the reality.

“But don’t be too pessimistic. She took that attitude because she wasn’t good with men.”

“Speaking of which, senior, even if it was another girl student who was carrying that kind of thing at that place at that time, they would have had the same reaction. In a place that barely have people around, an encounter with a stranger boy will mostly end like that. Well then, excuse me, but do you interact with boys quite often? “


Chairman Shinomiya, who always pushed toward her ideals, could easily gain a courage to shaken off the men around her. The me and that girl in that scene, this senior will not be able to sympathize with either of us. In the first place, this senior don’t even feel that holding something like that is heavy. But, still, no matter what, this is kind of rude, right?

“Well then, if you’ll excus….”

“No, no, wait a moment!”

“Erhmm, what…”

The coolest beauty girl in school, She desperately detained me by grabbing my hand. Maybe, this is the most popular period of my life. It must be misunderstood if seen by a student who does not know the circumstances. And by the flow until now…. Eh? Hey, isn’t it too strong…?

“I, I have something I want to consult.”


Isn’t the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee usually in a position to be consulted by others? I don’t think I’ll be able to offer a good advice because I’m only a freshman that’s only been in here not even for a year. An excellence person like her, her high level problem, I think I can’t solve it no matter how.

My real destination, the bench at the courtyard… good bye. I’m being taken to the student guidance room near the staff room. Hey… I think there were more appropriate places… I was witnessed by a few students. They definitely thought that I did something.

“Hang it. And You can eat it here too.”

huft, well then.”

The inside of the student guidance room is just enough to have a long desk for four people. In such a small room, alone with the beautiful Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee…… This may be something to be pleased with. However, when I realized that she is a senior and also the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee, I feel like I’m ever in a situation like this with a teacher somewhere. And, if you compare her with another girl around my age, her behavior is too cool…

Crushed pasta…. is it macaroni? While tasting Lasagna Bread that’s filled with cheese and tomato sauce, I listen to the story of this senior.

“That’s right. That child you called out…. her name was Yuyu Inatomi… “


I heard about her before. I’m sure she is a senior member of the Disciplinary Committee. I’ve heard rumors that she’s small and cute. Wait, doesn’t that mean she’s a direct junior of Shinomiya-senpai? That girl was a delicate and charming senior. It’s no wonder if she get a special attention from Shinomiya-senpai. [TN : ‘-senpai’ is a honorific that mean senior.]

“She’s a very hard worker girl. She’s always done the job she’s been asked to do, and she has pride as a disciplinary committee member. If I think about it, even the other colleagues were also like that.”

“I see.”

Amazing. Well, seeing by her look, you could guess that she had been raised very well. I think it is unusual for such a person to work seriously without becoming a selfish person. A cute girls with high work skills like that will usually leave the company early because of marriage….. Maybe.

“But sometimes they lose their confidence by saying some pessimist things. Every time they’re like that, I always try to encourage them. Some say that they lose confidence when they see me.”

“Even me, who’s still a freshmen. have seen you stand on the stage several times. You’re really cool and you really keep the student’s morals. So, it’s no wonder if there’s people who will lose their confidence if they shown such a dazzling figure, right?”

“Wa,wait a moment… Don’t suddenly praise me straight in front of my face. It’ll only make me feel embarrassed…”

Oi, If you become like that, my heart will skipped a beat, you know, damn. She just made a gesture that makes you feel the gap between her look and her personality…. seriously, huh….. That’s cute. Alright. Do it more. I’ll make sure to stare at it from a close distance.


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