Santa Claus wo Koroshita. Soshite, Kiss wo Shita ch 1 part 1

I don’t know if you guys like a 1 vol LN (yeah, it the story that finished within 1 volume)
I’ll see, whether the one who want to read this a lot or not, and will decide whether to continue until the end or not. I’ll release the next part every, 3-4 days.

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Santa Claus wo Koroshita

1-1. Even just breathing makes me sad (part 1)

I wish that ‘Christmas’ just disappeared already. I muttered so, because I saw the illuminations in front of the station. Christmas is still more than three weeks away, but the city is already preparing for it. The tree that shines in the center of the station terminal give the feel of Christmas. The boulevard is decorated with lights and shines brightly. And, I stood on the deck in front of the station and looked at it while leaning against the fence.
[TN: so the light display across the city, in Japan, They called it Illuminations]

I wonder where this money comes from. The deeply exhaled breath that came out from my nose turned white because of the cold, and it struck at the tip of my nose.

It will be more beautiful on Christmas day. The city will be full of lovers, Christmas songs are played from nowhere, and the world will be wrapped in happiness. Damn it, I think. Actually, I was supposed to see that scene with my senior.

“You say you like me, but I’m sure it’s not true. That’s sad, but I understand why.”

That day, my senior who I had been dating for over a year told me so. She wore only underwear on the bed, squinted while smoking a cigarette and said, “Thank you so far.”, while smiling.

I understood that whatever I said from that moment will be useless. Knowing that my seniors’ paths and mine would not overlap anymore, I feel something close to despair, but there are still no denial words came out from my mouth, The only thing I could do just to strongly hope that it was just a dream.

On the last day, my senior gently stroked my head while leaving the room. “Let’s do our best”, is what she said. I’ve been thinking about the meaning of the word, but I have no idea what I should do my best for or what’s ahead of me.

“I wish that ‘Christmas’ just disappeared already”,

Is what I muttered to myself. A sigh-like word just came out from my mouth. And to that words, I never thought there would be a voice coming back answering it.

“You can do it. You can make ‘Christmas’ gone.”

It was a girl’s voice. It was from the back. I hurriedly turned to the voice. “There was a high school girl there …. No, I don’t know if she was actually a high school girl or not. But under a dark blue coat, she wore a blazer of the same color, and white blouse. And, a tartan check skirt. She had a short bob’s black hair trimmed above her shoulders and her facial features looked young. She also had a school bag in her hands.

Except for the fact that she was out at this kind of time and talked to college students like me, most likely, she was really a high school girl.

“You can make ‘Christmas’ gone. You can do it.”

The girl said again in a plain voice with almost no intonation.


I think I had a very silly face right now. Is this some prank? to someone like me who is not even a celebrity? Then, is this some kind of a ‘Badger Game’? But still, “You can make ‘Christmas’ gone” is sound a little bit crazy.

Anyway, I decided not to get involved further, so I pretended not to notice the girl and tried to leave.

“Wait, criminal.”

She stopped me as soon as I stepped down to the pedestrian bridge. Criminal. When I heard the words, I felt the blood drain from my face. I’ve the illusion that the pores of my whole body just opened. I looked back fearfully and opened my eyes. The girl in uniform had a green notebook. A notebook that could be seen everywhere. Even so.

“This, I read it.”

As I thought. I’m convinced when I see the girl’s contempt and face. That notebook is mine.

The moment I steps towards the girl in a hurry to take it back,

“Don’t move.”,

is what she said to hold me back.

“If you try to take it back forcibly, I’ll scream even if you’re not a molester.”

“…You, have a good personality, huh.” (Sarcastic tone)

“Did you fall in love with me?”

The girl says that without caring about my irony. I sigh and shake my head.

“To someone who steal people’s things without permission. I can’t come to like a criminal like that.”

“What are you talking about? The criminal is not me, it’s you.”

The girl flips through the notebook as if to show me.

“Who do you think it would be interesting to give this to, huh, criminal?”

The girl shouts with a cruel smile.

“Police? Your parents? Or….. to your favorite senior?”

“Okay, okay, I understand…”

I raise both hands to surrender.

“What do you want… I’m just a traumatized and depressed college student. I’m a feminine man with no money and no abilities. You only threatening for nothing, you know.”

“Isn’t it too sad to say like that?”

The girl sighed as if she was amazed.

“You said it earlier. Your wish is to make ‘Christmas’ disappeared, right?”

It’s that again.

“You, have you lost your mind?”

When I said so from the bottom of my heart, the girl approached me silently. Before saying anything, she kicked my ‘history’ will all her might.


I couldn’t stand the attack that I couldn’t imagine it coming from the girl’s delicate body, and I crouched on the spot. Even when I tried to stand up, the place where I was kicked was numb and I couldn’t stand up for a while.

“Hey criminal. It’s up to me whether you’ll live or die.”

The girl crouches in front of me. And grabbed my hair.

“Be careful with your words, okay?”

Seeing the girl laughing while saying that, I thought I was in trouble at this time.

Actually, from now until Christmas, I will be in trouble many times. Just that I still don’t know about it yet. It can’t be helped because I didn’t know the power that the girl have at that moment.

Twenty-three days left until the holy night. That was the beginning.

But, I’m sure everything was too late now.


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