Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 14

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14. The second coming of maid

In the end, I cleaned the room while holding my hunger. And for dinner, I ate only a salted rice balls….. So sad….

Etou-san, who was drunk, went home with a nice face in the next morning.

And my mother is… still in her dream world…

I wonder why… why do I feel like losing?

It’s been only a few days since I was discharged, but I’m living each days to the fullest.

So, needless to say, that it’s better than my past life….. Is this the price I need to pay if I aim to be a ‘Devilish Man’?

Even though today is a holiday but I’m really tired….. I want to relax.


“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

The maid came.

“I’ve finished my retirement process from the company, so as I said before, I will serve you from today. Let me introduce myself again, I am Mairangeles Koujou. Please take care of me from now on.”

The maid said so while picking up the edge of her skirt, and gave a beautiful greeting.

Y ・ o ・ u, You! You just came yesterday! Isn’t it too fast for doing all that?

“Kohaku-sama, I’m sorry but where should I put my luggage?”

“Oh, well, you can leave it somewhere around here for the time being.”

“I understand, thank you very much. Then until my room is decided, I’ll sleep at your room.”

You plan to live here!? Still, Why my room!?

“Oh? You haven’t heard from Mada…. I mean Yoko-sama? I’ll live and serve you.”

M ・ O ・ M, Mom!! 

“I understand, if my mom said that, you wouldn’t plan to change your decision anymore, right?”

She was pretty enthusiastic when we hired her.

……Well, if you think about it, we need someone to do cleaning, cooking, and so on.

“Then, I’ll show you your room, will you come with me?”

“No, I’ll be together with Kohaku-sama…..”

“Then, I’ll show you your room, will you come with me?”

“No, Kohaku-sa…”

“Then, I’ll show you your room, will you come with me?”

“…. I understand”

Her face is expressionless as usual, but I can feel the feeling of dissatisfaction coming from her.

Still, it’s not good to be in the same room!

“If it’s the same room, If something happen to you, I can deal with it immediately…”

Whatever she says I’ll just ignore it.

“Then, is it okay for you with this room, for the time being?”

“Yes, I understand.”

Kojou-san’s room is the back room on the second floor, which haven’t been used by anyone before. We used it as a guest room, so it already had all the furniture such as beds, which was just right. By the way, mother’s room is on the second floor.

And, by the way, it is not the same room as Etou-san’s.

I guess, she’ll be organizing her luggage in her room for a while, and she’ll tell me if she need something.



Will you give me some sign before standing behind me? I can’t helped but made a strange voice unintentionally.

“What? do you need something?”

I speak while holding down my throbbing chest.

“No, it’s okay for now. It’s about lunch, so is it okay if I make lunch now?”

“Hmm, well, thank you very much.”

I say thank you to her.

But, Koujou-san’s cheeks turned a little pink and says something in a low voice.

“I, this is my first time being thanked by a man…..”

I heard that, thought a little and said.

“I’m really happy… I got one of Koujou-san’s first time.”

And I said that with a smile. Of course, it’s a free smile.

“Th-that’s not good… don’t say something like that…..”

Her voice gradually became so low, and I couldn’t hear the last one.

I don’t know what she said because she is facing down, and her ears turned red.

…… This person’s facial expression doesn’t change much, but it may actually easy to understand her.

For the time being, we go down to the first floor together, and I let her make lunch.

“What kind of food is Koujou-san good at making?”

“Well, basically I can cook any dish, but if you want me to say, my specialty, maybe it’s ‘Mapo tofu’?” [TN: Mapo tofu is… a food made from tofu… google it for more information]

“Oh, I want to try it…”

“Then, It’s ‘Mapo tofu’ for today’s lunch, or I’ll put all of my skill in it.”

“I expected something good then.”

We go down to the first floor.

Go to the kitchen.

See the empty refrigerator.

And fall into despair.

I forgot!


“Well, hmm, I know what you want to say. Don’t say more…”

“It’s all beer.”

“I told you not to say more…”

Are you ‘S’?

Then, Koujou-san says, it can’t be helped, and closes the refrigerator.

“Then, I’m going shopping.”

“Are you sure? I’ll count on you then…. I’ll give you some money.”

“Thank you very much.”

“From now on, I think my mother will give you some money, but for today, please use this.”

I take out 10,000 Jenny from my wallet and hand it over. It is the profit from that bread that I got.

“I understand. Then I will go out for a while to buy food ingredient.”

“Okay, I count on you.”

“Then, I will go.”

“Yeah, by the way, do you know the location of the supermarket?”

“It’s okay, I remember the geography of this area in my mind.”

“I see, as expected, huh….”

“If something happened, I have the perfect route for escape.”

“…What are you going to escape from?”

“Nothing, it’s just for the time of emergency… it’s for when the time come…..”

She said it expressionless, but somehow proudly.

But, what is this person fighting…..

When I see the back of the maid heading for shopping, I can’t help to think about it deeply.


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  1. In chapanese novel I am constantly annoyed how MCs are either afraid of women, afraid to live in the same room, afraid to touch and shy or crazy sexual monsters that get all the women. This is the first category here.

    1. It’s a cultural thing. In Chinese novels, instead, the main characters are usually patriotic sociopaths, while in the Korean novels, the main characters aren’t particularly patriotic but are even bigger sociopaths in return.

      Japanese MCs are expected to act like this by their Japanese audience, just like the Chinese MCs are expected to seek to become unrivalled under Heaven just because, while the Korean MCs are expected to be placed in ever more desperate situations which force them to commit more and more war crimes to survive.

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