Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 15

15. Realist’ way

It’s morning. It was so hot from the morning, which was different from the other day. Due to the difficulty of sleeping, I wake up at regular times these days, but today I wake up at the time when the elderly start their stretching. Even though I think that it is still too early, but I’m not sleepy anymore. So, I guess, I have no choice but to start preparing.

When I was about to leave the house, my sister Kaede came down from the second floor wearing a camisole with a messy hair, then she glanced at me, and was disappointed, like “What do you want, huh?”. If only she’s in front of good-looking guy, she’ll never appear like that.

Then, I’m leaving my house while my tension falling low.

In various stories such as in light novels and manga, the main characters will meet his fateful girl. Of course, it’s the main character, so even if it’s an ordinary high school boy, in the illustration is usually drawn handsome. You see, a hero who really looks bad would not sell well in an anime or manga.

That’s why he can get close to cute girls without the need to do anything, and it’s no exaggeration to say that the success rate when he do something is 100%. Well, it won’t be just a story if it’s not like that.

On the contrary, the reaction of the girl when a normal guy takes action is like what happened to me yesterday.

『”Huh?…. Disgusting.”』(exaggerated)

That kind of reaction from a well-behaved girl, is just too much for me. Right. I never felt so empty like that. You see, no matter what temperature at that time was, that words sure make the surroundings feel so cold….. Well, it was a good lesson for me.


No, I really realized it again. After all, when I was thinking about Natsukawa, I still get so exited. Even though I warned myself that much, I wondered if it wasn’t enough.


It may be a good opportunity to be in the front corner seat. From my point of view, I think it’s a boring seat that only shit serious guys are happy with, and it’s annoying that it’s easy to be pointed by the teacher, but by taking advantage of it I could make me, Wataru Sajou, to have a new impression from the others, they might even start to think that I’m actually a diligent student.

“Don’t ignore me!”


Sudden suffocation made me leak out a strange voice. Argh, my Adam’s apple…… Hey, what if my voice becomes a beautiful soprano voice because of this!? Maybe I’ll sing a Ghibli song…!

My Adam’s apple… Why are you holding a grudge like this? While imagining myself doing a spectacular singer debut, I look back.

Then what was reflected in front of me was Goddess’ (Natsukawa) Face.

“….Ahhh, I’m happy.”

“You’re too close!”


She pushed me with her bag. Natsukawa-san, that’s my solar plexus, you know….. While in pain, I wondering whether a surprise attack has become popular these days. If so, it’s bad…. Anyway, my voice still sound strange.

‘Haritsumeta, Yumi no’…..Urggh!???
[TN: So, it’s the start of an OST of Glibli Anime, Princess Mononoke. The song is Princess Mononoke by Yoshikazu Mera.]

“What a fierce way to express your affection to someone…”

“No, that’s not what I mean!”

“……… Of course, right.”

Involuntarily, I spit out the lines that I usually said when I was still ‘dreaming‘. But, hearing Natsukawa’s harsh words, instantly brought me back to reality. Yes, my solar plexus is just like a handkerchief to wipes her bag.

“… It’s good to follow the what’s popular these days, but don’t start doing something bad when you see something unpleasant, okay?”

“Hey, why it sounds like it’s all my fault……. Wa-wait a minute!”

“What? You’ve something you want from me?”

I was disappointed with her, she made my mood bad and beaten me with a bag from the morning. No matter how much Natsukawa’s fans I am, it’s impossible to behave gracefully.

When I noticed it, my attitude to her just now was cold, I even replied without even looking at her. Ah, isn’t this dangerous? It’ll makes Natsukawa angry…

“Hmm… you, you don’t have make such a scary face…..”


I heard a cute voice that I hadn’t expected and looked back. There is a figure of Natsukawa facing down as if she was lonely. Eh, wait, she looks so cute.

“Are you okay?”

Usually, She don’t care about me. She shouldn’t think too much about it when a guy like me had an attitude that makes her feel vulnerable. What kind of change happened to you so suddenly, Natsukawa?

“I should be the one who asks you that….. Even though I’ve always been around you until recently, why suddenly…..”


Somehow, I’m upset with an emotional face that she never showed to me before. I can’t think of any words in this kind of an unprecedented development. So, I was surprised that I could only speak with a flutter. Then, Natsukawa stared at me strongly and went ahead.

…..Strange. It’s been two weeks since I stopped following Natsukawa, but the reaction of the others and even Natsukawa to me is different than I expected. I thought that if I’m not in her way anymore, she would became a popular idol in the class, and forget about me fast.

“… I don’t understand.”

In the first place, why did she suddenly talk to me? Wasn’t I just a bothersome for her? You see, if such a bothersome person was in front of me, I would take another road so that I wouldn’t met that person. It’s better to take a detour even if I need to waste my time, rather than need to feel troubled.

Hmm, should I get some advice?

It’s not like I want to hide and keep my thoughts. And, I think it’s okay if there is only one more person who knows my thoughts. As expected, it’s just difficult for a man to think about a girl. I should ask someone else’ advice immediately, so that I won’t be punished further than this.

“What do you think of Natsukawa’ thoughts about me?”

“I guess, she think that you’re disgusting.”


I think I made a serious mistake in the selecting my advisor. I think I should have asked someone who would be more considerate of others. Even if you answer frankly, the person himself is in front of you, so couldn’t you be a bit more considerate, Ashida? This damn girl.

Wait, calm down. I’m an adult. Yes, I’m an adult. This is the perfect time for me to show off a way of thinking that accepts everything without being enraged easily…!

“…Yeah, even me myself also think that I’m disgusting.”

“Sajo-chi… Somehow, I feel sad.”

Ugh… This girl…As expected of Ashida. But, didn’t you say that I’m disgusting? So, don’t look at me with such pitiful eyes… Calm down, I’m consulting to her right now. No matter what she say, I can’t get angry.

“Usually, If that disgusting and annoying guy say something cold towards you, you won’t feel anything, right?”

“Huh…? Wait a minute. Did you said something cold towards Ai-chi?”

“… She said that she was disgusted with me at the beginning of the encounter, and she even hit my solar plexus with her bag. So of course I would be cold towards her. That’s normal right?”

“Ye,Yeah ………”

Ashida holds her face in her hand as if she had guessed something. Then after a while, she looked up at me with an annoying face, and put her hands together.

“I don’t think Ai-chi have any bad intention to you. You just need to have big heart about it.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t really care, because it’s Natsukawa.”

“Right, Don’t think too much into it. Anyway, what’s with that privilege of Ai-chi.”

Ashida looks at me with stunned eyes. Wait a minute, what’s that, ‘I can’t really understand you’, kind of look that she did? That’s the goddess’s hand and bag you know. It’ll always be very popular, right?

“What I don’t understand is after that. I got a ridiculous low voice after she hit me, but Natsukawa made a cute reaction after that. Did she intend to kill me with her cuteness?”

“Sajo-chi, I don’t have to try to offset the uncontrollable excitement with such a character.”

“The point is, if I’m so disgusting that she even hit me, if I gave a cold respond she should not feel anything. It’s even better if she just respond back with a cold attitude. It’ll not make me think too much.”


‘Isn’t it normal to be like that?’, is what I asked. But, after seeing me with a surprising face, She started thinking with a difficult face again. Why are you looking at my face? Now, I really want to know what Natsukawa is thinking.

“Hey, can I ask you why you called her by her surname?”

“Because it will make the others misunderstood us, and she even told me that it was annoying.”

“Recently, you didn’t approach Ai-chi, right?”

“Because I was rejected so many times already.”

“To give up just because of that, is really not like you, Sajo-chi.”

“It’s natural that the end will come. It’s hard to think that I can bear to continue being rejected in the future. And I thought that Natsukawa, who was always clung by someone she didn’t like, would feel that I was just a nuisance.”

“……. I understand what troubled you now.”

Ashida listened to my words and she made a sour face. She keep making a different expression. You see, if she show such a face to a bright guy, surely, he will feel depressed.

Perhaps my feelings appeared on my face, Ashida turned away and rubbed her cheeks, looking back and showing her usual bright expression. You, you don’t have to force yourself to fix your expression.

“Hmm, I think that Ai-chi’ attitude is bad! But, I also think that Sajo-chi is bad too!”


“Because Sajo-chi was always with her until recently, the people around Ai-chi refrained from talking to her, so there are only a limited number of people she can talk to at school! Her only friends are only you and me, so you can’t just push Ai-chi out, right!?”

“So, it because I was always with her….?”

Ashida’s words pierced my chest. I think it was a very convincing explanation.

I do not doubt Natsukawa’s idol trait. But what if I involved myself with her? If I stay by her side, the surrounding will just keep away from her. And even now, I’m sure that the students around me will be involved in my stupid words and actions by being involved in Natsukawa….

Perhaps my way of liking Natsukawa was also bad….? For students who don’t like to stand out, that alone may be a reason to avoid her.

“….Wait, so…”

“Hmm, Wait? What’s wrong?”

Now that I’m away from her seat, unless I go near her seat, the others would not be afraid to get closer to her, right? And if you added Ashida to that, a warm atmosphere will be added, and an environment that is easy to talk to will be created.

Th-This is….!



“It’s the beginning of the Great Idol Production Strategy …!”

“What’s that? Hey, are you okay…!?”


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