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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 13

13. The drunken woman

“What’s this……”

When I got down to the living room, there were two drunk people there. When I thought that they were laughing, suddenly one of them started crying.

sob, Uuuaaa, Why can’t I get married?”

“Ugh, Of course you can’t, you can’t do any housework.”

You too, Mom……

“But, you’re not exactly married too. You just get it once by using money, right? sob

“Fufu, but now I think I was right to made that choice.”

“Kohaku-kun …”

“Yeah, right, to think that such a good child is my own child, is just like a dream…”

sob… I’m so jealous of you….. You see, I’ve never touched a man in my life…”

While saying that, she put the curry in her mouth, which was probably served as a side dish.

But, Etou-san, she never touched men?….. such a misfortune. I guess, compared to my past life’ world, this world doesn’t have any red light district….

It’s not that there is no demand for it, it just that there are no men who want to working like that.

No, rather than that… I was just a kid who was born because of money, huh!? Well, in this world, something like this not a rare case, if in my past life’ world, it might has a great influence on the character formation of the child going through puberty, you know!

“And I’m still in contact with his dad…..”

Hmm, is that so? I was surprised at my mother’s words, I thought she hadn’t contacted him at all …

“Even if you say contact, it’s just about transferring money to him, right?”


“And you still think that if you give him money, he might turn back to you someday?”


A relationship that can only be connected with money, huh… it almost made me shed my tears!

I mean, I should be shocked about my trash father, but somehow I’m not so shocked. Hmm, maybe because I was expecting it somehow?…. but, really, men in this world is worse than I expected….

However, that just mean, if my personality is better than others, my value will jump up, so I hope other men will stay as they are right now.

Still, when I look at both of them now, I feel like tears will overflow from my eyes too…

“Hm? Somehow, I can see Kohaku-kun~”

After Etou-san finally noticed me, she approached me flutteringly.

And when she’s in front of me

“Hug me.”

While saying that, she spread her arms wide.


“Hug me, then pet my head.”


“Do it~, fast~.”

Apparently she’s pretty drunk. I want to say to her that no matter how young you look, think about your age please….. Seriously, think about your age first…

When I checked Etou-san’s face, she had a bewitching face until just a moment ago, but now, she looked like she was about to cry again,

“Fast~, fast~”

Really, I want to sprinkle water on this drunken beauty who kneads her body, but when I remembered what I heard, the sad thing that she mentioned earlier, I feel like I want to be gentle to her.

“Hmmm, like this?”

While saying that, I hug her gently, and pet her head. And, she firmly held my body.

“Ahhh~, I’m so happy~”

She said such a thing with tears.

When I thought that my mother would staring at us with her turbulent eyes, she stood up and tried to come here…

She magnificently fall down….

To the table with beer cans and snacks. Then, she stood up again, and she jump towards here!

“Me too~!”

Oi, oi, it’s not the time to say that! Mom!!

Of course, being hugged by Etou-san, I can’t avoid my mom, and after receiving jump her properly, together with Etou-san, all of us fall down. And…

“Ahhh, Kohaku-kun, so soft~!”

snuggle~, snuggle~”

My cheeks are bitten by both of them while hugging me.

The situation now may be enviable in my past life, after all, I’m being embraced by a beautiful woman who still looks young, but… no, I may not be happy even if this happened in my past life. To be honest, I’m just being tangled with a nasty drunkard. There is no sign of that kind of atmosphere at all. I want her to stop hugging already, she really smells like alcohol.

“Okay, okay, anyway, stop hugging me already……”


“Pet my head more~…..”

Oi, oi, this drunktard!

“Alright! I’ll pet you more after you stop hugging me.”

I said so to both of them, but they didn’t respond.

“Hey, are you guys still okay?”

When I asked them again and saw them. They’re closing their eyes… and I can hear a sleeping noise in my ears.

“Huh? Hey, how could you sleep in this position? Isn’t it strange?”

After that, no matter how many questions I asked, they never answer me, so after struggling for a while, I managed to get out of from their hug. Then, I bring Etou-san into the bed in the guest room, and my mother into the bed in her bedroom. And I decided to return to the living room.

“Those two were absolutely not popular…..”

After all, that drinking habit is bad…

…… Hmm, am I wrong? Maybe, because they’re not popular with men, they choose to drown in alcohol? or is it the reverse? While thinking about whether ‘the egg comes first or the chicken comes first’ or something similar like that, I reached the living room.

And I witness the misery of the living room.

Scattered beer cans, spilled beer, scattered snacks…..

I close my eyes once and open it after a while.

Obviously, the living room hasn’t changed…..

“… Hmm, am I supposed to clean all of this? Seriously?”


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  1. Why you even need this

    Wtf he even wants now? He wants girls to love him so that he can live on their money and yet he felt disgusted by literally every girl. He just pick small problems from anyone. What a retard who don’t know what he wants. No wonder he was just douchbag in his precious life

    1. Imagine multitudes of women looking at you all perverted like. There’s a chance of being kidnapped and other such things so of course the original MC would look down on women. Women would do the same thing if it was reversed.

      Instead of looking at it from the judgement of this world look at it from his world, idiot.

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