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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 12

12. The future path

After the auction, the winning bidder asked if she could take a picture with me. And of course I refused, but the pervert clerk suddenly said she would handed over half of the money she got from that bread, while begging me to somehow accept the request.

Perhaps, for a piece of bread, that price is too high, so she might like to add some kind of reward for the customer.

I look at the customers. She’s looking at me with her hands folded as if she were praying. Seeing that figure, I thought that it was pitiful to put out 60,000 jenny for one piece of bread, and so I said my will to the pervert clerk that if it’s just a picture it’s okay.

“If you give me 70% of the sales, I’ll accept.”

And the pervert clerk agreed with a smile when she heard the words.

Seeing that, I thought that I might able to get more.

Anyway, I got an extra income now, so my pocket is bulking…. Let’s go buy new clothes next time.

When I got home, I found a pair of shoes I didn’t know at the entrance. Is it a visitor? 

For a moment, I wondered if Koujou-san was back, but I remembered that the shoes she was wearing were different. Probably my mother’s acquaintance, so I went to the living room to say hello.

When I opened the living room door, my mother and a beautiful woman with purple hair were drinking tea around the table.

“Oh, welcome back.”

Following my mother’s words, The woman also greets me.

“Hello, I hope I’m not disturbing you.”

If it’s the old me from this world, I might just ignore this greeting and head straight to my room, but now I’m different.

“Welcome, I’m her son, Kohaku. Please take your time.”

I say hello with a free smile.

When she heard my greeting, the woman opened her eyes and was surprised, and turned her face toward my mother in a flash.

Speaking of my mother, she had a proud face right now.

“Kohaku, this is Fumi Etou, we’ve been friends since college.”

“I’m Fumi Etou. I’m sorry for coming so suddenly.”

“No, don’t worry. Well then, I’m going to my room.”

“Yes, I understand.”

When I headed to the room after saying that, I heard a voice from the living room.

“What a polite boy! Such a boy actually existed, huh! Where did he get that trait from!?”

“Uhahaha! Did you understand how amazing ‘My Beloved Son’ is!?”

……Yeah, I could say that my mother has a slight illness now.

After I return to my room, I take out what I got from school.

I put it on the desk and. Yeah, it’s a document about high schools. Before I regained my memory, I intended to go to’ Seimei Boys’ High School’, but now I definitely don’t want to go there. That’s why I got this document when I went to school the other day.

I will flip through the document of each high school. Hmmm, after all, private school have a better equipment and facility. Especially this high school.

The high school that I was most interested in among the one I saw here, was ‘Kenran Private High School’.

The school boasts of it’s vast land area, and it’s up-to-date facilities, also their delicious food in it’s school cafeteria. And the student there has a high rate of admission to prestigious universities.

However, the tuition fees for girls are set high, and it is also a school that is hated by boys.

The reason why boys dislike it is that this school uses a system that divides classes according to grades. They enrolls good-looking boys in good classes, and as the girls grade get worse, so it is for the boys too, that is based on their looks.

In short, this ‘Kenran Private High School’ use boys to improve girls’ grades. So, not a lot of boys want to go to such a high school, but it seems that the treatment of boys there is good. So, the minimum number of boys is always enrolled there.

Specifically, there is no entrance examination for boys, and in addition, free tuition for three years and every year the boys will get some pocket money. They did all of that to attract boys to enroll there. But, it seems that it is relatively difficult attract boys using money in this world to enroll, because in the first place, they are not in trouble with money due to the allowance from the country. It is said that the quality of boys in that school is getting worse year by year.

And, I was interested in this school not because I could get money.


The reason I was interested was that the rate of admission to prestigious universities from that school was high. The fact that the rate of student going on to higher education from there is high, it make me think that the follow-up for going on to higher education was solid, if I go there. You see, a man who has the title of going on to a prestigious university will jump in value.

In addition, the facilities include air conditioning, warm floors, a heated pool that is wide, and a place for sport like baseball field, soccer field, tennis court, and golf course.

To be honest, it’s pretty amazing. 

However, there is a problem, this school is relatively close to ‘Seimei Boys’ High School’, and it seems that students there may be using the same train. At that time, when they know that I went to this school, I will be known as a man who sold himself for money, and I might be seen with despised eyes from Seimei’s students. So, a man who goes to Kenran seems to at least be able to bear that much.

……Anyway I don’t really care about that, so should I give it a go? Well, it seems that a staff member from Kenran will come to my junior high school to give a briefing about their school, so maybe I will decide after listening to that. Since I can enroll to Kenran without any test.

Huft, it sure took quite a long time, and I feels that I’m going to get hungry soon….. Hmm, the two people on the first floor, what are gonna do for dinner?

While thinking so, I go down to the living room…

But, I could only see only two drunk people who emptied dozens of beer cans there… and they were laughing…..


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