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Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 9

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9. Chapter 9

Laila-san, a woman who rushed to me with tremendous momentum.

She was one of the adventurer in the parties who overworked her body with supportive magic and helped me, who was tattered, and was also a ridiculous person who carried me from that place.

Behind her, there were two of Laila’s companions, a large and quiet man, Kiel-san, and a red-haired woman, who looks strong, Fran-san.

Mai-san, who brought them, was out of breath while introducing Laila-san and her friends to me, and immediately returned to her work after that, so there are currently four people sitting around the table, including me.

“Well, well, I was wondering what would happen when I first found you, but I’m glad that you were fine now.”

“Ah, ehm, really… Thank you very much.”

“I’m his familiar, let me say thank you too.”

We introduced ourselves, and now Laila-san is sitting to the right of me, and Kiel-san and Fran-san are sitting on the opposite of me.

While holding a glass of drink that Laila-san ordered, I thank them again, and Fran-san start to speak while her cheek stick on the table.

“I was honestly surprised at that time. After all, the Orochi ruins had collapsed, and I never thought that I would surprised more than that. But, when I saw there was a mimic beside you who was tattered near there, it made me even more surprised.”

“For me, I was being uneasy that it’ll be my end as a monster, you know?”

Fran-san and Laila-san make a bitter smile at Schiff’s words that moved from the table to my shoulder.

Kiel-san is still expressionless.

“I’m not going to attack you, you know.”

“No, doesn’t Fran-san shot an arrow? right?”

“I’m not! Don’t just accused me like this! What if he believes it!?”

……For the time being, I understand that they are good friends.

However, I was surprised that Laila-san was 18 years old, who was only one age different from me. Kiel-san is 24 years old and Fran-san is 20 years old, and although they are different in age, I feel the good atmosphere from them.

Watching Fran-san and Laila-san sarcastic about each other, Kiel-san, who had never spoken before, opened his mouth.

“Did you destroy the ruins?”

“! ….Yes. I’m sorry.”

“No, you don’t have to apologize. From the beginning, the ruins have no historical value. Rather, it’s even called as a dangerous area, The Orochi’ nest.”

“… Y, yes.”


Words do not continue after that.

I fount out that this person was somehow tending not to speak much.

Laila-san, who has finished a quarrel with Fran-san, talks to me as the awkward silence continues between me and Kiel-san.

“Kaito-kun. I’ve heard a lot from the guild chief, but are you going to live here? If you came from afar, you probably came to work….. As I thought, did you come to become an adventurer?”

“Ah, that’s… I don’t know yet. To be honest, I’m worried … I still can’t decide.”


Laila-san talks to me somewhat friendly because she is close to my age.

While stroking Lime on my lap, I speak my thoughts as if to let Schiff hear it too.

“I’m curious about what an adventurer does at work, but I don’t even know if it’s a world where I can easily enter…”

“Wow, he thinks properly, better than Laila…”

“It’s hard for me to think that you’re one year younger than her…”

“You guys, are you making fool about me? Hmmm?”

Laila-san glares at Fran-san and Kiel-san, who are surprised in different way because of my monologue.

Intimidating the two, she turned her gaze back and put her hand on her chin as if she had come up with something.

“Oh, right! Kaito, I’ll show you around the city!”

“Eh, are you sure?”

“Yeah. I’ll also introduce you to a cheap inn that always taken care of me!”

The current situation is exactly what they called, ‘manna from heaven’, right?

It’s very helpful for me to have someone to guide me to places I don’t know right or left.

And she said it’s cheap.

Not free, but cheap, what a great word.

“Thank you very much!”

“You can count to this older sister! Oh, and you don’t have to add honorifics you know! We’re close in age!”

『”Somehow she’s really motivated huh, that Laila”』

『”There seems to be pure kindness in her word, but maybe she’s just glad to get to know a child around her age?”』

『”Oh, I see…”』

Seeing Laila confidently speaking like that, her two friends are secretly talking in low voice for some reason.

While not knowing that, Laila-sa…. Laila turns to both of them.

“That’s why I’m going to the guide him from now on! The request is over and it’s okay to disband now!!”

“Yes, that’s right. Good luck.”

“Yeah, Have fun.”

Fran-san and Kiel-san nodded with a gentle look.

While wondering about it, Laila stands up, Schiff on my shoulder transforms into a hat, and Lime moves to my shoulder.

After thanking Kiel-san and Fran-san once again, I was pulled by Laila, who had a high tension, and walked out of the guild.

And we’re on the street again, but now following her.

“Kaito, you need to remember the road well, you hear me.”


As Schiff says, I have to remember the road.

Some of the people who pass each other have something like animal ears, and some have pointed ears.


“Kaito-kun. Is this your first time seeing an Elf or a Beastman?”

“Yes… that’s right.”

“Be careful. People with a rough temper start to get angry just being glanced at their ears.”

So, they’re an Elf and a Beastman?

Although they are mostly could be heard only in legend in my original world, you could meet them around here like this.

“Maybe, just may, are you lived in a ridiculously countryside?”

“If you ask whether it’s a countryside or not…. it’s a countryside.”

“Kaito is a little naive because he lived in a very distant place, so I’d like you to teach him a lot.”

When Schiff speak that, Laila nods while tilting her head.

In reality, let alone a ridiculously countryside, it may be better to call it a different dimension, still it’s not entirely wrong.

“Well, let’s start with a guide to the near guild.”

“… Wasn’t that place just now was the guild?”

“That was a place to receive requests, and there was a training ground behind it. And, the practical test to enter the guild was usually held there.”

It’s a place to test, I might take it in the future…. maybe I should see it once.

Being convinced, I nodded to her words and followed her.


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