Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 11

Since this WN is the one with the shortest ch among all of my projects (And I still have some stock) and until it ran out, I’ll still release this steadily (after I’ve edited it a bit more).

11. Bakery 2

About 20 minutes after I returned to my room, Koujou-san said she would return, so I left my room and saw her off. And at that time,

“I’ll be on your side soon.”

I received the word and a sharp look.

……You don’t have to overdo yourself, you know?

That loyalty feels a little scary.

Even though we had just met for the first time, but I can’t feel any lie in the words that Koujou-san said, and also from that words, I can feel her enthusiasm enough to realize that everything she said is serious. It just means that the manga with a slightly title, “The maid’s lord is the master.”, which you could found at That kind of place, influenced her so much!

In addition to being absorbed by a girl with such a strong belief, by the time the talk with the maid, Koujou-san, was over, quite a long time had already passed.

I’m hungry now… Should I warm the curry for lunch?

This curry was made last night. To be honest, there aren’t many things I can make, so I just chose a dish that easy to make and that I could eat for several days in a row, but when my mother saw this handmade curry, she was so happy that it made me scared a little.

And she ate it while saying, ‘Delicious!’, ‘Delicious!’.

Sure, curry can be delicious no matter who makes it, but I can’t think anything bad of her if she’s so happy like that.

Huh! Is this what they called, attracting someone through her stomach!? Certainly, if I made a request at that time, she seemed to listen to…

…… This, can I use this trick?

After all, food is an important factor that attracts women. Let’s learn more from now on.

“Mom, is it okay to have curry for lunch?”

“Okay, it’s okay. After all, the curry that Kohaku made is really delicious. When I go to my company, I’ll brag it to everyone!”

Please don’t!!

I put the curry on the fire and stir it with a ladle so that it does not burn.

Speaking of which, I promised to go to that bakery that did sexual harassment to me once, during a time when there are likely to be many customers… Maybe, after I finished my lunch I should visit there?

The curry has just been warmed up, so I’ll have lunch of a two-person portion.

The curry on it’s second day was also delicious.

It’s late September now, but the heat is still severe and it’s quite hot outside.

Would it be okay if I just use a T-shirts and jean? No matter how much I aim to be a ‘Devilish Man’, I’m just going around the neighborhood, and it’s not like that this style look weird. Anyway, I guess, I don’t have to be so fashionable.

I open the closet and look at the clothes inside, for the top, nothing looks wrong, but there are so many skirts for the bottom. Most of the uniforms in this world are skirts, but they also sell trousers.

However, the basic design for men and women are the same. The only difference is the size. That’s why I thought it wouldn’t be strange if there were many skirts for my casual clothes. But my old-self from this world, thought that wearing trousers was just lame. That’s why I only have a small number of pants…

Next time when I go to buy clothes, I decided that I’m gonna buy a lot of trousers.

After changing clothes, I said to my mother that I’ll go out for a while.

“Mom, I’m going out for a while.”

“Be careful, don’t get caught by a weird woman, okay?”

“Don’t worry, it’s gonna be okay.”

……Wait, this doesn’t count as going to meet a weird woman, right?

With such doubts, I walk the path to the bakery.

The heat is so severe that I get a little sweaty as soon as I leave the house.

As the number of people gradually increases, as I thought, my existence attracts attention. And I could hear the reaction around me.

“It’s unusual for a boy to be walking bellow the sun.”

“I wonder if that child is okay with sunburn.”

“A sweaty boy…… it’s a feast.”

“Ah, I want to smell that child…”

“I, I want to lick that sweat….”

And so on. I could hear various opinions. ……There are also some opinions from a pervert.

Can you believe it if I say this? That, they’re all beautiful girls.

A beautiful pervert girl…. Unfortunately, there is no demand for them in this world.

Really, what a shame. If they were in my previous life, they might have got a lot of job offer.

While thinking so, I arrived at the store.

The name of the shop is “Wheat’s Village”. If you see just by a glance, you could see that there are quite a few customers inside. When I look at the counter, the person who is standing there, is not that clerk who did sexual harassment to me.

Well, I promise to came here again, so let’s go into the store and buy the bread. It’s for tomorrow morning.

When the door is opened, the bell rings and the customer inside the shop looks toward the entrance, but immediately picks out bread as if they lost interest. And…..

Everyone see here again for the second times!

…So scary! Why did everyone look at me at the same time!?

The inside of the store starts to rustle.

“Hmm, is it so delicious that boys come all the way by himself to buy it?”

“Sure, the bread here is delicious, but I’ve never heard of a boy coming here by himself…”

“Today is a good day.”

When I hear the reaction, it certainly could count as a promotion.

The clerk came out from the back, perhaps noticing the inside of the store that began to rustle.

A woman with a cute impression and gray hair……. She’s the pervert clerk.

“Wow, you really came. I was waiting.”

She talk intimately as if a regular customer came. Thanks to that, people around me misunderstand that I am a regular at this store.

It’s still my second time though…

“Well, I promised.”

“I’m so happy. I have the bread that I’ve been working on since that day. Do you want to see it?”

“Oh, yeah.”

The pervert clerk says so and retracts to the back.

Is it some kind of a special bread? Is it delicious? Is it made of high-quality ingredients? Somehow I’m looking forward to it a little.


The customers in the store are surprised at the bread served by the pervert clerk who returned.

“Wow… this lifelike…”

“Somehow, it looks like it’s alive.”

“It’s a waste to eat it.”

“I want to see it forever”

The bread brought in by her was a human-shaped bread.

…… Frankly speaking, it was a bread modeled after me. For some reason I was posing with just one pair of underpants.

“This is baked just for you. I’ve been making it every day since I first met you, and I really wanted you to eat it when you came here again. Please accept this.”

Do you think I need it!? I don’t want to eat anything modeled after me! Moreover, it is annoying that it is well made! And why is wearing nothing but a pair of underpants!? It’s strange!

When I told the pervert clerk about it, she was shocked so hard and dropped her shoulders.

However, when she heard that I didn’t need it, one after another, the other customers told me to sell it to them, and since it couldn’t be helped, so I allowed only this time for this to be sold.

Then, I urged the pervert clerk to stop making it. And the auction of the young boy only wearing underpants’ bread were being held.

And, it was finally sold for 60,000 Jenny.

The truth is, the price keep being increased, so the model has no choice but to end it by force.


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