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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 14

14. Ordinary Style

“Well, I’ll change the seats.”

It was a sudden tragedy. My seat now is in the middle of the classroom, and on my right side is Natsukawa. I was very excited to enjoy the scent that drifted from her on a daily basis (pervert), but if my seat being changed to be in the corner of the classroom and my seat with hers are being separated far way, I can no longer enjoy that. And during class I won’t be pointed by the teacher, and I won’t be fooled by my classmate. Hm? Somehow, I’m happy with this?

“Okay! Then, next is….. Ah, Sajou-kun, huh…”

“Eh? Yes…”

After she pull the lottery with the number assigned to each seat, Otsuki-sensei looked at my face and changed the bright face.

Hmm? Somehow, why I feel disappointed. Did I do something strange to my teacher?… Right, I was late or dozing in class, or did something playful to interrupt the class. Of course she’ll hate me, right?

“Hm, teacher.”


“I, I’ll become a good student from now on, you know?…. Maybe.”

“Why maybe… anyway, just be a good student like others.”

If you set a number on your consciousness to 100, I used 98 toward Natsukawa until recently, so now that I have a well-balanced attitude, I won’t need to wake up earlier in the morning while keep thinking the sweet and sour taste of wanting to meet Natsukawa faster. And, I should be able to have a better sleep from now on.

I look up at the blackboard. The lottery for the girl was done First, and the names of all the girls placed the board. While having a bird-eye view on the board, looking at all the names from the right end, I soon found Natsukawa’s name.

I see, it’s the second from the back in the center… Oi, it’s just one seat behind from her seat right now! Don’t that feel not so fresh?, and the feeling of changing seats is almost none…

But….Don’t worry! I’ll sit next to you again. Anyway, the fresh felling is none, so if that’s the case, I’ll be patron for the idol named Aika Natsukawa again!

“(1) Huh. Okay, so the very front seat of the corridor side.”

As expected….

When I look ahead. it’s a wall. When I Look to the right. it’s also a wall. Both side are Odorless.

It’s as fresh as it can be. Three months after I entered the school, my surroundings were filled with a wooden wall student who I had never spoken for the first time. Fortunately, A girl who looks like a diligent girl sits on my left side, but a towering invisible wall called “Warning” and “Don’t talk to me” almost can been seen around her. It seems that she’s already absorbed in reading, and the fact that I’ve been making noise about Natsukawa on a daily basis, makes her annoyed just to see me. You see a blatant disgust towards me from her.

It, it doesn’t matter. Rather, I think it’s better to be surrounded by people who I haven’t spoken like this, so I can just appeal myself and makes them realize about my true value.

I play with my smartphone in elbows. By doing so, even if I keep silent, the others will be convinced that “Ah, this guy didn’t have a good friend sitting around him.”.

While grinning inwardly, I was enjoying “So, this is the the real me?”, And suddenly two shock struck my ass. Hmm, what is this explosive power!?? Is it that my excrement was being produced rapidly??

“Yahoo, Sajo-chi.”

“May I ask who’s calling me?”

It was the woman sitting behind me who rudely kicked my ass over the chair. This girl ‘student A’…… What should I do with her?

“Ah, you’re so mean! We’re friends who is competing for Ai-chi, aren’t we?”

“Hmm, I haven’t been robbed yet. It’s impossible for Natsukawa to fall into someone’s hands!”

“What’s with that confidence….. Well, your seat is separated from her now. Don’t mind.”

“Ashida, you too.”

Let’s admit… Ashida is arguably the closest friend to Natsukawa. That’s probably what Natsukawa herself admits, and I think she shares secrets that she can’t tell to a man. Huh, Seriously!

“How is it? Are you felling lonely?… You are, right?”

How could she fan the flame happily. Ashida must have been bothered by the existence of me in front of her friend, Natsukawa. Because Natsukawa was always talking to me… Hmmm? I can only remember of Natsukawa’s swearing….?

But, still! I’m not lonely! Even if I’m away from my idol, Natsukawa, if you become a fan like me, I’m sure you can feel it’s enough to see your idol from a distance! Uhihi, She’s also beautiful today …!

“I’m not lonely. And You’re also here.”

The enthusiasm for idols varies from fan to fan. So this is not something you share with other people. Your own passion and the way you’re cheering them shows your true value… And here, to hide your true intentions and let the flow is what a real gentleman will do!

“Ashidaaa, if you also think of Natsukawa….. Hm? What is it? Why you suddenly open your eyes like that?”

“Hm!?… Ah! No, uh, hmm, I mean!”

“Hey, don’t make such a big voice …”

When I suddenly noticed, Ashida was looking at me with a face like someone dumbfounded. It was too sudden that it makes me wonder if she just want to make a strange face for a moment, but when I talked to her, she seemed to be seriously upset, so it seems that I was wrong. Seriously, she’s always noisy, as expected of a volleyball club’ member (prejudice).

“Sa, Sajo-chi … Even if it’s not Ai-chi, even if it’s just me, you’re okay…?”

“Huh? Of course, nope?”

What are you talking about? There is no one who can take the place of Natsukawa…… Hmm? Wait, Why did you suddenly shake your fist… it hurts!? Why suddenly you hit my back, it hurts, it hurts, ouch, ouch… what’s wrong with this girl!!?


It’s noon now. Tired of being in the front seat and the surprise attack by Ashida, I decided to buy sweet bread at the shop and eat it somewhere else instead the classroom. That Ashida, since that talk, I’ve been struck by a sharp gaze on my back…..

Well, where should I eat? The school also has a courtyard and many benches in the front playground. It’s designed like a small campus that imitates a university. Still, even though summer is approaching, today is refreshing. Somewhere… is there a bench in the shade of a tree with few people….


A small girl with an armband is walking around in the corridor in front of the exit of the entrance. There is some kind of document in both hands, and it is very dangerous to have a large amount of booklets like that.

I look to the right, and look to the left. Alright, no one is there, and now no one can’t see me with suspicious eyes.

“….Excuse me”

“Yaeh!? W-Who!?” [TN: This is not typo.]

“…Ah, I’m really sorry.”

I never thought that she see me like a suspicious person when I were talking to her. That’s hurt me a bit.

I stop trying to get close to her and take a step or two away.

“Aaaaa….I’m sorry! I was just being surprised when I was suddenly talked to!”

Even though I talked to her from a good distance… but … from her perspective. Apparently it’s still feel too sudden for her. My face? Is it because of my face?

Bob hair with a little quirky hair, a red ribbon the same size as the head looks great. Yes, She’s cute, is she a doll?

“That… it looks heavy, so…”

“Eh!? Ah, yes!”

“….Shall I hold it for you?”

Apparently, she has been traumatized by seeing a suspicious person like me. From a distance of nearly 5 meters, she was terrified to talk to me. She treated me seriously like a suspicious person! What is this sense of distance that I feel?

“Well, that… I feel bad to make you do it…”

“…Is that so?”

What is this? I wonder if this is what it feel when you got rejected from the beginning. Well, this reaction is normal. If a strange men suddenly talk to you, you’ll only get wary, right?… Wait, wait a moment, I’ll be wary too if a pretty girl suddenly talks to me…. In other words, she’s wary of me…. because she think that I’m cool!??

Of course not, right?

Author’s Note : Of course not.


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