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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 10

So, seems like a lot of people like this? so I’ll take this as my official side project too. I’ll try my best to update this WN too. (@@)\

10. Conversation with the maid

She’s an excellent person, but she’s…. Yeah, she’s a bad person to get involved with…. Maybe …


“Okay! I’ll give you my permission.”

I’m sorry to say this, but I want you to refrain from doing so. When I was trying to said that, my mother spoke in a loud voice that it covered my voice.


‘What are you talking about?’, is what my heart want to say.

“I’ve always thought that it would be better to have a guard on Kohaku. You see, you don’t know when Kohaku’s cuteness will make the female companion attack him mindlessly, right? And, it would be a relief if a first-class escort would serve Kohaku. “

“Madam is right. The beauty of Kohaku is unmatched in all of Arhenheim. And like what Madam said, you don’t know when is the danger will come. But such a danger is unlucky to meet me. This Koujou, will do everything with her power to eliminate it. “

“Yeah, yeah, that’s right.”

My mother and Koujou-san hit it off together and got excited.

“Wait! Wait a minute. I can’t stand it if I get an escort all the time! I refuse!”

I don’t think they’ll listen to it unless I say it’s clear, so I’ll definitely make it clear that I don’t like it.

Koujou-san turned pale as if shocked by my words.

“But Kohaku, even for other family sons around your age to have their own escorts is normal….. When you’re going to a distant place, or even when you’re going back and forth from school, it makes me worry about you a lot and want to do something about it……. You see, if I can follow you, I’ll follow you!”

“No, please don’t follow me.”

My mother clouded her face as if shocked by my words.

“If so, I have to hire an escort…”

“Ugh, but what are you going to do with the housework? In the first place, You probably intended to hire someone to do the housework for you instead of the escort for me, right?.”

“Then, what if, I make her main job to do the housework, and make her do the escort work only when necessary. If it’s like that, there is no problem, right?”

“I understand, I’ve been practicing so that anyone can be satisfied with my housework ability, so please.”

“See, even Koujou-san says like that, and normally, you can’t hire a first-class escort officer, you know.”

“If you allowed me to serve here, I will ask for retirement from the current company today, and I will put Kohaku-sama as my first priority.”


My mother is impressed with Koujou-san’ declaration.

As expected, my mother would want to hire her no matter what.

I sigh and reply with approval.

“I understand. I understand that Koujou-san is excellent, and I’m grateful that she is so enthusiastic about this too…”

I make a little reservoir, look at her eyes and say it firmly.

“I’m looking forward to working with you. I’m happy that Koujou-san want serve this family, and I’ll do my best to become a good lord for you.”

Then, I make a smile that was always outstandingly effective at school, to Koujou-san.

With that smile on my face, Koujou-san was weeping from her beautiful silver eyes.

“Thank you. I have never received such kind words from a man, and I have received such words from a person who I decided to serve in my entire life. It makes me think that my life was indeed have a meaning. I swear to serve sincerely to repay Kohaku-sama’s words. “

She bowed her head while shedding tears.

What the! Somehow it’s too heavy, I’m sure that the word “flattery”, is also in this world… right?

Now, I’m scared of the weight of my words.

…… I guess just go along with the flow, is not suitable for this world’ era. So, is it the era of knights and samurai in here right now? 

…… No, maybe because she’s a maid? Hmm, never mind.

“Then, I’ll talk about contract, so Kohaku should go back to your room.”

“Hmm? why?”

“Don’t think too much, just go.”

That said, my mother pushes my body.

“Okay, okay. Don’t push, or I’ll fall off from the chair.”

Why don’t you want me to hear it, do you secretly want to request something from her? Well, never mind.

While thinking so, I return to my room.

I go back to my room, sit on the sofa and think about it.

Someone will attack me, huh?… Arhenheim is a safe country, so I didn’t really care about it, but there is a good chance that it will happen.

If Koujou-san comes, can she teach me self-defense? If she can, I’ll ask her so.

That way, Someday, I’ll will be allowed to travel abroad by myself. 

…… I’ll be allowed, right?.


“Well, Koujou-san, I think you learned from the conversation we had earlier, but Kohaku has little sense of crisis about himself.”

“Yes, that’s right. He’s been kind to a strange woman like me. It’s the first time for me to had this kind of experience. Until now, I’ve only been ignored or despised.”

“Kohaku was like that too until recently. He was very cautious when he saw a woman, but now that’s not the case. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. But still, it makes me worried that he will be fooled by a strange woman somewhere.”

Yoko keep taking a sip of tea.

“That’s why Koujou-san, I want you to put attention about that.”

“Of course. I’ll put my attention to Kohaku-sama and if I found a change his behavior, I will report it immediately, and if I sense a danger around him, I will take appropriate measures if it’s necessary too.”

Seeing the sharp eyes of the maid in front of her, Yoko nodded as if she was satisfied.


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  2. I mean, can’t really blame kojou being treated codly up till now. She invested over a decade of her life in the military, became a rare elite, then quit to become a maid after reading a manga. Not really a course of actions most would approve of.

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