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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 9

9. The Housekeeper

Today is Saturday. I haven’t been to school that much this week because I was hospitalized…

And it seems that a new housekeeper will come next week, but today she will come to say hello.

It seems that she need to introduced herself before actually working.

When I check the clock, it’s 1 minute away from 11 am. She said she’ll come at 11 am, so it means soon.

When I think so, I hear a chime sound.

Looking at the clock, the second hand has just turned to the twelve numbers.

“Just in time, I guess.”

My mother goes to the front door while saying so.

……Hmm? She didn’t come back, when I thought so, I could hear that she just came back.

When I saw the face of my mother who came back, she had a strange face that I couldn’t comment about.

When I think about her strange expression, a person come from behind and enter the living room. Apparently, she’s the new housekeeper. When I checked the person, I found out the reason for the strange face that my mother made.

The woman who entered the living room was an expressionless person with ash gray hair. Her appearance is also on the excellent group in this world. For example, if there a person, who like to gathering the best of art, around here, he will definitely say ‘Perfect’.

….But for some reason she wore maid clothes.

The house asked for a housekeeper, not a maid… Don’t tell me she come this far while wearing maid clothes, you say?

My mother, with a strange expression, take a chair and serves a drink.

“Thank you very much.”

The voice of the maid was a very beautiful voice that was pleasant to hear.

“Well, so you are, “Mariangeles Koujou”, is it correct?”

“Yes, that’s right, Madam. This is my resume, please.”

“Ah, Yes, I’ll see it. Before that, I’m the owner of the house, Yoko Hatano, and this is my son, Kohaku Hatano.”

“Nice to meet you.”

After the greeting, Koujou-san give a beautiful bow that fascinate me.

My mother looks into the resume, and I know, this is bad manner, but I can’t help but to take a peek of the resume from the side.

“Wow, you’ve graduated from the ‘National First Military School’. After graduating, you were in the military for…. for ten years!?”

“Yes, I entered the school at the age of 11, graduated at the age of 15, then stayed in the army for ten years, then quit the army and now join the ‘Minahashi Housekeeping Service’.”

Both me and my mother fell silent and wondered why a housekeeper…..

“There is no problem with housework because I have practiced. In addition, I have acquired the qualification of a first-class escort officer during the military era, so I am confident that it will be useful for escorting Madam and Young Master.”

Maybe she was anxious because we were silent, and appealed herself……. Still, she did it with the face stay expressionless.

First-class escort officer, This is a qualification for a person that is mainly active in guarding VIPs, and it seems that it’s very difficult to obtain the qualification.

“Tha-that’s amazing …”

“It’s not that amazing.”

“May I ask, why you, who was on the elite course, left the army?”

After closing her eyes a little, Koujou-san took out a book from her bag. I didn’t know anything about the book because the book was covered.

“The reason is because I came across this book.”

“Can I see it?”


My mother picks up the book and slowly opens it…

“Oh, so nostalgic.”

And made a small voice.

I was peeking from the side, and I could see a manga depicting a cute maid and a cool boy.

“….This is?”

“Kohaku, you don’t know this? It’s a very popular manga.”

“No, I don’t know.”

Koujou-san talked as if she responded to my words.

“This book title is,” The Maid’ Lord is Master”, which was very popular about ten years ago.”

“Huh …”


“I didn’t know the existence of this manga at the time of its release, and I just read it recently.”

“Huh …”


“At first, I was encouraged by an acquaintance to read it, but the moment I read it, I knew what I wanted to do.”

“… Huh?”

“What I want to do is not to serve the country, but to serve the Lord that I admit for the rest of my life. Once I understand that, I cannot stay in the army as it is. Then, I started training so that someday I could find the Lord, and since the training was completed, I joined the current company as one of the means to find the Lord to serve.”

…… In other words, did this person become a maid influenced by a manga?….. Seriously? Even though her specs almost to the point of extremely good, but still isn’t this person a little too good?

“Then, if you find the Lord, do you mean, you want to quit your job?”

Was what My mother asked. If you heard her story just now, it sounded like she might quit if she ever found the Lord she wanted to serve.


However, Kuojou-san’ reply was different. And a shocking answer came from her mouth.

“I have found my Master, who I will serve.”

With that said, she stared at me with her silver eyes.

“….. Hmm?”

“Please make me your maid, Kohaku-sama. The moment I saw you, I understood it clearly.”

“Well, what did you just said?”

“I said that you are my Master.”

After she said so, she took my hand in a flowing motion and dropped her lips on the back of my hand.

And when I looked at her face, her white skin was slightly dyed in red.

………….. It’s bad to say this when you’re excited, but it’s probably just my imagination.


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  1. A super combat maid who decided to live her life for her Master, all of this inspired for a manga? I don’t feel like this very often, however, I feel like worshipping this author-sama just because of the maid.

  2. I eat life for Breakfast!

    I was expecting her to be emotionless because of the military but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

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