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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 13

13. As I thought, I need to think realistically

Three days have passed since the Aizawa incident (※Missionary activity). Aizawa never come again after that day, and although I was lonely, finally, the heart-friendly days were back again.

Well, I don’t know if this is a karma for me, but when I woke up in the morning after that day, my lunch box had changed to one coin. Could it be that my mom have been watching me this whole time?

Anyway, do you know what it means? Apparently, I had to go to the battlefield.

“………. Fuuoooooooo!!!”

Not just me, fierce and tough men, They are pushing forward using their own body. And here, is me, Wataru Sajou, who pushes the backs of such unknown people with all my might and us my surrounding’ strength as my own. Nooo, it’s a wide back, Hello… don’t mind me, I’m just a trash.

What I got after the fierce battle was butter rolls and milk that no one looked at. By all means, this shop is not suitable for someone doing sport. If you are not good at it, you will just get a broken bone. But it’s okay, I properly got the change from the purchase, Mom.

When I tried to return to the classroom, I heard a noisy voice from inside. It’s a very familiar voice… or is it just my imagination? Anyway, What should I do? I don’t want to go back.

“Noo……Please take this! This is an apology for the inconvenience I’ve caused!”

“I said it already, but it’s okay! You haven’t done anything to me!”

“Ai-chi, just give up and take it already…”

“Why are you support that side, Kei!”

When I looked into the classroom, I found a brown-haired girl, who has an easy-going looks and I had seen very recently, approaching Natsukawa. As far as what I can hear, I don’t think they’re in a quarrel. But, at least I know that it would become something troublesome if I joined them.

“Aaaaa! Anyway, Aika-sama, I’ll put it here!”

“Ah! Wait, wait a minute!”

“Bye bye, Rena-chi”

When I was hiding next to the classroom door, Aizawa, who had been flirting with me until recently (※She is not), jumped out into the hallway. I glanced at her, and I could see her face from the side..… Aaa, it makes me so happy until I’m almost collapse. She headed to the opposite side of me, and ran up the stairs leading to the senior student’s classroom… I’m glad that she’s fine.

Really, I can’t really understand her, anyway I calmed down myself and entered the classroom. When I headed to my seat, of course, Natsukawa, who sits next to me, notices my existence. Normally, She will glare at me just by getting in her sight, but this time she see me with a disgusted face. Thank you very much, do it more.

“… You see, Aizawa-san was here until a while ago.”

“She was super energetic and was kind of afraid of something….. Sajo-chi, what did you do?”

“Nothing… just that I talked endlessly about the wonderfulness of Aika Natsukawa.”

“Hey! What did you said to her!?”

“Ew… how could you ate with such a cute girl and talked about Ai-chi all the time… But, I guess that’s so Sajo-chi.”

It was Sajo-chi who spread about Aika Natsukawa. Yeah, It is the best phrase. As the No. 1 fan, I will actively quote her from now on. But, isn’t it a little too much? Why does Aika-sama have all of the limited 20 cream puffs? In a place like a battlefield where you have to bet your life to live, How on earth she..…

As I stared at the cream puff, I met Natsukawa’ eyes, who was sighing.

“Oh, this? She said, she got it from her boyfriend.”

“It’s good that they could be together again.”

“Huh? Seriously?”

Next to Ashida, who said, “Seriously, seriously…”, Natsukawa nodded as if confirming that it were true. It seemed that her feeling for Arimura-senpai hadn’t disappeared yet, so she thought it would be nice if she could get back with her Ex-boyfriend. But really, I didn’t think that they would get back together. It seems that it was effective to talk about the the ugliness of high school boys to her. Right.

“She was delighted to have a common hobby for everything.”

Hmm, a common hobby, huh? I wonder if she get a new hobby that match him after she didn’t meet me. But, It doesn’t seem like Aizawa didn’t know each other’s hobbies when she was dating Arimura-senpai in the first place…

『”I…….for me, it’s Natsukawa from the first year.”』


“Sajo-chi, it was a shame, wasn’t it? To be abandoned by Rena-chi, I’m so sorry for you! “

“Hmm, I don’t mind. Since, I had a good memory with her…”

“…Huh!? A good memory!?”

“Rena has a boyfriend! You’re the worst!”

Looking at their facial expressions, Ashida and Natsukawa seem to have a ‘R-18’ imagination, but unfortunately that’s not the case. I know, Aizawa who has a brown hair, she looked like an easy girl, but you see, compatibility and personality are important for men too. Even the fact that I can monopolize Aizawa’s time and have a nice chat with her, is just like more than enough reward already. Seriously, I’m so happy that even with only Butter rolls is enough for the rest of my life….. No, sorry, as I thought, it’s not enough.

When I thinking about the happiness for a man, I was seen by Natsukawa and Ashida with the eyes that seeing something stupid.

“I was properly holding myself, so it’s okay, right?”

When I felt that the vulgarity that man cherishes was denied, suddenly I replied with such words. You know, for a man who isn’t popular, just by having the opportunity to talk to a very cute girl, could give them the spirit to continue living.

“Hmm? Then, are you okay with being hated by Aizawa-san?”

“No, I hate being hated… but I don’t hope to much from the start. When such a cute girl suddenly talks to me, it just makes me have a doubt. I thought that Aizawa planned something when she approached me. But I don’t care, because I was able to have a conversation with a cute girl by riding on that plan of her. It’s a high-level technique of a trustworthy man.”

“…Somehow, aren’t you desperate?”

“No, no, I can afford to be a trustworthy man…..”

“No, not that.”


Somehow I feel a disturbing air, so I tilt my head. Why did Natsukawa suddenly turn to her face and start to look at me sharply? I don’t why but, when I turned to Ashida, she also staring at me with some doubt.

“Wait, wait a minute. What’s the matter? Tell me, what should I do?”

“Well, it doesn’t really matter. Sajo-chi said he loved Ai-chi, but he got fascinated by another woman, I don’t think that it’s disgusting.”


Ashida’s words, which should normally be a joke, somehow this time, it’s sharp. It’s a word that pierces my heart. But if she say I should be better, it’s difficult you know. Now that I can see my own appearance and specs realistically, if I’m told to think of Natsukawa seriously, who I know is no longer reachable, it’s like running a marathon without goals.

“I don’t think I’d be involved with her anymore. But, it’s a bliss that she came to talk to someone like me who isn’t popular. Isn’t it okay? As I said earlier, I was properly holding myself,.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Of course. Natsukawa can’t understand.”


When I argued, Natsukawa stared at me strongly. It because you’re popular, right?… I know you’re being asked for contact information by all the sporty guys in the hallway! Just be prepared, the second interview is me, so do your best guys!

When I heard the story from Aizawa, I thought she was having a high ideal in senior Arimura. That’s why I enthusiastically explained to her that male creatures, including senior Arimura, are more inferior that what she think. And, I also add about how Natsukawa is a goddess (※Main topic).

Aizawa said goodbye to Senior Arimura once, but she still couldn’t erase the feelings that remained in her heart. That’s why she might have returned to that place until she understood the ugly part of the man herself even after listening to me. At least senior Arimura had “something” that’s enough to hold Aizawa.

But, I’m not. Natsukawa has no special feelings for me, and if there is, it will disappear soon. Because I don’t have “something” enough to hold her.

“Wait, wait a minute, Sajo-chi! Just now, you call Ai-chi… “Natsukawa”!?”

“Don’t… I don’t care about it already!”

“Eeeh!? Isn’t it too late for that!?”

“With this, we won’t be misunderstood by others! It makes me feel so refresh!”

“Wait… Wait a minute, Ai-chi!”

See, that’s what she says. She can’t say to Ashida casually because it’s a situation that happened between us.

I just do what Natsukawa wanted. That mean, it is a win-win relationship. Natsukawa said she don’t understand my way of doing it, but why?

The answer is simple. This is because the environment in which each of us spend our time and the way we are seeing our surrounding are completely different, between me and Natsukawa. Therefore, there is a difference in each other’s values. It may have been natural that we couldn’t understand each other even until now…

“Oh, Sajou! You’re finally being hated by Natsukawa!?”

Yamazaki, who came back from the cafeteria, looked at us and made fun of me. Everyone else is looking at us like looking something interesting. Maybe they didn’t want to miss this because recently they don’t have enough thing to gossip about me and Natsukawa lately.

But this may be a good opportunity. It’s okay to say that Natsukawa’s stock value gonna goes up, but it would be unnatural to suddenly praise Natsukawa in the same way as before…. What should I do now?

“Yamazaki… I’m in divorce mediation right now, so shut up.”

“Who, who is… with you!”

“Gahahaha!! What are you saying!!!”

“I will charge Yamazaki, who is a man, 2.5 million yen…!”

“What? Hey, Hey!?”

“Yamazaki-kun, You’re the worst!!”


At this time, They don’t have to really understand me. If you go all the way, I and Natsukawa will live in different environments. I can think of Natsukawa one-sidedly maybe because of our different ways of thinking and values, and if someday, being involved in this mischief makes Natsukawa feel uncomfortable….

“Natsukawa-san, are you okay!?”

“….Eh!? I, I.. it’s nothing!”

It’s enough to just look at her from far.

Author’s Note : It’s okay to look Idol from far.


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